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Numerology - what number defines you?

Updated on December 7, 2013

you are dominated by a number!

Although numerology is not considered a "science", it still supplies us some basic information about us, so if one likes to learn some fundamental things about oneself it's an excellent idea to begin with the basic summery of the qualities of each number.

Numbers: the basic elements of the univers

Numerology, as the name suggests, deals with numbers. However, all numbers are lowered to a, single-digit number. Numbers, one should know, are the structure stones of the universe. They surround us all over and affect each and every aspect of our lives, not only in the physical world, like our shoes number or our home number, but also in any non-physical facet like personality and aspirations.

Although numerology is not considered a "science", it still supplies us some basic information about us, so if one likes to learn some fundamental things about oneself it's an excellent idea to begin with the basic summery of the qualities of each number.

The Characteristics of the numbers 1 to 3

The Number One

One is related to the Sun; energy; starts. Individuals who are controlled by the number one, are generally distinct individuals. They have leaders qualities, highly encouraged to reach a vision; they are powerful and extremely strong minded; they like to do things their means. On the weak side they can be harsh, self focused and requiring.

The Number Two

Two is controlled by the Moon and distinguished by duality as well as polarity. Because of it's duality it can not be however a passive number and this duality reveals itself in a range of pairs. They may suffer when it pertains to expressing feelings and can be overwhelmed by by strong sentiments.

The Number Three

3 is ruled by planet Mars. People "of" 3 are considered dynamic active and their lives are often marked by "triangles", body, mind and soul; past, present and future and even a romantic triangular, husband, spouse and a lover. They enjoy very established creative abilities, singing, composing and interactions abilities. These people like indoor and outdoor exercises and flee from any difficulty. They are sharp minds and lovely however on the other hand they can be really self-centered and aggressive.

How the numbers 4 to 6 determines who you are

The Number Four

Mercury controls the number four. People of this number have their hang on the ground. They are strong Individuals who can be very stubborn and steady, adhere to the goal they set for themselves and yet can be useful and sensible. On the other hand they can be bad-tempered and complain all the way to their goal if they cannot have things done their way.

The Number Five

5 is ruled by Jupiter and is gotten in touch with continuous movement of all kinds. This can be spiritual growth or any personal development. They are individuals with free spirit and mind; their thinking is freed from normal thinking and they always have new sometimes innovative concepts which negate long accepted beliefs. In this sense, they can be unforeseeable as well as undependable also.

The Number Six

6 is the number connected with Venus; love; consistency; reliability. It's energies are patient and calm, as it reveals our alternatives. Individuals with 6 in their profile are fundamental calm; peace makers; non-judgmental; caring. They are prone to be self-righteous and vain typically and have the tendency to be clingy.

...and how 7 to 9 people do?

The Number Seven

7 is associated with Saturn; mystery; magic; the esoteric and academic pursuits. With Sevens, there are always much deeper definitions or hidden information is trying to be exposed. Individuals with 7s in their profiles are normally intellectuals, extreme, spiritual and smart; they can also be essential, cold and impatient.

The Number Eight

8 is related to Uranus; wealth; business; item items and success. It is mostly concerned with cycles and generally indicate patterns and repetitive occurrences. 8s are generally efficient, effective people. They're driven and really capable, however they can be power-hungry, workaholics or materialistic.

The Number Nine

9 is associated with Neptune; achievement; impact; the greatest vibrations that that radiate from within- the individual qualities. it is the culmination of the various other numbers and their qualities, as nines are usually highly attuned, receptive, philosophical individuals in all areas. They can be prone to frame of mind sings, sensations of seclusion and self-pity when things aren't working out.

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