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Updated on October 9, 2016

My incredible Aniracetam experience

Allow me to begin by stating that I suffer from incredibly serious attention deficit hyperactive disorder. It is very difficult for me to focus and be productive, and naturally this led to many problems throughout my high school years. My parents did what is the most common solution for this problems, and they stuck me on a prescription to Ritallin. At first, this was wonderful. It seemed like a silver bullet which single handedly fixed all of my issues with motivation, focusing, and lack of productivity - it made me very social and outgoing to boot. As could be expected, this did not continue indefinitely. As is the norm with amphetamines, I built a tolerance. When I first began I had been taking a meager dosage of 20 milligrams extended release once per day. By the end of high school I had built such a tolerance that my doctor needed to raise my dosage to 60 milligrams of Ritallin per day. This amount of medication caused terrible side effects, mainly anxiety, and lack of emotion. At the time I literally felt like a robot that could not feel, or experience anything human. Once exams were finished and I didn’t need to cram in hours and hours of studying per day, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to quit. Over the summer I successfully managed to taper off of Ritallin completely, and was totally amphetamine free by the beginning of August. Unfortunately this caused my ADHD to come back, and far stronger than it was before. It was as if I had become so accustomed to taking Ritallin every day that my brain simply wouldn’t work properly without it.

I was starting college classes in a month, so this inability to focus would be unbearable. How could I expect to perform well in my studies if my mind was jumping form place to place every minute every other second?

A friend suggested that I look into nootropics, and that some of them are known to be both beneficial for brain health, and to give pro-focus effects. I read about Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam and many others. There were so many different options available, that I didn’t see how I would decide one one. After hours upon hours of researching, I had narrowed my selection down to either Piracetam or Aniracetam. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and order some Aniracetam. My Aniracetam arrived promptly, and I took a dosage of 1000mg to begin with. Let me just say, wowza! The effects were so pronounced! I had read about how nootropics don’t affect you early as strong as medications such as Ritallin, so I wasn’t incredibly optimistic. However, the effects which I got from Aniracetam were simply incredible. Aniracetam didn’t give me the same amped up focus that I would get after taking a dose of Ritallin, but it did have very pronounced pro-focus effects. It caused me to slip into a relaxed state of focus where I could calmly and freely direct my thoughts wherever I chose, and not worry about having them constantly jump form place to place of their own accord. This was a huge life changer for me, and the effects which I got from Aniracetam only got better and more pronounced over time. To this day I still take Aniracetam 5 times every week, and it has been so amazing in it’s ability to aid me in focusing, and being productive. The effects of nootropics differ from person to person, so you cannot necessarily expect to get these same effects. Still, if you suffer form ADHD and are tired of the negative side effects from traditional medications for it, I suggest that you look into nootropics as a method of treatment , and Aniracetam in particular.


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