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Here is one way to get kids to eat their vegetables.

Updated on June 30, 2011
Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits & Vegetables

Kids health is very important to a parent. It is one way to make sure that the child grows up healthy and strong. But it is always a challenge to get kids to eat right. And one of the hardest food groups to get a child to eat are vegetables. Well, here is how I accidentally found a way to get my kids to eat their vegetables. And it seems to work really well.

How it starts.

Getting kids to eat right can be a monumental task. But if you start early enough, you can get them to easily eat their vegetables. Sometimes, you discover things by accident. But when these accidental discoveries occur, and you realize what you have, you can use it for the next child, and the next. You can even share it with your neighbors.

Life's little gem of a mistake.

I have two children, one boy (he's the oldest) and one girl. Talk about the luck of the draw. We saw no need to continue after having one of each. They are both in college now. But when they were little kids, they taught me something about kids. You see, I enjoy having fun. And I wanted my kids to have fun as well. So I was always doing different things with them to keep things fun.

It's just a game.

One day, while at the dinner table, my wife served up some mixed vegetables. Now, I really like vegetables. So, when my wife put some vegetables on the kids plates and not on mine, (I'm big enough to serve myself), I started eating the vegetables off of the kids plates. I did not act like I was eating something that was very good, so I did not over dramatize eating their vegetables. I would just tell them, “Don't tell mom!”

After a few days of me eating their vegetables, they started complaining about me eating the food off of their plates. Then the kids had gotten to a point where, to keep their vegetables, they would eat the vegetables first, to keep me from eating them. Then they would eat everything else on their plates. Before I completely realized what happened, they were asking for the vegetables as a matter of course. Now, vegetables is one of the main things they look for when they sit down to dinner. And they will ask for them, if they do not see them.

Some may call this “reverse psychology”, but when I did it, I did not know a think about the term “reverse psychology” at the time. I was just having a little fun with my kids. As I realized that this was a simple way to get them to do something as simple as eating vegetables, I started thinking about other things I could easily get them into doing. So I started testing, a little at first, on what other things I could do to them that would help them in the long term.

Reverse Psychology ... what!

Some of the things that I tried work well. Some, not so well. It seems that “reverse psychology” works up to a certain age. Then, the kids start figuring out what you are doing. My biggest obstacle were other adults telling me, that reverse psychology would not work on their kids, right in front of my kids. So, when you spread the word around, make sure your kids are not around to hear what you are talking about.

The Nutritional Path

The great thing about this, was that I had gotten my kids to eat their vegetables without really lifting a finger. It happened so simply and easily, that it took my wife some time to realize what had happened. After I explained to her why the kids wanted vegetables, she took it from there by planning a more well rounded diet for all of us. A quick consult with a doctor, and the kids were well on their way to the healthy adults they are today.


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    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      danielleantosz - It works very well. My relatives have tried it, and they too have had success.

      Tonipet - Kids are fun and games are fun. I find when you combine them with learning, everyone has a great time; and the kids have fantastic memories that will last a life-time.

    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Awesome ideas! I find it perfect making things "just a game"! It's like hitting two birds at a time by giving the kids healthy food while making the eating part fun and exciting. Really great trick! Thank you.

    • danielleantosz profile image

      danielleantosz 6 years ago from Florida

      Nice, I like the part about acting like veggies are a treat and "stealing" them! I will have to keep that in mind.

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Great advice on how to get your kids to eat vegetables! I did so by starting them as soon as old enough to eat and never gave them junk, well on occasions they get it at parties etc, but in general not. Great Info! :)

    • christinecook profile image

      christinecook 8 years ago

      only a parent knows the wonder of reverse Psychology

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      videosgoneviral - Thanks. I hope it works well for you.

    • videosgoneviral profile image

      videosgoneviral 8 years ago

      I love this! I'm definitely going to try reverse psyche on my kids. Great post!

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      uliveulearn - Thanks. Picky eater - sounds like my brother when he was little. Pay it forward.

      Money Glitch - Thanks. Pay it forward.

    • Money Glitch profile image

      Money Glitch 8 years ago from Texas

      Hhhhmmm, sounds like a winner to me! As a child, I had a mind of my own and the more it was my idea; the easier it was to convince me that was the right way to do things :) Of course, the more someone tried to force me to do something the more determined I was not to do it...:) Great idea!

    • uliveulearn profile image

      uliveulearn 8 years ago from Canada

      What a great idea. Trying to get a picky eater to eat their veggies can make meal time miserable.

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      homesweetmanila - Good luck to you, and Thank you.

    • homesweetmanila profile image

      homesweetmanila 8 years ago from Philippines

      very helpful. I don't have young kids anymore but adults who still refuse to eat their veggies - perhaps this may work still? hehe! Thanks for the info!

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      aoiffe379 - I agree. When you introduce fun into anything that needs to get done, things can get done.

    • aoiffe379 profile image

      aoiffe379 8 years ago

      Great! Call it Reverse Psychology; but it worked. It reminds me of Tom Sawyer and whitewashing the fence.You made eating vegetables appealing - desirable - and fun. People, both young and old like fun!

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Betty Reid - Thank you.

    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      What a funny, cute story, and you told it so nicely.

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Lady_E - thank you for the comment.

      Mezo - thanks. some things can sneak up on you.

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 8 years ago from Egypt

      that is a nice tip ;) starts like this untill they get used to it and actually love it

      thanks for sharing

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      I like the way you used Reverse Psychology.

      Very interesting.