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oil spill solution; clean up oil

Updated on May 8, 2011


Oil spill solutions can best be found by firstly identifying the causes of oil spill. Oil spill clean up is not an easy task and should be avoided at all cost.


Oil spill clean up and oil spill solutions are not a task that can be left for one set of people alone. The government alone should not be left to carry the cross and burden of proffering solutions to oil spill and oil spill clean up. All hands must be on deck if we truly want to control and avoid the occurrence of oil spill from damaging all that you and I cherish and care for.Oil spill is not only in the Gulf. So many society have been suffering from this in the past.

Governments of different countries have recently spent a lot of money and are ready to do what ever it takes to prevent a reoccurrence of this ugly incident. Oil spillage has cost many communities their means of livelihood. The people of Niger Delta of Nigeria have for instance suffered a lot due to oil spill on their land. Farm lands suddenly become barren and waters (seas and rivers) all become inhabitable for living creatures to dwell in.

The above few reasons are enough to make any caring person to care for his or her environment. That is probably one of the reasons I have decided to write this hub, at least to add my own quota to safeguarding our environment. Listed below are some of the causes of oil spill after which I will go ahead and proffer some solution.


Erosion: heavy erosions can cause pipelines to break. Erosion can dig beneath the pipeline thereby causing the weight of the pipelines that was placed on the solid to be borne by the pipe alone.

Leakage of pipelines: leakage of pipelines is a major cause of oil spill. These oil pipelines are sometimes broken without any accident but, are most of the time damaged by vandals. Out of greed, many citizens destroy oil pipelines just to tap out of the oils passed through the pipeline.

Carelessness: carelessness in handling and disposing of gases and other products of crude oil. Most companies flaunt government directives in a bid to save some money. This is to tell you the level of greed that has eaten into our business community.

Biological reason: some oil spill are caused by biological reaction where fossils over grow and start coming out of their place. This kind of oil spill is however not so damaging like the other oil spills caused by human act. The simple solution to this kind of oil spill is to tap the crude formed from the fossils.


Carefulness: companies should be more careful with the way they handle wastes that comes from refining crude. Standards are being set by the government for companies to follow. The government has even imposed fines and other levies to defaulters to ensure that care are being taken to dispose crude wastes.

Control of erosion: controlling of erosion is a good solution of oil spill. Proper channels should be created for erosion to pass without causing any damage to the environment.

Provision of adequate security on the pipelines: security at pipelines should be provided to prevent hoodlums from damaging the pipelines. This is not supposed to be the responsibility of the government alone. All citizens should be on the lookout to report any suspected pipeline vandal. Call the police and other law enforcement agencies whenever you suspect any move.

Remember that we can save our society and environment if we do the right thing today.

To the safety of our environment!


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      eternaltreasures, the best oil spill solution one can think of is to join the campaign of saving our environment.