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Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Updated on September 19, 2018
Papaya Fruit
Papaya Fruit | Source

Antioxidants in Papaya Fruit

Antioxidants are like an army of well-trained soldiers whose job it is to fight the enemy (harmful toxins) and flush them out of the body. They also assist the body in healing any internal and external injuries.

Papaya fruit is cram packed with antioxidants, especially bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids strengthen and support capillary function and circulation.

Bioflavonoids enhance the potency of vitamin C found naturally in papaya fruit and work as a natural antibiotic in the body.

Other sources of Antioxidants/bioflavonoids

Blackcurrants, Grapes, Melons, Tomatoes, Apricots, Berries, Pineapples, Black and white tea, Parsley, oregano and thyme.

Vitamin C And Folate To Build Strong Bones

Even though papaya fruit contains very little calcium, It does hold large amounts of vitamin C that is vital for the development of strong bones, protein metabolism and maintaining a hardy nervous system.

Papaya fruit contains over 60 mg of vitamin C.

Another bone-strengthening ingredient in papaya is the B-vitamin Folate. People with adequate amounts of folate in their diet are less likely to develop a bone disease such as osteoporosis.

Folate also reduces homocysteine levels in the blood, of which high levels have been linked to cardiovascular disease.

Digestive System
Digestive System | Source

Papaya Fruit Maintains A Healthy Digestive System

Papaya fruit contains papain, which is a strong enzyme similar to that of the naturally occurring digestive juice pepsin. Papain reduces the amount of fat the body absorbs through the stomach, helps to alleviate inflammation in the digestive system because of its high fibre content, and aids in the breakdown of other food proteins.

Papain is so efficient at protein break-down, chefs frequently use it in powdered form as a meat tenderizer. You can use this in the kitchen yourself by simply drying out and grinding down papaya seeds.

As well as helping the digestive system, papain plays a role in healing the body quickly after injuries such as cuts and bruising.

How To Cut and Prepare Papaya Fruit

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Natural Sugars In Papaya Fruit Help Weight Loss

Papaya fruit is low in calories, making it an ideal food source that will not only help with weight loss but also satisfy any sugar cravings. Papaya contains only natural healthy sugars called fructose, making it the ideal substitute for many unhealthy snacks. One of the best ways to lose weight is to exchange man-made sugar for the natural sugars found in all fruit.

Man-made processed sugars are well known to be toxic to humans, causing many diseases and ailments that we shouldn't have to deal with in our lives. It's a sad truth that many poor health conditions stem from a lack of knowledge about the foods we eat and a predisposition to trust our governments with the food sources they provide.

Eating five portions of fruit AND veg per day (400/500g) is an adequate way of providing all the natural sugars, fibres, vitamins and minerals your body needs to ensure a lowered risk of developing any serious health problems.

People who may suffer from diabetes will be happy to know that papaya only contains a small number of natural sugars they can enjoy without compromising their condition. Papaya leaves are especially helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.

Papaya Seeds
Papaya Seeds | Source

Peppery Papaya Seeds And Ways To Use Them

Some people find that papaya fruit seeds aren't palatable because of their bitter and peppery taste, while others say it enhances the flavour of the fruit.

Papaya seeds are swarming with phytochemicals that prevent disease and get rid of those little parasites that might be lurking in places such as the liver and kidneys, so it's worth giving them a try.

If you find the seeds are too strong to eat on their own, but you'd still like to reap their health benefits, here are some ways you can sneak them into your diet.

  1. The seeds can be dried, ground down in a mortar, and used as a flavorful spice in cooking dishes such as curries
  2. Use dried ground down papaya seeds to marinade, flavour and tenderize meat
  3. Add them to a fruit smoothie

Papaya and Banana Super Smoothie

Start your day with a fantastic smoothie made from these two tasty fruits.

  • Dice half a ripe papaya fruit and blend it with a small banana
  • Add 170ml of low-fat milk
  • Add 125ml of pure orange juice
  • Mix in two tablespoons of vanilla yoghurt
  • Add one scoop of papaya seeds
  • Drop in four ice-cubes
  • Blend all ingredients together and serve

Papaya Fruit Nutrition

0.1 g
Saturated Fat
0.1 g
11 g
0.5 g
0 mg
2 g

Fun Facts About Papaya Fruit

  • Papaya fruit is native to tropical America, originating in Mexico
  • The largest producers of papaya include India, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Brazil
  • Papaya grows on a tree called the Carica Papaya that reaches from 10 to 30 ft in height
  • Unripe papaya is often used in Asian Thai dishes such as curries and salads
  • Papaya is plucked from the tree before it starts to ripen, while still dark-green in colour, and encased in a tough outer skin. It's then left in storage until it becomes soft and changes to yellow, or orange in colour as it fully ripens.
  • Papaya fruit is actually a very large member of the Berry family
  • When fully grown, some papaya fruit can weigh over a stone (14 pounds)

How To Grow Papaya Fruit From Seed - Video Tutorial

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