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Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Updated on May 23, 2015

I-Lipo Laser is a Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Liposuction has become a very popular surgical technique for removing excess fat. On a picture you can see how the traditional liposuction works. It is invasive and painful procedure. However, not everyone wants to go through this invasive procedure. Luckily, we now have non-invasive alternative to liposuction with i-Lipo procedure. I-Lipo is new non-invasive, non-surgical laser lipolysis unit. This laser reduces fat without harming the surrounding area or the cells. Read on to learn more about it.

How Does I-Lipo Work?

This unit emits a low amount of laser energy that targets the fat cells to break down the triglycerides that are stored in the cells. These triglycerides are turned into water, glycerol and free fatty acids, so that the body can readily use them as it does with stored energy reserves. The free fatty acids are used as energy once they are transported by the body's lymphatic system. Exercise is recommended along with the treatment to make sure the body metabolizes the freed fatty acids, so that the fat cells shrink creating the sculpted look to the body desired by the patient. The i-Lipo procedure treats fat deposits safely without destroying the fat cells in the process. This is how this procedure differs from other techniques used today to sculpt the body according to patient's desires. Some of these methods include liposuction, high-energy techniques, reduced-temperature methods, and even mechanical-manipulation approaches.

Benefits of I-lipo Procedure

There are many benefits and results seen through i-Lipo and some are listed below:

The treatment is not painful unlike some other treatments are for reducing fat. Patients will not fear these treatments for this reason.

This procedure is ideal for all skin types. Not all the other procedures for removing fat are this way.

There is no downtime for the patients as in more invasive techniques. This is because there is no fat-cell destruction or harm caused to any other cells through this procedure.

All the parts of the body can be treated with i-Lipo since it is non-destructive. Some procedures are only performed on certain areas of the body since they can cause damage. However, with i-Lipo a patient is not limited to a few areas of the body. Even the upper arm, thighs, abdomen and chin can receive treatment. Exercising and dieting are not always successful at removing fat in these areas.

What Results You Should Expect

The results for this procedure are not influenced on the healing ability of the patient. The patient can have the treatment and get right back to his or her life quickly.

Treatment only takes a short time to perform. A patient only has to allot 20 minutes of his or her day to have this treatment performed on his or her body. The patients get to relax completely during the execution of the treatments.

The procedure of i-Lipo is safe. A low-level red laser is used to painlessly, and safely stimulate the body's normal chemical reactions to transform stored resources in the fat that can be used for energy. The skin structure is not harmed during this procedure making it safe for patients to have.

The results are immediate with i-Lipo and increase the more treatments a patient receives. It takes 2 sessions each week for 4 weeks to produce optimum results. The patient will notice some difference, though, after just one session.

Research shows that this treatment can be as successful as liposuction in many cases. Thirty percent reduction in a patient's fat layer is realized after only on session and this has been verified by ultrasound examination. This procedure is also approved by the FDA.

Possible Drawbacks, Side Effects and the Cost of I-Lipo

Possible drawbacks of i-Lipo for body sculpturing includes the fact that it is not as extreme as other procedures, so if patients need more in-depth results other procedures may be more suitable. This is especially true in cases where a full face-lift is needed. Another drawback is that the cost is typically not covered by the insurance company as this is normally considered a cosmetic procedure. The patient will have to cover the cost on his or her own.

Side effects have not been reported with this procedure. Since the procedure is non-destructive in nature, it does not damage any skin structure as we stated earlier.

The cost can be as little as $1249 per area of treatment, but this varies across the country, so a patient needs to check in his or her area for specific prices. This cost is far less than some of the other body-sculpting procedures cost.

I Lipo Laser Procedure

Traditional or Laser?

What technique in your opinion is more effective to reduce unwanted fat?

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Noninvasive Body-Sculpting Techniques Will help You To Get Your beautiful Body Back

Body Sculpting Techniques

Body sculpting techniques are increasing in popularity today. Even though surgical lipoplasty is still commonly performed for body sculpting, there is and increasing demand for alternative noninvasive techniques that are easier, faster and have fewer side effects than surgical lipoplasty is.

These noninvasive procedures are performed through outpatient facilities. Also, no analgesia or anesthesia is required for the patient. However, a patient needs to check with his or her doctor for whichever procedure he or she chooses including i-Lipo to know the exact protocol.

If you need body sculpting done, it is well worth your time and effort to look into i-Lipo. It is cutting-edge technology that only breaks down the triglycerides in the fat cell without harming the surrounding tissues or the cells. You will be stimulating you body's own natural processes to remove unwanted fat. It will shrink the fat cells rather than obliterate them. Check this procedure out today to see what it can do for you.

Fat Reduction by LPG Lipomassage

Fight Stubborn Fat with LPG Lipomassage Technique

Endermologie is a technology based on cellular stimulation developed and revolutionized by LPG. LPG Lipomassage is a technique that uses the principle of non-invasive and painless MÉCANO-STIMULATION (or mechanical cellular stimulation). The procedure uses vacuum and rollers to activate and accelerate the skin’s ability to synthesize elastin and collagen as well as improve lymphatic circulation. These make your body look slimmer, tighter and contoured, and your skin toned and firm sans the dimples of the cellulite.

LPG Lipomassage, is a cellulite treatment, but you can take advantage of it as a separate fat reduction treatment. For best results, you may opt to combine it with other dermatological procedures designed to melt fat and tighten skin.

LPG Massage - Revolutionary Body-Sculpting Techniques

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