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5 Fun Ways to Use a Pedometer Watch to Get In Shape

Updated on June 15, 2014

The pedometer watch is one of the best utilities to use if you’re starting to get serious about getting in shape. It’s not like a bench press or a bicycle because it doesn’t take a lot of skill to use and it’s something you can wear passively in order to slowly build momentum into a work out routine. The great thing about using a pedometer watch is that you can wear it all day and everyday and slowly ramp up your exercise until you are easily running miles and miles each day.

The best way to develop an effective work out routine that will guarantee weight loss and improved fitness is to build that work out routine slowly. You can’t start from day one running five miles and plan to continue doing that every day forever. You have to start slowly, maybe walk a mile or jog half a mile for the first week, and the pedometer watch is a great tool to help you do that.

It is a common complaint from today’s youth that exercise is boring. No one wants to just work out anymore, they want to make it interesting and fun so that they can stay motivated to do that. Well, here's some fast weight loss tips for you: you can use a pedometer watch to make your exercise routine fun and interesting too.

Here are five interesting ways you can use a pedometer watch or pedometer to keep on track with your work outs and keep you motivated to succeed and accomplish your weight loss goals:

running with a pedometer watch
running with a pedometer watch

Compete with a Pedometer Watch

 1.    Compete with a friend:

The primary feature of the pedometer watch is its ability to track progress with hard numbers. This makes it incredibly easy to compete and make a game out of it with one of your friends or even with your children. Every day each of you can work out separately and then afterwards come back and compare your walking stats with each other.

Do this every day for a month and keep a record of it and then at the end of the month see who traveled the most distance. Whoever traveled the most or walked the most steps by the end of the month gets to be treated to a big steak dinner by their friendly opponent. In order to make a competition worth while there must always be steaks involved, oops, I mean stakes.

2.    Set a daily distance goal:

Goal setting is one of the easiest things to do when you can track your progress in hard calculated numbers. All you have to do is simply lay out a realistic goal for each day’s work out and make sure to either reach that goal or surpass it.

This is like running with someone who is always five steps ahead of you. You want to catch up to them and that drive is going to push your body harder and get you more in shape. Generally what I like to do is set out a spread sheet of some kind that has a column for my goal for each day of the week on it (I tend to raise the step count every day by fifty steps) and a column for what I actually did. The ideal situation is that my actual steps will surpass my goal every day but this is a great way to keep score.

wear a pedometer watch
wear a pedometer watch

High Tech Pedometer Watch Video

Track Progress with a Pedometer Watch

3.    See how many steps it takes to get from your house to your office:

Its always fun to try to count steps between familiar places. This technique will not only get you out of the house and experiencing your neighborhood in a new way but it will also get you in shape. You don’t necessarily have to count the steps between your home and office, maybe you want to count how many steps it takes to get from your house to your best friend’s house. Maybe you just want to see how many steps it takes to get from your house to the grocery store.

The options are endless and you’ll find that trying to count your steps will distract you from the process of stepping. You won’t even notice that you walked a mile from your home because you’ll be so interested in how many steps it takes to get you where you are.

4.    Figure out leg span distance:

Do you ever wonder why some people are so much slower than you? I’m a really tall guy and I have pretty long legs. Whenever I’m walking with a group of friends I am either way up in front ahead of the group or clammering behind them trying not to step on their toes.

With a pedometer watch you can see exactly how many of your steps equal one of your friend’s steps. All you have to do is set out a track. Each of you wear the pedometer watch as you walk along the set track and then compare the numbers. When you compare the numbers you can use math to determine how different your leg spans are.

5.    Progress tracking game:

Our last interesting thing to do with a pedometer watch is to set up a progress tracking game. If you set up a points system where each step is a certain value, you can treat your work out as if it was a role playing game. The more steps you do in a day, the more experience points you get, and the faster you level up.

Turn those video game mechanics into something useful that is going to benefit you in the long run. The pedometer watch is great for turning something like jogging into hard numbers that you can play around with. Experiment for yourself and see if you can come up with some interesting ways to work out with a pedometer watch. Remember, just have fun and get moving.


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