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Nutritious Potatoes

Updated on February 8, 2016

Last week we focused on problems related to skin and hair. This entire week we will be discussing vegetables that are good for health. Each day we will be talking about a new vegetable. Facts and benefits of the same will be covered in this week's articles.

Let us begin with potatoes, which are no doubt a treat to our tongue. If they aren't deep fried in oil or dunk in butter and/or cheese, potatoes act as a great source of vitamin C and B6.

Although they have always been considered unhealthy and a calorie rich food, potatoes are equally important in our body's functioning like any other fruit or vegetable.

In fact, potatoes contain a lot more potassium than bananas.

Potatoes are available all year round and are thoroughly enjoyed in all parts of the world. A majority of the population across the globe love consuming them in the form of greasy french fries or chips, but there are many different ways of cooking potatoes without making them taste boring at all.

If we take away the cheese/butter and oil, baked potatoes turn high in fiber and are exceptionally good for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, unlike the deep-fried ones which increase the risk of heart strokes and make you obese.

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Also in its natural form or let's say when cooked the right way, potatoes consist of:

Vitamin B6-good for building brain cells, functioning of nervous system, protects against cardiovascular diseases, builds muscle

Potassium-enhances muscle growth, reduces anxiety and stress, balances metabolism

Copper-formation of red blood cells, fast healing of wounds, prevents against arthritis

Vitamin C-prevents eye diseases, skin diseases, immune system deficiencies

Manganese-good for bone health, building bone structure

Phosphorus-it is a mineral which is helpful in balancing the acid level in the body

Fiber-excellent for a smooth functioning digestive system prevents constipation

Vitamin B3-prevents diabetes and certain types of cancer

Pantothenic Acid-also known as vitamin B5, it helps in relieving health conditions such as asthma, respiratory disorders, hair loss, skin allergies and infections

Potatoes can be substituted for flour when you need to add gravy to soups.

Potatoes roasted with herbs and a touch of oil taste deliciously awesome.

There are almost 100 varieties of edible potatoes available in the world, all of which differ in shape, size, flavor, starch content and color.

So if you too think potatoes are bad for health, keep in mind, a better version of cooking potatoes makes them a whole lot healthier.


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