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Why do not eat bread every day

Updated on March 6, 2016

Many people have been eating bread for breakfast. This can be resolved very easily jhamelata nagarajibane busy morning breakfast with bread. The bread is also very fond of children. But what's healthy to eat bread every day? Fun to eat bread every day, but it is harmful to health! What do you eat bread for breakfast every day? Know what bread is harming your health!

1. Weight gain

What are you eating bread for breakfast every day? Unquestionably, however, because your weight is increasing rapidly! This is your day hunger is increasing. Including an increase in abdominal fat, which subsequently increases the weight.

II. Digestive problems

Of flour or bread flour is likely to take time to digest. Several studies have shown that our body in foods such as flour, pasta, noodles may take four weeks to digest!

3. To be tired

Do you wake up tired in the morning you've been? Even after a good night's sleep? Lazy to eat breakfast every day making bread. All of a sudden increase in the amount of sugar in the blood because the bread is. As a result, you've been tired.

3. Increase the risk of diabetes

Which increases the amount of blood sugar bread. Which increases the risk of diabetes is due to the extra bread. Diabetes patients, especially those with families, they are more at risk.

4. Increased risk of heart disease

A study in 014 increases the fatty acids in the body is refined flour. Which increases the risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association has published a report that flour that controls blood cholesterol levels, heart disease, heart attack, Stoke and reduces the risk of obesity is.

5. Increase the risk of constipation

Bread does not contain any fiber, it is made with the flour. Which is known to cause digestive problems and constipation.

6. Reduction task force

Flour iron, magnesium and vitamin B source. This material provides strength to our body. On the other hand reduces the ability to work the body's cells and flour. What is the impact on the workforce.

Do not eat bread every day and try to eat the bread flour. Bread will increase your weight loss, as well as energy.

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