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Peptides’ Effects in the Body

Updated on July 1, 2016

“Fitspiration” is the new goal of people nowadays, instead of the old “thinspiration” term that means inspiration to be thin and skinny. People want something authentic nowadays, and being healthy means feeling strong and good inside and out.

This is the reason why people are riding on the active bandwagon. Activities that encourage movement and fat reduction have been a trend in the past few years, making more people think and feel that a healthy lifestyle is important.

Food has also changed significantly. For instance, fast food and junk food have been ruling the diets of people for the past decades, but now, they are being heavily criticized. People are turning into power or super foods that could help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, and one of the things that people are turning to now are what we call peptides.

Knowing Peptides

What are Peptides?

These are proteins formed by joining a molecule and amino acid from a carboxyl group and an amine group, respectively, through the dehydration of water molecules. But what is it in them that make athletes want to use them?

The human body has growth hormones that are already stored inside it. Once they are secreted, muscles, and generally the whole body, grow as we mature. When the human body reaches a certain age, which is not the same for everybody, these growth hormones get depleted. This is the reason why old people generally look weak and have unhealthy skin and muscles.

Athletes and bodybuilders need to counter this since they need as much strength as they need in order to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. As such, they turn to peptides. Growth Releasing Hormone Peptides (GHRP) are responsible for encouraging the body to secrete more growth hormones in order to strengthen the body and grow muscles.

Some studies even show that peptides go the extra mile when it comes to making the body conducive to pursuing an active lifestyle. Aside from strengthening muscles and joints and growing body mass, they are known to repair muscles. This is significant news for athletes since they always add physical stress to their bodies.

Are they Effective?

Admittedly, they are not as well researched as other supplements. Some studies even contradict each other. As such, the effectiveness of these proteins cannot be vouched for, but some athletes believe that they do indeed work.

Compared to the first choice for muscle growth, which is the ever controversial steroids, peptides are known to be safer since they seem more natural. In addition, they do not exactly force the body to grow muscles. They act as stimulators for the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormones. The body is not forced to generate more growth hormones.

In addition, the effectiveness of peptides also depends on which kind one takes. There are different kinds of GHRP, the ones that are mostly used for bodybuilding, and each kind has a different level of potency. To add to that, the dosage of GHRP may also affect how it will influence the body.


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