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Nuratrim: The New Celebrity Diet Pill

Updated on January 28, 2014
Nuratrim is the "Kim Kardashian diet pill."
Nuratrim is the "Kim Kardashian diet pill." | Source

Kim Kardashian Diet Pill

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston. You know their names, faces, and work in front of the camera.

But do you know what these women have in common, apart from the world of beauty and celebrity? All four have reportedly used Nuratrim, a rapid weight loss pill from Nuropharm Limited of Glasgow, Scotland.

Developed by German doctor Alfred Hasselbacher, Nuratrim claims to deliver record calorie burning effects on par with a 40-minute jog. According to Britain's The Telegraph, one dose can burn 380 calories per day -- 15 times more calories than other diet pills claim.

"Nuratrim is the most advanced and effective weight loss aid available today," Hasselbacher said, as quoted in The Telegraph. "It has been devised to assist all men and women looking to lose excess weight and control their appetite."

Already referred to as "the new celebrity diet pill" and the "Kim Kardashian diet pill," Nuratrim is another option for people who want to shed their holiday pounds, stick to a new year's resolution, or fit into a swimsuit.

Natural Weight Loss

More than 50,000 Nuratrim orders were placed before Nuropharm released the product to the British public in December 2011. The company introduced the pill to American dieters about three months earlier.

Most health care professionals warn against diet pills that claim rapid weight loss. But studies indicate that Nuratrim may be effective when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and positive lifestyle changes.

Unlike prescription drugs, Nuratrim contains natural ingredients that are known for their fat-burning, hunger-curbing properties. Among the ingredients are licorice extract, capsicum extract, green coffee extract, and glucomannan fiber. Keep reading to learn more these ingredients.

A botanical drawing of the licorice plant.
A botanical drawing of the licorice plant. | Source

Licorice Extract

Licorice (also spelled liquorice) comes from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. It is known by its distinctive and somewhat sweet tasting flavor.

Glycyrrhiza glabra, a plant related to beans and peas, is native to southern Europe, northern India, and parts of Asia. Fennel, anise, and star anise are not related to licorice, despite their similar tastes.

Licorice is a key ingredient in Nuratrim and other natural weight loss supplements. Taken in capsule or extract form, licorice can give your metabolism a boost, especially when you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Clinical research shows that licorice extract can decrease body weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood cholesterol levels.

Tabasco peppers (Capsicum annuum) are small but extremely hot chili peppers.
Tabasco peppers (Capsicum annuum) are small but extremely hot chili peppers. | Source

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum is a flowering plant in the nightshade family. Native to Mexico and the Americas, it is cultivated worldwide as a vegetable, spice, and medicine.

The fruit of the capsicum plant has many names, depending on the location and type. Chili pepper, cayenne pepper, tabasco pepper, red pepper, green pepper, bell pepper, sweet pepper, and paprika are some of the common names.

Due to its unique fat-burning abilities, capsicum extract is an important ingredient in Nuratrim and other diet pills. Not only does it burn energy in the form of carbohydrate and fat, but it also increases your resting metabolic rate.

Antioxidant properties make capsicum a desirable supplement for general health. It is effective for lowering cholesterol, glucose, and triglyceride levels. It also benefits athletic performance, endurance, and recovery.

Green (unroasted) Brazilian coffee beans.
Green (unroasted) Brazilian coffee beans. | Source

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee extract is a relatively new ingredient in dietary supplements. Green (unroasted) coffee beans have antioxidant properties that are similar to those found in green tea and grape seed extract.

All coffee, but particularly unroasted green coffee, helps the body burn a higher ratio of fats to carbohydrates. Researchers say it may also aid the absorption and use of glucose.

Taken over time, green coffee supplements reduce body fat and lower body mass index (BMI). The effects are significantly greater than with traditional roasted coffee or instant coffee. Green coffee extract is one of the natural ingredients found in Nuratrim.

Konnyaku (reins konjac), cut and twisted.
Konnyaku (reins konjac), cut and twisted. | Source

Glucomannan Fiber

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber derived from the root of Amorphophallus konjac. As a food additive, it is used as a thickener or emulsifier. As a dietary supplement, it is marketed for appetite reduction, weight control, and health concerns such as constipation.

Glucomannan is the main ingredient in many traditional Japanese foods, including konnykaku and shirataki noodles. It is found in the corm (bulb or tuber) of the konjac plant.

Konjac (sometimes spelled konjak) is known by many different names: konnyaku potato, snake palm, devil's tongue, voodoo lily, and elephant yam. The plant is native to the tropical regions of Japan, China, and Indonesia.

Glucomannan has a high molecular weight and is said to be the strongest known dietary fiber. It can hold nearly 200 times its weight in water. Fiber contributes to weight loss by delaying the absorption of glucose in the intestines. It also provides a feeling of fullness that discourages eating and promotes weight loss.

Kardashian used Nuratrim for weight loss.
Kardashian used Nuratrim for weight loss. | Source

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    • Annette R. Smith profile image

      Annette R. Smith 6 years ago from Grand Island, Florida

      Hi, tillsontitan. It's good to hear from you, and I'm glad you found some useful information here on my Nuratrim hub. Since this rapid weight loss pill is so new, I'll be watching this one for a while, too. Thanks for the vote up, and Happy New Year!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      "The Rapid Weight Loss Pill" caught my eye. There isn't a person alive that isn't looking for a 'rapid' weight loss. Obviously this is a new pill so who knows but if it gives you a chance to look like Kim Kardashian who wouldn't try it? Loved the hub and it was very informtive giving a breakdown of the ingredients. Voted up.

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      Annette R. Smith 6 years ago from Grand Island, Florida

      Thank you, LadyLyell. May your new year be bright and beautiful!

    • LadyLyell profile image

      LadyLyell 6 years ago from George, South Africa

      Great timing for you subject!

      Right after the holiday season sees a lot of people crying now being over weight.

      Happy new year!