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Pain Management Solution With Electric TENS Massage

Updated on December 9, 2013

If you have neck or back pain and are frustrated with traditional medicine of drugs and muscle relaxers not working, I may have the solution for you.

For over ten years I have used this TENS pain management unit and it has been a life saver. My chiropractor first supplied me with this small take home unit to supplement in office TENS therapy for whiplash after a car accident. I have used intermittently throughout the years to address my chronic back pain.

My back issues started with scoliosis as a teenager and I wore a back brace for several years. Although my orthopedist said scoliosis would not cause back problems as an adult, I am skeptical about that opinion considering I have had back problems my entire life with pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease and arthritis starting in my late twenties and early thirties.

Before I go on, I do want to say I am not a doctor and It is recommended to consult a medical professional before starting any new health treatment, including TENS unit for pain management. (that's my disclaimer)

What is TENS Therapy?

TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Now you know why it's shortened to TENS. The concept is actually pretty simple, electrical pulses travel through pads placed on the skin to improve nerve function and control muscle pain and spasms.

To me my TENS treatment feels like a micro muscle massage that allows the muscles to relax and helps with swelling. I love a good massage, and I use my TENS as personal mini massage. There are plenty of more medically related websites (WebMD) which go into the scientific detail on how TENS actually works, but I'm just providing a review of the TENS device I use and how it works for my situation.

Pain Relief & Muscle Relaxation

So often pain is a result of tightened muscles that prevent movement, for example I lose range of motion in my neck when my muscles are inflamed and swollen. I will place the four electrode leads to specific places on my neck and adjust the strength of the current to a level that is comfortable. The TENS device will then cycle on and off every 30 minutes for as long as I wear it, depending on the settings.

I have worn my TENS unit to work under my clothes, walked around the house to do chores and sat watching TV while wearing my TENS. Most people don't know I'm even wearing it unless I let the cords dangle. Normally the treatment only takes a day or so and I can tell a big difference in my neck mobility and pain.

Is a TENS RIght for Me?

I can't tell you if a TENS unit is right for you, but I would highly recommend discussing the option with your physical therapist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist. They are commonly recommended for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, tendinitis and even cancer pain.

If your medical professional has suggested a TENS device for pain management then congratulations, I truly am happy for you. If anything, the tiny electrical impulses creates a massage-like feeling that is relaxing makes me feel better.

Portable Unit Handheld Palm Plus Digital 10 Modes Machine Pain Relief Electrotherapy NK10GL (Black) +2 Extra 4in1 Electrodes wire +4 snap on pads Lifetime Warranty FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever
Portable Unit Handheld Palm Plus Digital 10 Modes Machine Pain Relief Electrotherapy NK10GL (Black) +2 Extra 4in1 Electrodes wire +4 snap on pads Lifetime Warranty FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever

This TENS unit has additional modes specifically set for knees, and neck. This electric massage device will help with tense and tight muscles and help relieve pain.

A huge benefit to this device is the battery indicator, nothing worse than needing your therapy and finding out your 9V battery is dead and you can't get to the store.

Omron Pain Relief TENS Unit (PM3030)
Omron Pain Relief TENS Unit (PM3030)

The Omron electro therapy device contains preset programs with 5 levels of intensity. This unit comes with diagrams and charts for proper placement for knees, elbows, hips and back areas for the most effective relief.


TENS Therapy Videos

See how regular people use TENS therapy and if it will work for you. As with any medical device it is always good to get the advice of a physician or medical professional for the best results. But, TENS is non evasive, economical and for most people has no side effects and provides pain relief.

If you ever wondered how a TENS device works, where you can wear it, and how it controls pain this video shows real people using wearing the electrode leads whiles working, relaxing and doing everyday activities

Learn how a TENS unit stimulates muscles, helps to heal nerves and treats many different diseases and health problems.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I could use one of these, looks like a great massage.

    • lesliesinclair profile image


      5 years ago

      In the past these units have been used as part of my PT protocol. Interesting how they work wonders.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hubby and I have and use a tens unit. It helps so much!

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile imageAUTHOR

      Dawn Romine 

      5 years ago from Nebraska

      @Diana Wenzel: I love my TENS device. My husband uses my small one, but I think he needs a stronger pulse. I haven't thought of using it on my feet for plantar fasciitis but saw a video on it and may give it a try. Glad it worked for you.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      5 years ago from Colorado

      I never knew what this was called. When I suffered severe whiplash pain following a car accident, the one thing that brought me the most immediate relief was this treatment. It felt like I had a soothing waterfall running inside my neck and spine. Nothing had ever felt so good. I didn't realize I could purchase my own personal unit. My treatments were done by a chiropractor. I'm so glad I stopped by today to learn about TENS units. Thanks for providing me with a potential resource. Appreciated!


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