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Neck Traction Devices -Your Best Friend in Neck Pain

Updated on November 13, 2012

Get Rid Of Neck Pain in Less Than 10 Minutes

Sometimes the solution to most of our most annoying problems lies in a simple thing. Instead of crying over your reoccurring neck pain, you should look for ways you can completely eliminate this horrifying and annoying problem from your life.

Stop using Pain Killers

Pain killers are not the only solution for your stiff neck, neither they are they the last measure left on earth for relief. Look around yourself for a moment and try to analyze factors which are causing you such severe neck and back pain. You most likely are going to find yourself guilty for this common problem of yours.

Attempts should be taken for eradicating your enemy from your life completely. First of all you need to manage and bring a change in your sedentary lifestyle. Taking out time for yourself to relax and include exercise in your daily routine is vital. Once you have managed your lifestyle and started taking precaution before the disease occurs, you are on your way to a life without any signs of neck pain.

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Neck Pain - What Are The Natural Remedies?

Sleeping, Heat Therapy or Cold Therapy

Treatment of neck pain varies according to the severity of the pain and the discomfort it is causing the patient. Typically, acute or severe neck pain requires bed rest of 24 hours. In some cases, if the pain is being intolerant for the patient, they are given pain killers which help in easing the pain.

In worst cases where the patient had some car accident, has fallen from stairs or has been in trauma, icing on the affected area is effective. These measures are known as self care and should be taken in the first 72 hours of the occurrence of pain.

Some people prefer sleeping for hours and hours when suffering from neck pain which is not a good way to deal with the pain. Medical studies specify greatly on this issue, stating that staying more active is better for spinal disorders than prolonged bed rest.

Applying heat and ice to the affected area is a good remedy to go for when in severe pain. Most studies greatly emphasize on applying ice, however, the constant-slow onset and constant dull ache may react better with heat.

However, there are some people who cannot get rid of their neck pain unless they apply ice to it. So if applying heat on the affected area doesn't work for you then apply ice on it and you will surely get rid of the pain.

Top Major Causes of Neck Pain

It be prevented, but most people don't do it

  • Unusually long drives

  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position

  • Looking up repeatedly

  • Working for long hours on computer with a poor posture

  • Watching television for long hours

  • Working with shoulders and head leaned back

  • Stress and tension

Video About Neck Traction Device

Which Positions Minimizes Neck Pain?

A large number of people do not sit in the proper posture and complain about frequent neck and back pain. While working on your office desk you should not lean down on your desk, instead sit straight resting your back on the chair.

Do not tilt your head to the side while writing and always support your lower back with folded towel or back care. Sitting for a long duration is not recommended, therefore, you should take small breaks of 5-7 minutes from your work. In order to release the load from your shoulders and neck, always support your arms on the armrest.

Lifting increases tension in the neck muscles therefore, avoid lifting heavy objects. If the situation and time permit, then you should lie down for 5 minutes at least. Lying down will help inflamed body tissues rest which prevents neck pain.

Many people sleep in an awkward position and on pillows which are not suitable for their neck. Some people have this strange habit of sleeping on their stomach which promptly gives rise to neck pain. While you sleep keep one pillow between your legs and another to support your head and neck in the midline position. Sleeping too much in neck pain is strongly barred.

Stress being one of the causes of neck pain can sometimes cause severe pain which can completely make you immobile. Stress and tension are prominent parts of today's lifestyle, so whenever stress and tension strike, try to let go of the tension and relax yourself.

Perform stress relief exercises and relaxation exercises such as visualization and abdominal breathing.

Neck Traction Device That Inflates

Does It Really Help Your Neck Pain?

It is true that neck traction devices are uncomplicated and can be used by anyone easily. However, there are some things which should be taken into consideration while using these devices.

There is always a proportionate level between enough and too much while using a neck traction device. While applying the neck traction device, the traction must not be too powerful, however, the strength of the pressure must be powerful enough to relieve the pain.

When setting the pressure of the traction device, you must gradually apply each level of force until the required amount is achieved. Remember, rushing about getting rid of the pain can cause you further pain instead of relief.

The direction of traction is equally important in achieving successful results. Apply your traction device in a vertical direction. This direction eases the pain and relieves the muscles and spine by stretching them.

How Long and How Often Should You Use Neck Traction?

The duration and frequency of applying a traction device solely depends upon the severity of the pain or injury. Initially, in the situation of severe pain, the length of application is longer as it helps in relieving the pain faster. As the neck pain starts to decrease, the time span of the sessions will be reduced.

Neck Traction Therapy

How Does It Actually Work?

There are several types of neck traction devices available in the market today. All traction methods make use of two contrasting forces to alleviate the tension incurred in the misalignment of muscles, bones and nerves. The neck traction device draws the head away from the body thus stretching the muscles and opening the foreman.

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      seomarketing30days 6 years ago

      great tips. Will try the neck traction device.

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      seomarketing30days 6 years ago

      thanks for sharing

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      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      pain in the neck is not fun. I tried over the door traction, but the ChiSoft neck traction is better.

      I tried the air neck traction device and it gives me more comfortable traction than any other devices.