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The positive impact of smoke

Updated on April 6, 2016

So far we only hear that smoking is not good for a variety of negative effects, but there are also some researchers who discovered the positive effects of smoking.

You would be surprised upon reading this article. I was surprised too because it turns out the negative effects of smoking besides causing but also has some useful benefits. This has been researched by some experts and researchers.

This article is not to encourage and invite you all to smoke or affect your smoking habit. But you all right to believe or not it turns out cigarettes also contain benefits for the real cigarette made of tobacco produced by nature.

About the dangers of smoking are well shelled. In each puff of a cigarette tucked 4,000 kinds of toxins. However, as this article, there is always the opposite side of a case, the smoke also has a good side.
During cigarettes known as goods that are harmful to human health. Even in his own cigarette packs real plastered warnings "Smoking can cause heart attacks, cancer, impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus". But in fact they continue to be.

Here is some research that reveals the benefits of smoking.

1. Smoking can lowers Parkinson's disease risk
According to research smoking is one way to fight Parkinson's disease. This is further reinforced by further study stating that the protection of Parkinson reduced when patients stop smoking habit. But there is no scientific explanation about why it happened.

2. Smoking lowers the risk of death after a heart attack
Compared with nonsmokers, smokers who had a heart attack appeared to have a lower mortality rate and more responsive to the two types of therapy removal of plaque from arteries them, namely: fibrinolytic therapy and angioplasty which removes plaque by inserting a balloon or stent inside the artery.

But, there is always a catch. The reason why smokers have a heart attack is a smoke scraping the artery that keeps fat and plaque is formed in situ. In addition, why smokers have the advantage after treatment compared to non-smokers because they are young because of heart attacks first occurred about 10 years compared with nonsmokers.

3. Reduce the risk of colitis
Through the process of the release of nitric oxidation, nicotine will reduce the circular muscle activity so that the findings could have described the impact of nicotine on the risk of intestinal inflammation.

4. Smoking helped heart drug clopidogrel work better
Clopidogrel is a drug used to prevent blood coagulation for patients suffering from coronary heart disease and other blood circulatory diseases. Smoking helps clopidogrel do a better job.
A study conducted by researchers Korea and spread through the Journal of Thrombosis Research in October 2010 showed the benefits of smoking at least 10 cigarettes per day. Looks like something in cigarette activates certain proteins known cytochromes that converts clopidogrel into active.

Again, certainly not a doctor was willing to encourage patients to smoke as part of the recipe that works better clopidogrel. But the "advantage" of this and the other four reveals how tobacco-containing compounds that are useful for human life.


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