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No BC Smart Meters

Updated on April 23, 2015

Find out Why We're Against Smart Meters

The purpose of this site is to provide you with data and proof to substantiate all our claims regarding all aspects of the smart meter program. This includes Health and Safety, Finance, Security, Privacy and Democracy. It is hard to imagine one single issue violating so many issues we hold dear as Canadians and citizens of this planet. Yet by looking into this matter closely you will find, as we have, this matter does exactly that. We must ask ourselves if the above is not worth standing up for what is? If we cannot stand for this now then when will we?

Please take the time to look into the information provided and make your own decisions on this very important issue for you, your family, your wallet and your country. Contact us at any time with questions or concerns email nobcsmartmeters

Smart Meters, Microwave Radiation & Dangers

1) Microwave Warfare - Barrie Trower

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3) Microwave radiation dangers in your home

4) Microwave radiation dangers at school

5) Brian Thiesen Kamloops Meeting

6) Curtis Bennett Kamloops Meeting

7) Comparing "Smart" Meter RF Emissions to Cell Phones (Whole-Body Exposure)

8) Smart-meter protest at BC Hydro offices in Kamloops

9) Multiple Smart Meters on Townhouses in Stratford, Ontario

Are home and office radiation levels dangerously high? Microwave oven leaking? Find out now with Electrosmog Meter

Non Wireless Routers - D-Link Plug-in Network

Smart Meters Personal Safety, Security & Freedom - Article & Video Links

Hydro lies again in face of dozens of security companies having 100% success rates in hacking meters. NO ONE can prevent hacking. Hydro would do well to sell their 'secrets' to being hack-proof to the Pentagon, NATO, Visa, Mastercard, Potash, Sony etc. who have all been hacked among hundreds of others. When the greatest Military and security apparatus known to human history can't even stop this with millions of dollars and manpower, it is impossible to think Hydro will be any different. Are we to believe this tiny little device on our houses is %100 hack proof? Once more Hydro's "story" and the truth are very far apart:

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    • redtailvision profile image

      redtailvision 5 years ago

      Good lens on a very divided and disturbing issue. It is not limited to one nation, but is a world wide push for "smart" energy grids. Read UN Agenda 21. Who else will be watching our collected data?

      BTW - Meter base fires after meter replacement is not a new "smart" meter problem. It's a high current blade type connector issue. It's the nature of the beast.