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The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment

Updated on October 14, 2012
Orthodontic treatment has many advantages
Orthodontic treatment has many advantages | Source

Orthodontic treatment has a twofold effect-it straightens and aligns teeth alongside promoting optimal growth of the jaw in tandem with teeth alignment.

Well-aligned teeth facilitate biting, speaking and chewing as well as good gum health. They also look better, thus contributing to good self-esteem and confidence-building.

Orthodontic treatment helps to bring teeth, jaws and lips into good alignment with each other. The cosmetic effect of orthodontics has social benefits as well as improving a person’s general sense of well-being.

When fully qualified as a dentist, an orthodontist spends a further three years specializing in this field. Their specialist knowledge includes facial growth and development as well as tooth movement. With these skills they become adept at aligning teeth and straightening jaws.

Some indications that orthodontic treatment may be necessary include abnormal dental occlusion, grinding of teeth, crowded teeth, breathing through the mouth, problems with biting or chewing etc.

Removable and/or fixed oral appliances which put pressure on the jaws and teeth to stimulate movement in the right direction are used to manipulate jaw growth, re-align teeth and develop oral musculature

To begin with, a comprehensive assessment is necessary to determine the severity of the problem and to outline a plan of treatment for same. As an alternative to the removable “brace” or the more permanent “train-track” appliance a new appliance which is invisible can be used.

Thus, one can be in the process of cosmetic orthodontic treatment without anyone else being aware that it is ongoing.

CT scans are a tool often used by orthodontists to permit the availability of greater detail from the assessment. Hence, more accurate treatment planning is possible as a consequence of this. Although orthodontic treatment is expensive, it is good value for money in terms of the positive physical, social and psychological outcomes which occur as a result of it.

It is complementary and additional to traditional dental practice and is well worth considering if you have any concerns about your teeth, jaws or facial structure in general.


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