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Noni Capsules

Updated on July 9, 2013

What are Noni Capsules?

Noni better known as the Morinda citrifolia is extensively used as folk medicine .In fact the Polynesian preferred this herbal medication for more than 2000 years .Noni is recognized as a traditional medicine and food by many tropical nations. .The leaves and the fruits are mostly used for medicinal purpose. The leaves are usually transformed into powder form and then sold in enclosed capsules as nutritional supplement. According to historical documents ancient Hawaiians utilized Noni fruits for external and internal application .And the same tradition continues even today.Infact with the passage of time Noni has become an indispensible part of Hawaiian society. Presently Noni is used for treating numerous physical ailments likes high BP,Diabetes,Heart,UTI, chronic disorder and abnormal growth

Hawaiian Noni Fruit
Hawaiian Noni Fruit

Benfits of Noni Capsules

There are many health benfits that have been seen from taking noni capsules or drinking noni juice. We have already mentioned some common uses noni has been used for such as numerous physical ailments likes high BP,Diabetes,Heart,UTI, chronic disorder and abnormal growth.

Some of the other noni capsules benefits are discussed below:

Noni capsule is highly recommended for those suffering from the terminal disease called cancer. According to the Journal of Dietary Supplement, patients suffering from cancer reported less pain and fatigue after consuming the noni capsule. The most effective and recommended dose is between 6 and 8 grams per day.

According to a recent study by eCAM , noni capsule is recommend for healing wounds and cut. This is a preliminary report with no negative side effects. Noni capsule is known to reduce the healing period. However these experiments were performed on rats’ .The recommended dose for the rats was 150 million gram for 2.2 pound.

Noni capsule can act as a savior for women prone to cervical cancer.Numeorus researches and experiments have established that noni has the ability to demolish the cells of cervical cancer. Noni leaves are known to contain anti oxidant property known to protect the body cell.

Videos on Noni Capsules and Juice

benfits of noni capsules
benfits of noni capsules

Significant Medicinal Properties

Polysaccharides, is an important compound that modulates and stimulates immune system of our body. This property is also known to have a positive response to cancerous cells .This product can be promoted as an anti cancer medicine.

The Low Glycemic Index helps in maintaining the blood sugar level of our body.

The noni juice has the ability to preserve the elasticity of human skin .This in turn controls the aging process. The selenium is known to play a crucial role in maintaining proper flow of oxygen to human heart .this property is also known to prevent clotting and high pressure.

Noni Juice
Noni Juice

Noni Capsules Vs. Noni Juice

One of the basic reason why every one of us prefer noni juice over noni capsule is because the juice is extracted naturally and is 100% pure .Moreover the bottled Noni juice are fresh and is the derivatives of noni fruits alone .Moreover unlike the capsules the packed noni juices do not contain any additives ,derivatives or preservatives. In fact they are naturally bottled and produced juice. Thus they tend to retain the original flavor and taste. Unlike the capsules the noni juice lasts for more than two years.

Unlike noni juice, the noni capsules are not available in its purest form. The noni capsule contains the powdery form of noni leaves, fruits, stem and barks. Though these parts are equally effective yet not at par with the noni juice. This is probably why noni juice is strongly recommended for those who are willing to achieve the best result.

Moreover the noni capsules are cheaper compared to the noni juice. The noni juice being in its purest form does not compromise on its quality. Whereas the noni capsule seems to accumulate extracts from various parts of noni tree .Therefore the price of the capsules will be cheaper than the noni juice. The noni capsule is recommended for its nutritional supplement properties.

If you are willing to enjoy the best benefit of noni fruits then it is recommended to use the juice form. The packed noni juice is better concentrated thus healthier. The packed noni juice needs to be stored in cool place. Many users find it difficult to store in optimum temperature .Thus experts recommends noni capsules for these users.

Noni Capsules Vs Noni Juice

What is your preference?

Noni is for Pets Too!


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