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Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium

Updated on February 20, 2016

This fiber is really top notch. It's very easy to mix into your drinks. It's very mild tasting and has a blonde honey kind of flavor and aroma. Overall it has no real taste but it does impress with some undertones to please the senses. 

That said, this is a very good fiber for every day use. It will establish a regularity you may not have achieved yet with your daily diet. Psyllium fiber has the very important combination of soluble and insoluble fibers. Those that use Psyllium report feelings of well being and better digestive health.

Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium is the best I have had and the price is the same as you would pay for other brands. There are many ways to enjoy this fiber. If you are looking to establish a healthy routine to encourage better digestive health, you may be thinking of taking yogurt in your daily routine. Try mixing psyllium fiber in your yogurt smoothies. Some people mix it in their orange juice. It's up to you. This fiber is palatable even in water if that was all you had to use..

Note about organic fiber: using organic fiber is highly recommended. This fiber will remove build up in your intestines and the psyllium fiber itself will remove harmful bacteria while it replaces beneficial bacteria for proper digestion. If you are going to go to the trouble of using fiber everyday then you might as well use the very best kind so you are not adding toxins to your system with your fiber supplement. Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium is a good brand fiber with a nice blonde color and taste. Highly recommended!


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