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Obama Talks Health Care

Updated on July 22, 2009

President Obama went before the American people to night to propose his reform of Health Care. During the speech Mr. Obama reinstated that any health care policy should not place any future financial burdens on the middle class and if it did, he would not sign the bill into law; he further stated that or should I say reaffirmed that the American people would maintain control over their medical decisions and the Government would not interfere in that freedom. As the speech continued, the President said that two-thirds of the cost of Health Care Reform was already met but the remaining one-third was still being worked out and that some of the costs could be obtained by cutting wasteful spending within the existing health care program, including money sent to insurance companies thru the Medicare program; he also declared that one proposal being looked at to fund the massive reform was to increase taxes on couples making a combined income of one million dollars. On a personal and yet strait forward note I feel one of the highlights of the evening was when Mr. Obama said that he wanted to eliminate doctors charging people for procedures that should not be performed; he sighted a hypothetical situation that a doctor would tell a family that their daughter needed her tonsils removed (when she didn’t) in order to receive more money; I thought this was a strong statement of why our health care system needs a major overall and it further illustrates why America needs a Public Health Care Program to coincide with the private insurance industry. In conclusion I believe Mr. Obama did a fairly good job, but if you are an extreme far right republican who was hoping that our President would fold under pressure, then you are probably upset right now and if you are a far left liberal hoping to see our President scold the Blue Dog Democrats and continue an assault on the Republican party, then you are probably feeling a little let down at this moment.


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