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Okabashi Shoes

Updated on July 10, 2014

Get Okabashi and get Hip!

Looking for the best flip flops to get? Look no further, Okabashi has got you covered. Made in America, super comfy, machine-washable, dish-washer safe, all-natural material. These sandals can't be beat. They come in a wide arrange of colors and styles and they are Hip! Stay tuned for your introduction to the World of Okabashi. The best sandals out there. Your feet will love you.

Okabashi Red Clog
Okabashi Red Clog

The Okabashi Story

Made in America. The way we like our stuff...

Okabashi are remarkable shoes. Actually they are sandals but I'll call them shoes for convenience.

15 years ago when I left California for the South I came in contact with Okabashi's. Like most people I didn't pay much attention to them. It was summer I needed some flip-flops and the store I was in - a place that catered to Islamic/Middle-eastern/Indian cuisine and clothing happened to have some on a rack. I think I paid five bucks for the pair. They appeared to be good, rugged, rubber sandals, so I bought a pair. Of course wearing them they felt good, not to surprising to me guess since I've always felt I had a knack at finding good stuff.

It wasn't until a good two or three years later when they either gave out or disappeared (most likely the latter) and I found myself wearing the average department store flip-flop did it occur to me 'Hey man you need to find those funny oki - oshkosh flip flops cause these aint doing it'.

So It took me a while but I found another pair of Okabashi's and you know what - I made sure that pair didn't disappear like the last pair I had.

Now when it comes to traveling especially into tropical regions or overseas I make sure I always pack a pair of Okabashi's. For comfort, for cleanliness, and for style they cannot be beat.

But enough of my personal stuff let's take a look at what they themselves say about their shoes.

Their slogan appears to be "More than a shoe in 5 ways."

1. 100% Recyclable (They even accept back old worn out shoes from customers…!) and a made from 30% recyclable material.

2. Made in the USA

3. Dishwasher safe - that's right. In addition to being anti-microbial and machine washable they are safe for the dishwasher. Neato!

4. 'Joyfully comfortable' They say they are 'good for your attitude as they are for your step. Incidentally they have the distinction of being one of the only shoes endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

5. Designed for you feet - Based on ergonomic as well as reflexology principles Okabashi's are really comfortable!

Even though we occasionally read about the 'dangers' of flip-flops it should become quite clear to you after wearing Okabahi's that these 'shoes' are far from your ordinary flip-flop sandals and are actually in a class by themselves. But don't just hear my words. Go out and find a pair and try some on. They come in almost all color schemes. And if you can't find any locally then have a look further down the page and find your color and size on Amazon or eBay and let your feet fall back in love with your body as they used to be back when you ran barefoot in the summer (or spring and fall). It's gonna be OK.

Put Your Feet in a Pair Today! - Get some good stuff from Amazon

Sink your feet into these wonderful creations...

Okabashi Sandals Mid Heel Splash Bl, 1 Each
Okabashi Sandals Mid Heel Splash Bl, 1 Each

Stylish, comfortable and lightweight

Maui Orange, L
Maui Orange, L

Love the color!

Okabashi for FootSmart Women's Gardenia Clogs   	Copper ,Small / 5.5-6.5 B(M) US
Okabashi for FootSmart Women's Gardenia Clogs Copper ,Small / 5.5-6.5 B(M) US

Another pair of Okabashi clogs. You can’t go wrong with these.


Do you own a pair of Okabashi sandals?

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Okabashi Shoes & Sandals on eBay

Find a great deal on the most awesome sandals.

Tell us your story...

Okay with Okabashi's

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