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Simple No-Grain Gluten Free Meal Plan

Updated on October 11, 2015
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Edward Happer is a registered dietitian and health blogger providing clinical counseling. He writes under name of Bilaras on health blogs.

What is a no grain diet?

(Food) Grains are small in size and they are hard in their texture. They are considered dry seeds, whether they have fruit layers or hulls attached to them or not. Food grains are said to be harvested for animals and humans. A no-grain diet means that the person refrains from adding any grain food to their diet. They go completely grain free when they are eating food, and deciding which foods will best take care of their health, skin and even teeth. Following are some of the advantages of finally decided to stay off grains or are reasons to help you consider a grain-free diet.

No-Grain DIet
No-Grain DIet

Why should you go grain free? (Advantages)

Grains aren’t the only source of rich nutrients

Grains are rich in nutrients; there is no doubt about that. But having said that, it is important to remember that there are other quantities of food out there, which contains equal benefits like nutrients, for example, flaxseeds and sesame seeds. The rich content of Vitamin B and Fiber, are also present in these foods, which are not grains. More examples include beans and lamb liver.

They are bad for the stomach and gut

Grains create a condition known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’; this allows the tiny particles of grain to slip the intestinal wall and cause problems with the immune system. As we all know, a healthy gut function helps absorb proper nutrients from foods, and without this the immune system suffers.

Go grain free and discover whether you are gluten intolerant or not

Gluten is found in gluten containing grains such as wheat and barley. This is an autoimmune condition and the digestion of gluten is not tolerated by the body and makes the person sick. Leave out grains from your diet, and discover whether you are gluten intolerant, and whether it is your food that has gotten you feeling sick lately.

They are inflammatory foods

Chronic Inflammation is known to cause many diseases today, for example arthritis, heart disease, asthma and even cancer. It is also reported that chronic inflammation can cause bone loss as well. Grains are inflammatory foods, because of their high starch content, the more they are considered refined, the higher inflammation they contain.

Grains are comparatively ‘new foods’ for humans

Human beings began the evolution of their food and diet by hunting and gathering. They were soon looking for fishes to kill along with animals. Later on, they started to plant vegetables and eat plants. Grains were not a part of the diet of our ancestors and nor were they part of any notable portion of their food intake.

They are bad for joints

As discussed above, grains have an inflammatory nature. This inflammation causes diseases like arthritis and joint problems. Grains contain an amino acid composition in them that is similar to the soft tissue found in the human joint, so when the body fights off the inflammation caused by the grains, it also fights off the soft tissue, causing problems.

They do not absorb vitamins and minerals properly

Grains have present in them many substances, like the phytic acid, which hinders the proper absorption of the minerals present in them. With grains, you do not fully absorb minerals from the food being consumed. The improperly prepared grains cause this problem the most.

Why go grain free

They are bad for teeth

Grains lead to decaying teeth, the primary reason for that is the presence of high levels of phytates in them. This phytic blocks minerals, (and as we discussed earlier) enables low absorption of minerals and contains high levels of starch, all the things that eventually lead to tooth decay.

They are bad for your skin

Grains contain complex carbohydrates in them, which get broken down in sugar. This broken down sugar raises the level of insulin in the body, and the raised insulin levels trigger a hormonal response, which in turn encourages the glands that produce sebum, encouraging them to produce more oil for the skin.

Grain creates craving for more grain

Grains are rich in carbohydrates; they quickly produce energy and quickly take away the energy as well. They break down in to sugar, increasing the level of insulin in the body, and you cannot stop craving them and they become hard to trim down in the diet.

Reduce levels of stress

A grain free diet helps in increasing the levels of energy a person has and with the increased energy and better digestion of foods, people have experienced lower levels of stress. No more do you have to like your stomach is upset after eating food!

Some commonly asked questions and misconceptions regarding the ‘no grain diet’.

The Question: Grains are the most important food source and a staple diet for many communities. Baking breads and eating wheat and barley, has been part of life of people for centuries.

The Response: The reason that people for centuries have made grain a staple diet and part of their lives is because grains are easily, cheaply and plentifully available. They come with little calories, so people have been satisfied with their benefits. Overlooking animal and plant in their diet, will cost them their health and increase consumption of carbohydrates increases insulin levels in the body.

The Question: Why would any one give up grains when they feel fine, and nothing out of the ordinary?

The Response: Grains have become a part of your life and you have been used to the things that come with it. For example, the upset stomach, the feeling of diarrhea and nausea. Go off them for at least a month and notice the difference. These upset stomachs are not part of ‘growing old’; they are as a consequence of the grain diet being consumed. Do not just get ‘use to’ the pain and the stomach being upset, understand that it comes with the diet being consumed.

Grain Free Diet Plan

Glass of skimmed milk, and couple of fruits
Freshly made salad with grilled chicken
Green tea with an apple or any other fruit
Meat (grilled) with steamed red beans
Glass of skimmed milk and any fruit
Freshly made salad with a bowl of red beans and an apple
Yogurt (low fat)
Chicken with serving of salad
Bowl of Quinoa cereal, and any fruit
Chicken soup (low fat), with garlic brown rice
Dry Fruits and Nuts with tea
Roasted beef or chicken with boiled vegetables
Single serving of eggs, and glass of orange juice
Small serving pasta with low fat cheese and a glass of skimmed milk
Fruit salad and Nuts with tea
Single serving of vegetarian pizza, big bowl of salad OR Grilled beef with green salad
Boiled egg with glass of skimmed milk and fruit of your choice OR Pancakes
Freshly cut salad with a bowl of red beans and an apple
Yogurt (low fat)
Grilled chicken, salad and juice of your choice
Fruit of your choice with skimmed milk or juice
Big bowl of fresh salad and a piece of grilled chicken
Small serving of French fries (do not deep fry)
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Pancakes or Flatbread
Mix vegetables serving with baked chicken breast
Drink green tea and eat an apple
Grilled meat with Nuts
Eggs, glass of skimmed milk and fruit of your
Small serving of pasta with low fat cheese
Drink green tea and eat an apple
Single serving of vegetarian pizza, big bowl of salad

Recommended age for this diet plan

Is this diet plan safe for kids?

My readers ask this question a lot and i always ask them to investigate the cause of obesity in your child. Children are your responsibility, if they are not eating healthy then a healthy diet plan is good for them , All my diet plans are healthy and safe but for children i always recommend a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Make sure your kids are getting enough play time and by play time i mean away from tv and computer.

What type of diet do you prefer for weight loss?

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© 2013 Edward Happer MSc


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