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A Way to Stretch Your Neck: The Trac Collar Neck Traction

Updated on May 20, 2014

The TracCollar Neck Traction Collar Provides Neck Pain Relief

Most commonly when patients are prescribed neck traction, they are sent home with a prescription for an over the door neck traction unit. Well, this just scares many patients. Although it does work, it is not the most comfortable, and can be daunting for someone who is suffering with neck pain to figure out cervical traction.

If you have been prescribed neck traction by your health professional, you know that there is a lot of traction products available on the market today. In this squidoo lens, I want to highlight the TracCollar, available at and at Neck Pain Relief Kit. This traction system provides a gentle stretch to your neck muscles, providing comfort and relief of neck pain.


Is the TracCollar an Easy Traction Unit to Use at Home?

Yes, easier than you think.

The trac Collar is easy to travel with and lightweight. There are two bulbs, one side and right side and one on the left side. The Trac Collar works to gently stretch and relax muscles slightly for neck pain relief. The trac Collar neck traction unit was developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable, effective daily treatment, in the comfort of your own home. No assembly or batteries required. Fastens easily with velco and buckles.


What conditions can this Traction Unit be used for?

The Trac Collar is a Great Unit for Neck Pain Relief

Reasons to use the TracCollar:

  • muscle spasms
  • nerve impingement
  • arthritis in the neck
  • herniated disc in the neck
  • numbness and tingling in the hands/ fingers
  • degnerative disc disease
  • pinched nerve in the neck
  • bulging disc
  • weakness in the upper extremity

Contra-indications for using the TracCollar: (Reasons Not to Use the Trac Collar)

  • Not for recent sprains/strains
  • Not for recent injuries
  • Not for acute conditions.

What are the Sizes of Trac Collar Available

Getting the Right size for the Trac Collar is important for effective neck traction

Luckily, the trac collar comes in two sizes: Regular and Large. How does one measure to know which is the right size to buy?

Red Trac Collar: (14" - 16" neck)- Regular Size

Blue Trac Collar: (16" - 18" neck)- Large Size


Where Can You Get this Trac Collar?

The Trac Collar Neck Traction Unit can be bought at They have a large selection of neck pillows and neck traction products that one can use at home safely and easily. You can buy the regular size or the large size on

What is this traction unit made out of?

  • This traction Collar is constructed from plastic foam; internal inflatable bladders contain natural rubber latex
  • 97% cotton and 3% Lycra┬« fabric covering

Have you ever had experience using a neck traction unit for neck pain relief?

Have you ever used a neck traction?

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How do I use the TracCollar at Home?

The tracCollar looks like a cervical collar and basically, you can inflate it. That is what the neck traction collar basically does. The bladders are surrounded by foam. They inflate with dual bulbs to gently stretch and relax muscles for pain relief. The air release valve is push-button as opposed to screw-type, making it very easy to use. Also, the two bladders(one on the right, one on the left) can be inflated separately. This means you can increase and decrease traction on both sides of the neck separately allowing you to account for different neck postures such as a head tilt. Also you can vary the amount of neck traction you get on both sides.

It is a good idea to warm up your neck muscles before doing any kind of neck traction. Neck stretches and exercises will help to loosen up the muscles.

The TracCollar measures 4.5 inches in height and inflates to 7 inches maximum. Approximately 15 pumps on either side is the suggested maximum pressure(4.8 lbs/sq. inch of pressure on either side).

Watch Dr. Bellinger, A Chiropractor in Glastonbury CT show you how to use the tracCollar neck traction device at home.

Chiropractor Shows You How to use this traction collar:

Another positive about this traction system:

Another benefit you may not immediately consider is that the TracCollar can be worn while you do other things. You can be sitting, even doing light chores. Whereas with other traction units, you need to be lying supine on a sturdy surface (such as the pronex traction unit or the posture pump 1000).

How the Trac Collar is Different than other Neck Stretchers

The trac collar is a little different type of neck traction than your average over the door archaic looking neck stretchers.

For one, there is no pressure put on the JAW...this is beneficial for patients who have a TMJ issue.

Second it provides longitudinal neck traction - there is no pressing on the posterior or back of the neck spine like other traction units. I am not saying that there is something wrong with that.But i have heard of patients who will get vertigo or cannot have anything putting pressure on the back of their necks.

Finally, you can do this type of neck traction sitting up. You can be watching tv, knitting, reading a book and work on the computer using the trac collar.

Have you tried this as part of your therapy?

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    • profile image

      Titia 3 years ago

      That's a nicely made answer to a chlliengang question

    • profile image

      Charly 3 years ago

      Professional massage from sooneme what they do (ie, physical therapist or a registered massage therapist) knows. Also, neck stretching exercises. And slowly, tilt your head to the right, hold stretch for 30 seconds, then turn left, hold for 30 seconds before making diagonal, so that your posture is correct. Slouching will make it worse. Cut the time you spend on the computer, getting up every hour and stretching and practicing muscle relaxation techniques. I have one of these electric heating pad at low prices to $ 14 from the pharmacy that I sometimes used to relax the muscles.