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Treat Tingling Numbness Naturally: Vitamins for Neuropathy

Updated on July 30, 2017

Neuropathy may be associated with diabetes mellitus or peripheral nerve damage. Home remedies and vitamin supplements can treat tingling numbness in the extremities.

Neuropathy is usually associated with nerve damage and is observed in association with chronic ailments like diabetes. While the treatment of neuropathy and tingling numbness would depend upon the cause and the severity of the condition, there are several home remedies, vitamin and dietary supplements that can help in its treatment.

What is Neuropathy? What is the Clinical Picture?

Neuropathies can be classified into autonomic or peripheral and is associated with a host of clinical features like pain, tingling numbness, burning, etc.

The disorder is characterized by nerve damage, which may results in impaired functioning of the nerves connected to the brain or the spinal cord. This condition is very painful and can affect any part of the body.

In neuropathy the damaged nerves cease to function normally. Consequently, one experiences a host of symptoms which include the following:

  • Tingling and numbness which can affect the hands and the feet. Tingling numbness may be often associated with increased sensitivity to touch
  • In some cases, the condition may be associated with severe burning and pain in the extremities.
  • Occasionally, neuropathy may be associated with cramps and muscular pain, which can affect the lower extremities. Over a period of time, the pains become severe and shooting in nature; there will be difficulty in walking and holding objects, coordination suffers and the patient may also complain of insomnia.

3 Potent Home Remedies to Treat Nerve Damage and Tingling Numbness

Here are some simple home remedies that can help in the management of neuropathies, while alleviating the symptoms like tingling numbness. These include certain foods and lifestyle tips:

  • Capsaicin: an element that is found in bell pepper it diminishes pain by reducing the stimulation of the pain receptors. Initially, capsaicin may trigger a prickly sensation; nevertheless, once the preliminary phase has passed, capsaicin is very efficient in pain management.
  • Oats: Oats are loaded with vitamin B complex; an essential vitamin that effectively manages neuropathy.
  • Milk and Chicken: Both milk and chicken are great sources of Vitamin B12, which is considered to be essential to hasten the healing process of the nerves and also reduce tingling numbness. Low fat milk and fat free chicken should be preferred, especially in individuals suffering from diabetes.

Vitamins to Manage Tingling Numbness

These vitamins play a vital part in the successful management of neuropathy and tingling numbness:

  • Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is important in the management of neuropathies, principally, alcoholic and diabetic neuropathies. Vitamin B1 allays tingling and pain almost instantaneously. Studies have demonstrated amelioration within a three week trial phase.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 supplements alleviate numbness of the feet, burning, as well as pain.
  • Vitamin C: Insulin helps convey Vitamin C in to cells, thereby, lowering permeability of the capillaries and augmenting wound healing. Diabetes drains out intracellular vitamin C, and hence disallows a diabetic of vitamin C’s cellular protection. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant and is crucial to prevent oxidative damage to the cells of the body.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin E is another powerful anti-oxidant that significantly reduces level of free radicals and thus staves off oxidative damage. 6 months of vitamin E supplementation improves nerve function and conduction substantially.

Confer with your Health Crae Provider and Start Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin C supplements

Natural Cures for Neuropathy in Diabetes: Treating Peripheral Neuropathy Naturally

While dietary corrections play a very vital role in management of peripheral neuropathies and also help in treatment of tingling numbness, there are certain other treatments that are considered beneficial:

  • Regular Exercise: Exercises help improve the symptoms of neuropathy appreciably. Regular exercise helps improve the circulation of blood to the peripheral areas, which in turn improves the supply of nutrients and vitamins and hastens recovery.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is known to proffer remarkable benefits as well. Acupuncture reinstates balance and equilibrium in the body by manipulating the flow of ‘chi’ or the vital principle.
  • Homeopathy: Homeopathic drugs are considered to be profoundly beneficial in management of nerve damage and hasten the improvement of peripheral neuropathy and aid in management of tingling numbness. Homeopathy drugs like Nux Vomica and Hypericum are considered to be beneficial to aid reduce nerve pain and burning.


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