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Omni Stimulator tDCS Review 10/10

Updated on June 14, 2016

My Skepticism of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

I am by nature a kind of a skeptic. What can I do, it goes along with my depression and anxiety issues… Even thinking about a device which was supposed to deliver electrical impulses through my brain was scary to me. So I’ve done a lot of research on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) devices even before daring to test one of them. In fact, I’ve found many studies showing amazing results in the treatment of depression and other disorders. So I decided to consult my doctor about it first, who reassured me these devices are safe and that I should definitely try and see.

tDCS Devices & Manufacturers?

I have looked through to see which of the manufacturers seemed to be the best, and after a thorough research and self doubt, I decided to buy the one with the best reviews I could find however I am open to other choices. I personally decided on the Omni Stimulator, because they have actually tested their device and provided the results of the studies on their website. Indeed, everything is very transparent and you can see all the details of the device’s functions before buying it. The second reason was the price. Similar devices were far more expensive, though since buying the device I did find one just slightly more expensive.

The Package Itself?


The device came in a very solid package including the voltage adjusting Omni device, two detachable cables, two nice and comfortable sponge pads, and a headband. There was also a clear step-by-step instruction on how to use it. I also got a 5-year warranty and a 12-month money back guarantee, which was cool. There's also bonus software which is a little hit and miss I found.

Use of the Product - How it felt?

After placing the pads as instructed, I must admit that I was afraid to turn it on. I read the instructions carefully again and did it. The first thing I noticed was a mild tingling in the region of pad placement, but I was promised that to happen. Other than that, I haven’t felt any unpleasant sensations during this first use, which lasted for 10 minutes. That day, I thought I felt a bit different but thought it may have been placebo but I was wrong! After a few days I noticed a higher eagerness to call and talk to other people, which I haven’t felt for a long time. I have been using it a couple of times a week) as I feel that's enough for me, I surely am noticing an amazing change in alertness and mood with this amount of time spent zapping my head.

Long-term Effects??? (My Thoughts)

Like I stated with everyday use I have started to feel a little better and more alert. One small issue which appeared after the second week of use was a mild itching during the stimulation, but it hasn’t bothered me much. With being more alert or feeling more alert I appear to have become more concentrated on my work, more sociable, and eager for life. I even bought some new clothes and am very much into the self-improvement currently and I'm currently reading some Tim Ferris self-improvement books which is great brain food on top of what I'm already doing.

Future Use & Updates & Final Judgement?

I really like how my life looks right now... I really do feel the Omni Stimulator is helping. I love the device and I will continue to use it for sure. I continue to follow the results of the new studies about tDCS as it's really an exciting technology. As for the device I don't believe I am going to need the 12-month money back guarantee they gave me as the device looks solid and well made. With the bonus software which is fantastic the item deserves a 10/10 because I can't find a fault with the item or their service and for me the results speak for themselves.

I hope you find this review helpful, I'd love to hear you comments below! I intend to do followups and write more about my experience with tDCS.


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    • TDCS Info profile image

      Samual 18 months ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hey Catherine,

      I placed the positive (red) on my upper left temple and the negative (black) just above my right eyebrow.

    • profile image

      Catherine 19 months ago

      Thank you for this - really interesting post.

      Where on your head did you put the leads and how did you know where to place them?