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Peptic Ulcer Diet (How I Healed My Ulcer Naturally)

Updated on August 24, 2010

The Power of Raw Foods

In January of 2010, I woke up one morning with some of the worst heartburn I’ve ever had. I’ve occasionally had heartburn from time to time, so I didn’t think too much about it. I took some antacids, but this time the problem was different. This pain was in my throat.

I went to work that morning and the pain was nagging. I went to the store and bought some more antacids. I continued to take the antacids and nothing was working. The pain was so bad that I had tears running down my face all day. I went to bed that night assuming that the pain would go away in the morning.

The next day when I woke up, the pain was still there. I set an appointment with my doctor, but he wasn’t able to see me for at least a week. A few days later, I found blood in my stool. The doctor saw me right away.

I went to a specialist and he suggested and Endoscope. I had the procedure done and the doctor found the early symptoms of an ulcer in my esophagus. The doctor prescribed me some medicine that worked for awhile. Once the medication quit working, I went back to the doctor. He suggested for me to ignore the symptoms and continue taking my medication. On my 7th or 8th day of straight heartburn, something changed. Not only did my symptoms get worse, but now I had a feeling of pressure that was constantly in my throat every time I sat on my couch or laid down to sleep.

I saw multiple doctors who prescribed me different medication, which none of them worked. I was now taking 8-10 pills daily and nothing was working. I spoke to some friends of mine that were into alternative medicine and they suggested for me to come over.

I went to their house and they prepared me a raw foods dinner. My friends were big fans of raw foods and began informing me on how a raw foods diet would help me. They then told me the reason I was having these problems was because I had an enzyme deficiency. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but they gave me some enzyme vitamins to take. My friends also told me that the problem that I was having was being caused by processed foods. In other words, anything that had strange and hard to pronounce ingredients on the back of the label should be avoided.

The next day I began taking the enzyme vitamins and began feeling better in a matter of hours. The heartburn went away for the first time in over a week! I began doing a ton of research on raw foods and was completely amazed on what I read.

Enzymes are found in food, but once we cook our food, the enzymes are destroyed. We are born with enzymes in our body, but when we get older; the enzymes begin to wear off and need to be replenished with food. If we continue cooking the enzymes out of our foods, how will we replenish them?

When I say raw foods, I’m not talking about eating nothing but carrots and celery all day.

There’s much more to raw foods than that. Plus this diet will work for an ulcer in your esophagus or a peptic ulcer. I’m also not talking about eating raw meat either.

Another misconception of raw foods is once you get into raw foods, it means that you have to become vegan and you have to give up cooked foods altogether. I’m here to tell you that I still eat meat and still eat cooked foods. I add raw foods into my diet everyday.

Read more about how I healed my ulcer naturally at my Peptic Ulcer Diet website.


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    • profile image

      Bhakti 2 years ago

      I was constantly getting sick, so in 2010 I had DNA testing of my hair and the results were: allergy to dairy and gluten intolerance. The allergy to dairy didn't surprise me at all; I had never heard of gluten before.

      After I cut out dairy and gluten (strict!) and processed foods, I felt 100% better. No more strange infections, no more sinus trouble (I was told I needed another rhinoplasty surgery because deviated septum grew back--which they can do! But nope, cutting out dairy and gluten fixed my sinus issue).

      I felt so good I thought--I can eat whatevet I want now! My stomach ulcer is back and I just got over a major sinus infection (3+ weeks).

      Lesson learned! No more dairy. No more gluten!!

      And I will look into the raw diet!

      Thank you for this enlightening article. :)

    • profile image

      kevin 3 years ago

      Hello davidjames,

      Please advise what enzymes & vitamins did you take for healing

      Any brand name

    • profile image

      Shannon 3 years ago

      Go gluten and dairy free. And I'm talking strictly. I guarantee you will find an extremely major change. Gluten and dairy intolerance cause ulcers. I personally feel everyone is intolerant to them. There's plenty of research proven it's not good. And I have healed my own ulcers this way

    • profile image

      Kirk Gregory 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      reflux 5 years ago from USA

      Great hub, raw foods not only helps in reducing peptic ulcer but is also very useful for your healthy teeth.

    • profile image

      Stanley Shelton 6 years ago

      nice hub dear...

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Less processing of food the better. You get to enjoy nature's power this way. Eating raw should not be misunderstood as eating straight from the plant or tree. Food preparation, in this case washing and cleaning is very important. In Japanese cooking there is a technique they call Arai. Food is quickly submerged in boiling water to water just for some sanitation reasons. Not an expert on this but it can be an alternative for people making the transition. The taste may vary a bit though.

      Nice hub.

    • davidjames37 profile image

      davidjames37 7 years ago

      Yes that's a good point. Organic foods is very important if you decide to go raw...

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 7 years ago

      Good article Davidjames37 ...I am agreement that natural raw foods definitely help. I eat a salad everyday and sometimes as my main meal.

      Only one more thing ...I do eat organic foods as I believe that the chemical and pesticides make it hard for us to digest our foods too.

      My best to your health and success!