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Shop For Groceries Online to Save Time and Money

Updated on August 31, 2017

Shopping Online for Groceries Saves Time and Money


rocery shopping online is a huge time and money saver. Personal shoppers load your cart and deliver your items right to your kitchen. Now available in most areas, it's worth a try. Your time can be spent doing far more interesting things.

Save Your Gas By Shopping For Groceries Online

Let Someone Else Load Your Shopping Cart For You

I often do my grocery shopping late at night for next day delivery. I love how this frees my time for other things, not to mention the gas it saves. Safeway is one of our local grocery stores that offers this service. They are part of Vons Grocery stores. When you go to the Vons site, you simply enter your ZIP Code to determine which services are available in your area.

Amazon is another good source for shopping online. Comparing prices is easy when you can do it straight from your computer.

Some People Have Concerns About Grocery Shopping Online

Some Questions About Online Shopping That Might Cross Your Mind

After doing my shopping this way for so many years I see no downside, but I'm often asked the following questions:

Do you actually let someone else choose your produce?

I have never had a problem with poor produce. If they don't choose the best and freshest, they'll lose customers. If you should have a problem, just call the number and a refund is given, no questions asked.

What about freshness dates on dairy, etc?

Same answer as above, but I've always received the freshest dates. I think they pull from the warehouse, which has the newest arrivals.

How easy is it to use coupons and get the member discount?

Coupons are entered upon checkout and member discounts are given automatically without having to do anything.

Doesn't it cost more online?

The same specials are available online as in the store, plus a few extra "online only" offers. When a special is "Buy One, Get One Free," you order two of the item and the cost of the second is credited.

Have you ever had a problem at all?

One time the liquid laundry soap leaked. About 1/3 of the product was missing. The deliverer cleaned off the outside of the container and refunded the full price of the laundry soap, allowing me to keep the 2/3 that was remaining in the container.

Occasionally an item won't be available and they inform you at delivery if that's the case.

What about the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery is well worth it, however if you order over a certain dollar amount, delivery is half price or sometimes even free.

Shopping Access to Specialty Shops

You can shop for flowers at their Floral Shop, sliced gourmet cheese from the Deli, and gifts from a number of specialty shops within the store as well.

Ten Reasons To Grocery Shop Online

When You Think About It, the Benefits to Shopping Online Are Amazing

These are my best reasons (not necessarily in order) for letting someone else haul and deliver my groceries.

1. It saves time.

2. It saves money.

3. I stick to my list.

4. I just click on the aisle I want to browse.

5. No lines or crowds.

6. No loading the cart, the checkout belt, the car, the kitchen.

7. It keeps my car off the road.

8. It cuts down on paper and plastic.

9. I can easily use coupons and promotions.

10. I get a personal shopper and super customer service.

The Best Part

I love the time it frees up. Do you ever wish for more hours in the day? I can think of dozens of ways I use that extra time, including making this lens.

Groceries Delivered Right To Your Kitchen!

Groceries Delivered Right To Your Kitchen!
Groceries Delivered Right To Your Kitchen!

Agree or Disagree? - Have you already formed an opinion?

Some people have strong reasons for shopping a certain way. Maybe you've tried grocery shopping online and don't like it. Maybe you've never thought about it before. Maybe it's not available in your area yet. Let us know the details of your opinion.

What do you think of the idea of shopping online for your groceries?

What do you think? Have you ever tried online grocery shopping?

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    • Gayle Mclaughlin profile image


      7 years ago from McLaughlin

      I have ordered a few things from Amazon--but would love to try.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      No, but I might try it. It's probably a good idea once you get used to it.


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