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Dance for Joy

Updated on October 28, 2014

Discover NIA and You Too Will Dance for the Joy of It

I have been enjoying NiA for over 10 years. It is both exercise and joyful dance. This is about the only dancing I do. What a way to work out, reduce stress and feel mentally great at the same time!

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The Poem "Dance for Joy" is below!

Dance for Joy

(may be sung to Beethoven's Ode to Joy)

Dance for joy is so refreshing

Dancing lets my feet be free

Nia is a way of movement

Nia lets myself be me

And the music is inspiring

Whether pop or jungle beat

Keep the lights low, keep on moving

Dance for joy and cool the heat

Dance and let my heart go quiet

Ease the pain of everyday

Work the body without notice

Cares and thoughts just melt away

And the music is inspiring

Whether pop or jungle beat

Keep the lights low, keep on moving

Dance for joy and cool the heat

Nia now is twenty five

I've been stepping about 6 years

Not a dancer by any means

Just found the dance, escaped the fears

And the music is inspiring

Whether pop or jungle beat

Keep the lights low, keep on moving

Dance for joy and cool the heat

copyrighted 2009 - Mindy Makuta - may be reprinted with permission only

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Enjoy one of MyFairLadyah's Dance poems --- Close Your Eyes and Warm to the Dance

My Personal Experience with NIA

What is NIA?

The acronym NIA officially means Neuromuscular Integrative Action but it is commonly interpreted as Non Impact Aerobics. Neither of these terms convey what it really is and what it really does.

I started taking NIA classes because they looked like fun and were easy on my knees (ha-ha). In a broad sense they offer dancing for non-dancers so there is no criticism and no shame. You can follow the instructors moves or move to your own interpretation of the music or mix the two as you like. Barefoot is best; this is also traditional for the tai chi moves and yoga positions that are a part of NIA

NIA has 3 levels of movement for any given "routine". Level 1 is small and intrinsic; Level 2 is bigger; Level 3 is the most expansive - deepest bends and highest kicks. Even these are controlled by one's personal range of motion. Even after years of NIA, I still do most dances at Levels 1 & 2 - but sometimes I surprise myself and do a favorite dance fairly close to Level 3. And breathing is part of it too!

My instructors vary each class with music and choreography from Debbie and Carlos (the NIA founders) with their own. New music, movements and choreograpy are added all the time. When old favorites return, my body, arms, feet remember their places; I sometimes close my eyes and just feel; and just dance.

Doing NIA has probably kept my body in better shape than without it, but for me it is so much more than exercise. See if it is offered at your local Y or Rec Center or private studio and try it

For The Joy of it!

Learn More about NIA

The Nia Technique: The High-Powered Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life


Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas founded NIA 25 years ago. More NIA materials are available directly from your instructors. BUT, The best way to enjoy NIA is by taking a class.

Sanjana - a NIA DVD

Global Unity - A NIA DVD

To The Sheer Joy of Dance

Dance Magic in Antwerp to the Tune of "Do Re Mi" - The Folks Celebrate the Joy of Dance - Hope you enjoy this video

What happens when 200 random folks love the Sound of Music. (They aren't doing NIA which is only one of many ways to dance for the joy of it.)

Thanks for Peeking in on How I Dance for the Joy of It - Don't just visit my lens - please go Dance - Enjoy yourself!

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    • ImproveBallet profile image

      Magietha du Plessis 8 years ago from South Africa

      I'm bookmarking this lens, I love it! I'm not able to dance anymore but still love it!


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