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In Life, You will Realize There is a purpose for Every Person You Meet

Updated on April 8, 2018
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Whether we believe it or not, we are all born with a purpose. Learning to connect with and live your purpose is a beautiful journey that typically grows into challenging and surprising roads. A Purpose is not something to be forced; it is unique, and it is like a treasure hunt. To successfully find your purpose in life all you have to do is open your life to an opportunity, and be willing to take the necessary steps that call to you. Although the call will consist of curiosity, maybe even specific help provided input and guidance; I believe only you can know it or figure it out. Therefore, you must accordingly strive to control the process.

There are several ways to discover your purpose in life, but the fastest way to reveal your life’s purpose is through the art of introspection. Meditation will help you to dive right into the more profound essences of who you are so you can pull out all of the life’s purpose and connect the puzzle pieces to assemble them accordingly.

The question to ask yourself, do you believe that everyone you meet was destined to be in your life? Well, there is a purpose for every person we meet. Some will come into our lives to test us. Some will come into our lives to have us available at their convenience, and so they can use us. Some will come in our life so smoothly, and they will be in our life to teach us life’s experiences. However, of all the people we meet, we are destined to meet someone special who knows how to bring out the best in us. Therefore, I do believe everyone we meet is intended to be in our life. There is a purpose for every person we meet.

I am a firm believer that Destiny decides whom we meet in life, but it is only us that can determine who gets to stay in our lives. Therefore, never regret knowing someone because although wrong people bring unhappiness in our life they also give experience, and the right people are there to bring happiness to our lives. Think about it - the evil people who enter our life always teach us a lesson; and the right people are there to bring us good memories. Although sometimes the people we think we want in our life are not always the people we need in our life, but if we use it as a lesson, the bad can turn into what can bring the best in our life. So we should let go of the wrong, let it pass and move on.

In life, you'll realize that this is a journey, filled with what we create for it. Life brings hardships, many experiences, heartaches, incredible joys, and most of all exciting people that we can enjoy much fun with in life. Life is not a rose garden; it is more of a bumpy road that will not be smooth. As we travel this journey called life, as we live and experience life, we will encounter good times as well as bad times. It is up to us to make sure the good days outweigh the bad days. Don’t bury your head in the sand and stop living because you met a wrong person. Remember there is a purpose for every person you meet in life.

Life or time stops for no one, and if we buried our head in the sand over one wrong person we met and allowed ourselves to focus on the negatives, we would miss out on the purpose of life. This types of experience we should learn from so that one bad experience which was meant to lead us ultimately to our destination, our purpose in life. Remember God does not always allow just the people we want in our life to enter our life, but He allows the people we need to begin our life because there is a purpose for every person we meet.

Three Steps to finding your purpose.

Step one, Slay the inner dragons: If you want to know your life purpose, you have to slate the inner dragon and make sure all remains is you and the depth of your soul. This will be enough to get you started. However, do not be afraid to dive deep into your inner self and write down whatever comes to mind. Make sure you create enough space to ponder any questions need to discover about the real you. Make sure not to use something that is outlandish, and don't forget to turn off your mental filter. The best result will come to you when you can turn off your self-judgment and analyze the common threads in your life. Challenge your deepest desires; you have currently to give you a one, two punch to grow as you slay the inner dragon.

Step two, believe finding your purpose is possible. Then know why you want to find your purpose in life. To be able to find your purpose in life you have to want more enthusiasm in your life, smile indulgently with more aspects of what you want out of life, more one on one time toward fullness in life. When you want to find your purpose, you wake up in the morning excited and are more plugged into a deeper current when you get out of bed. Finally, you have a thirst for life that you have not known since you were a child. You'll find yourself marveling at life, and its richness to travel a perfectly paced journey with your eyes and heart wide open.

Step three, know your purpose & how to find it.

Your purpose will not be directly apparent at first, but after traveling a journey to find in addition to finding your life’s purpose, you will own your destiny.

Now you’ve let the verification settle; you have found your purpose, free your ship from the dock and let it set sail. Your mission is set in place, and you learn to swing your sword of action, the tools are sharpened, and your mind understands everything: congratulations! You’ve found your purpose and that the way for you to control your destiny. Most people are unable to find their purpose, they take a gulp of air and look their goal square in the eye and believe, “I do not deserve to know my purpose.”

It is better to shine your light of awareness on a belief that is threatening to stop your goals. To prevent these types of ideas from hindering your purpose; it is best to hold tight before it begins, study to know your purpose through true soul-baring which will force what actions to take. True soul-baring will teach you to develop the courage, and it will give you something to lean on throughout your uncertain times. Build your own golden road. Passion plus action, equal take into account that the real purpose of everyone’s life is to be entirely involved in living. Before long you will be full of passion, and you will feel so purposeful and fulfilled, you will know and find your purpose and wonder how you lived life without it.

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In life, you will realize that there is a purpose for everyone you meet.

© 2015 Pam Morris


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