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Not Eating Breakast: What Harms Would it Do?

Updated on November 10, 2011
not eating breakfast
not eating breakfast

Not eating breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important of the three meals of a day, yet also the one we would ignore most. Because we all rush to work or school, not eating breakfast is normal to most of the city dwellers, but not eating breakfast is causing harm to your health. I will list 3 harms it would to our health.

What harms would it do?

First of all, it is proved to be true that not eating breakast gains weight by the nutritionist. Why? Because breakfast is one of the 3 meals of a day which would not easy to convert to fat, not eating breakfast is really helpful for consuming fat. Once human body feels the shortage of nutrition, the first thing to consume is carbohydrates and protein, the last being counted is fat. The worst thing is not eating breakfast makes you eat more lunch and causing you not effectively absorb the nutrition, instead, it makes fat easy to accumulate under skin and affecting the figure. For example, sumo in japanese deliberately don’t eat breakfast to gain weight, yet most of them are short lived.

Secondly, not eating breakfast can easily cause constipation. When we eat three meals at a regular time, human body naturally has colonic reflection, which is beneficial for detoxification. If you are not used to eating breakfast, lose the balance of colonic reflection and causing constipation. As time passes, it causes your skin dry, wrinkle and lose blood. It accelerates aging, when in seriousness causes nutrition deficiency.

Thirdly, not eating breakfast can easily cause stomach and intestine illness. It can easily cause all kinds of chronic diseases. The stomach is hungry all the times can easily cause gastritis, gastric ulcer. Not eating breakfast makes you hungry at lunch, eating too much at lunch causing big burden to digestive system, easy to get stomach and intestine disease. Not eating breakfast makes platelets in the blood stick together and increasing the chances of heart attacks.

In summery, eat breakfast as long as you can, don’t skip the most important meal of the day.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Its funny how our perceptions of healthy eating change over time. I think a lot of it has to do with societal pressure. If you speak to your mother or grandmother, you will learn that breakfast used to be quite a ritual. A lot of good food was consumed, hot off the stove. It was freshly made (never ever out of a box) and had condiments that added flavour, drama and health. All in all, breakfast was a heartening cocktail that was never compromised on. Today, breakfast is eaten on the run. It's been pruned to unnatural sparseness due to time constraints. We are not able to devote the time needed to prepare, or eat, a good breakfast because most of us, including kids, have to be somewhere just when it is breakfast time. We eat a lonely breakfast or with people who are strangers. Many workaholics take pride in claiming they never break the fast and go straight for brunch or lunch and that they can last that long without food! Crazy, right? Find out more healthy eating tips from our German Health Blog:

    • profile image

      Md. Shuvo Ali 

      3 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I was never a breakfast lover, but I agree with the information this article provides. Last year, I started a breakfast ritual. Now I get up 20 minutes earlier than I used to every day. I make breakfast a meditative experience. I cut up a piece of melon with a 1/2 cup of greek yogurt. I stretch and listen to a couple of my favorite songs. Just having that simple alone time every day makes me feel better and healthier throughout the day.


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