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Nutiva Hemp Protein

Updated on July 26, 2013

The Superiority of Hemp Protein

One good look at the science is enough to convince anyone that hemp protein is the highest quality protein available to man. The noble hemp seed is packed with a wide variety of high-quality macro and phytonutrients, but perhaps the most significant aspect about this seed is the quality of its protein.

Why is Hemp Protein The Best?

Here's Why!

There are three primary reasons that hemp protein is the highest quality protein you can eat. First, it is a plant-based source of protein, and lacks the problems associated with meat and animal sources of protein. While those have been traditionally good sources because of their completeness, animal products are hard to digest, have lower bioavailability, and are high in the bad kinds of saturated fat and cholesterol. Anybody who ever said vegans can't get enough protein has never heard of hemp, which has 11 grams of protein per just 3 tablespoons.

Second, and just like animal proteins, hemp is 100% complete. This means it contains all eight essential amino acids and both semi-essential amino acids, the ones the body cannot produce at all or cannot produce in sufficient quantities for adequate health. Very few plants contain complete protein, but hemp is one of them. Since the chief issue vegans face is getting all 10 of the needed amino acids, hemp seed clears that problem up instantly.

Perhaps even more important than the amino acid composition of the protein is the form the molecules take. Hemp's protein is mostly in a form called globulin edestin, the most bioavailable protein known to man. This means that more of this protein ends up actually being utilized and less comes out as waste, as no nutrient source is absorbed with absolute efficiency. Edestin is 66% of the protein, and the remaining part is albumin, another high-quality blood plasma protein (but not as good as edestin!)

Those are the chief reasons why hemp protein is better than alternatives, but there are specific reasons why Nutiva's brand of protein excels above the rest. Continue reading to experience the greatness that is Nutiva!

Nutiva Hemp Protein Over the Alternatives

Including Whey and Soy!

Nutiva's hemp protein is 100% hemp protein. There are no additives whatsoever. Moreover, the hemp protein is cold-processed, which preserves all the essential nutrients and enzymes that further help you digest the protein (even edestin needs enzymes to achieve its full bioavailable potential!) It is sourced from organic farms and is not bioengineered, although thankfully genetically-modified versions of hemp do not exist and hopefully never will. I mean, what could you even improve about the plant? Hemp does not require pesticides or herbicides, grows in virtually any environment, and produces yields far outweighing other food crops. Once hemp does become legal to grow in the United States, it would not be surprising to see Monsanto jump on that.

Getting back on topic, you can be sure that Nutiva possesses the highest quality hemp protein on the market. The company was even responsible for winning the fight that allowed hemp foods to be imported into the United States, which the Drug Enforcement Administration idiotically had banned because of their legendary ignorance and stupidity on the very topics they are supposed to be experts in. This company has proven time and time again that they are committed to hemp food and will do anything to see it thrive.

The purity of Nutiva's hemp protein products instantly makes it stand out above virtually any whey protein product. Nearly all whey protein is loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors, which wreak metabolic havoc on the body and can lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases over time. Combined with the fact that animal protein has been linked to cancer, relying on commercial whey protein for supplemental use is simply unwise. When there is such a better alternative out there, why not go with it?

Because hemp protein is simply milled hemp seed, it is not pure protein. Nutiva's hemp protein also has high quality Omega-3 and Super Omega-3 fatty acids, insoluble and soluble fiber, a spectrum of minerals, chlorophyll, and potassium. Most of them substances are destroyed by the heat processing in other protein powders, but with Nutiva, you get all of these phenomenal benefits with each scoop. Even other plant-based proteins don't have the level of phytonutrients that hemp has! Choose hemp over whey, casein, and soy protein every time!

Nutiva has both high-fiber and high-protein versions of its formula. I prefer the high-protein version, which you can find at the lowest cost on They provide Nutiva products for much lower prices than directly through Nutiva or from the grocery store, and it's the only place I get my hemp protein and hemp seed oil.

What Matters About Hemp Protein

100% Complete, with all 8 Essential Amino Acids and highly bioavailable with 66% Globulin Edestin content

Hemp Protein Products

Here are a variety of the greatest hemp protein products from Amazon!

Nutiva Organic, Cold-Processed Hemp Protein from non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Canadian Hempseed, (30% Protein) 16 Ounces
Nutiva Organic, Cold-Processed Hemp Protein from non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Canadian Hempseed, (30% Protein) 16 Ounces

The regular 50% hemp protein product, a full pound. This is what I get, until I have a larger freezer to store the 3-pound hemp.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Protein Supplement, 1 lb
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Protein Supplement, 1 lb

This product has even more protein than any Nutiva product, as it is 70% protein. Definitely best for those trying to put on muscle fast.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 Protein Supplement, 5 Pound
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 50 Protein Supplement, 5 Pound

Five pounds of 50% hemp protein! The best overall value.

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Super Berry HempShake
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Super Berry HempShake

Nutiva HempShakes

Truly Delicious Hemp Protein!

Admittedly, regular hemp protein has a somewhat bland taste at first, although that can easily be overcome by mixing the powder with the right ingredients, such as organic peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, and/or a natural sweetener like stevia. But if you want something delicious and nutritious on its own, Nutiva HempShakes are for you.

There are currently three flavors available: Chocolate HempShake, Vanilla HempShake, and Super Berry HempShake. They contain slightly less hemp protein than the regular Hemp Protein, as that weight is taken up by other ingredients, such as tapioca and inulin, which are used for ensuring consistency and natural sweetness.

If you want to get the most nutrition from a HempShake brand, Super Berry and Chocolate are the best options. Super Berry is the best because it has a wide variety of organic fruits in it, including the antioxidant-rich maqui berry, while Chocolate is good because of the unsweetened cocoa, which is high in antioxidants. HempShakes are a great way for someone to get introduced to the power of hemp protein, while enjoying great tasting shakes whenever they want.

Comparing to Other Hemp Protein Brands

In my opinion, Nutiva really does have the hemp protein, but there are other hemp protein brands out there. The primary competitor is Manitoba Harvest. They also farm organic hemp seed and their processing is similar to Nutiva's, but many people find Nutiva hemp protein to taste better. In addition, Nutiva HempShakes have better organic sweeteners than the flavored Manitoba Harvest products, so that is another category in which Nutiva excels.

There are a number of smaller brands of hemp protein, such as Living Harvest and Navitas Naturals, and they are still organic. However, they have not put the same level of research into their processing techniques as Nutiva, so if you want to go with the best brand, that's the one to pick.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of this or any other brand of hemp protein, read my diet tips eBook, which shows how to optimize your metabolism for total absorption of hemp nutrients.

The Eight Essential Amino Acids in Hemp

  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

Hemp Smoothie Making at the Nutiva Booth

A fun video showing the making of a hemp smoothie!

Recipes to Use Hemp Protein In

There are many opportunities to use hemp protein in a wide variety of foods and drinks. By including hemp products in more than one thing, you can ensure that you get an ample amount of it throughout the day.

Homemade Granola Bars

Granola bars are absolutely delicious, although many of the mainstream ones are too high in sugar and too low in quality protein. Therefore, it is best to make your own granola bars, which can be tailored to optimal nutritional specifications. You should aim to make your bars gluten-free, dairy-free, and sweetened with fruit juices, coconut palm sugar, or stevia. To make phenomenally tasting and incredibly nutritious granola bars, mix oats, HempShake protein powder, hemp milk, coconut oil, small berries, dark chocolate nubs, and water together in a bowl. Then knead the mixture into bar-shaped pieces and bake them on a non-stick pan. You can also freeze the bars to make a rawer granola.

Mixed Drinks

As the name HempShake implies, it can be made into shakes or mixed drinks. You can put whatever you want into your shakes, including several scoops of high quality hemp protein. To empower your drinks even more, feel free to mix in hemp seed as well.

Protein and Milk

This may sound kind of weird, but HempShake protein powder tastes amazing on its own. The regular hemp protein, not so much, although I still enjoy it plain (but I'm just weird like that). As for the HempShake, anyone can agree that it really does taste amazing. By putting it in a bowl with some hemp milk, you can eat it straight, as a kind of unique futuristic cereal. It's a very fast, quick, and tasty way to get protein into your diet.

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