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SPML Surgery for Spastic Diplegia

Updated on November 5, 2014

Staying Fit and Active


Tendon Lengthening Surgery

This procedure has been around for 30 years, and I am shocked that I never heard of it until I started to research SDR surgery.

There are three pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the U.S., who are regularly doing SPML. Dr. Roy Nuzzo, Dr. David A. Yngve, Dr. Matthew Dobbs

I’m pleased that adults and children can benefit from this surgery that loosens tendons that often make life harder for those living with Cerebral palsy.

One of the perks of having this surgery is the minimal incision virtually no blood loss, and you get to go home the same day.

They use the combination of releasing the tendons combined with an alcohol nerve block with general sedation (thank goodness) I want to be knocked out for pretty much any procedure, especially one that involves alcohol on my nerves.

From everything that I’ve read about this procedure the reason they use the alcohol block is to create a speed bump for the nerve impulse, so they will slow down so the messages are more clearly defined, and you get the result that you wanted.

In people with spastic Cerebral palsy, the brain activates muscles at the same time, causing muscle groups to work against each other. The result is stiff, jerky movements. In 50-75% of all cases, people with spastic Cerebral palsy have too much muscle tone or tightness, a condition called hypertonia.

Spastic Cerebral palsy becomes painful as the person ages and by adulthood, chronic pain usually sets in due to the stiffness and with arthritis changes as early as 30’s.

Spasticity tends to increase with age as well as fatigue so it’s very important to reduce tight muscles as much as possible.


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    • profile image

      Ginni 2 years ago

      This is Ginni and I am 42 and will be having the SPML surgery in August? How old was your daughter when she had this done? I will be going to Yngve.

    • profile image

      Ashlynn Nicol 3 years ago

      we are having SPML done by Dr.Nuzzo in nj here soon for our 7yr old daughter who has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. we chose SPML over PERCS. ONLY TWO DRS do SPML. Dr.Nuzzo in Jersey and Dr.Yngve in Texas. Dr.Dobbs does percs. which just means percutaneous. aka- small incision..their.way of doing the procedure are not the same. Dr.Nuzzo.doesn't cut anything..therefore.preventing scar tissue. scar tissue from cutting the tendon (like Dobbs does it) can end.up worse then the original contracture. and involves more.permanent weakness from cutting and thinning out the muscle. a lot of doctors.make you think they do SPML. their just doing the traditional lengthening.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      There are so many great advances in science we are so fortunate. Thank you for your hub. Giving me new ideas and thoughts about life.