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pesticides: useful and harmful effects

Updated on July 28, 2009

Introduction to pesticides

A pesticide is a substance or combination of different substance whose sole purpose is to prevent, destroy or control the pests.The term pesticide, in broad terms, can also include herbicides (inhibits the growth and reproduction of some harmful plants), insecticides( prevent growth of insects) and fungicides (inhibits the growth of mildews, yeasts, and molds).

A pesticide can be chemical substance( DDT) or biological( Ampelomyces quisqualis)or antimicrobial( sterilizers , disinfectant) or any device used to kill pest. Pests includes any weeds, nematodes(roundworms), insects, fish or any mammals that can destroy crop.

a man spraying pesticide in a field
a man spraying pesticide in a field

why pesticides are useful

The pesticides are mainly considered by farmers due to their economic values: cheap and good results. The pesticides can protect a crop even if there occurs a 'sudden outburst of pests' and hence ensures increased production. If crops are protected means production of more attractive fruits and vegetables - what else a farmer need. Pesticides delays the rotting of produced food which means they allow longer shipping times and increases the shelf life of fresh produce.

Harmful effects of pesticides

Note:Chemical pesticides are the main reason for all the health problems in humans.

Now proceed to all important point whether we should consider money or ourselves first. Prolonged exposure to pesticides in humans can lead to severe disorders in our reproductive, nervous and immune system PLUS in some cases can even lead to cancer. Exposure to some pesticides can be 'hell' for a pregnant lady as it can easily lead to death of baby and even if the baby is produced will have lots of disorders or even loss of limbs.

However, pesticides are not like poisons where a very small amount can be deadly but we need to always, if possible, protect ourselves from exposure to pesticides. Farmers can use mouth masks or other accessories to keep them away from intake of pesticides.

baby suffers due to mother being exposed to pesticides

pesticides led to loss of limbs in infant
pesticides led to loss of limbs in infant

Alternatives available for chemical pesticides

There are surely alternatives available for pesticides such as  pheromones and microbial pesticides, insect breeding and Genetic Engineering. These methods are safer than traditional chemical pesticides.

But these methods are not cheaper as compared to chemical pesticides. Now choice is yours, either you wants to bless your child with 'atleast limbs' or put yourself and your children in a never ending pain.


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    • profile image

      diamond 8 months ago

      This is strange!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ranaaaaa 4 years ago

      waaaaaaat!!!!!! that's sooooo scary

    • profile image

      Someone 4 years ago

      I have to disagree. Yes pesticides can be harmful, but they are not the cause of all health disorders.

    • profile image

      mahira 4 years ago

      i am a student of class 6 and this is my school projet

    • profile image

      Amee 4 years ago

      Yes, insecticide and pesticide is really so bad, I am using lots of insecticide for my apartment due to infestation of fire ants. It's all over the place even in electrical outlet ants will come out, and walls and ceilings and tiles. They go everywhere even flat iron will be clog by insect, they'll crawl into my bed too and my cabinets of clothes. I have been using insecticide for a month now and I experience dizziness, nervous problem, anemia, headache, my arms and legs feel numb and tingling sensation. I have lots of bruises too so I know it is because of the insecticide I have been spraying that I will also inhale. I just don't know what to do with the fire ants I tried all google suggestion nothing works even the corn meal, and citrus and so many herbs. I can't move out this is a cheap apartment I can afford.

    • profile image

      sree 4 years ago

      In n agricultural fields pesticides are helpful and also harm ful....

      In one way if pesticides are applied on the fields.. the insects will be dead....

      but in another way it is harmful for human kind...

      so we can avoid using of pesticides...

    • profile image

      molly and livvy 5 years ago

      really good article! we are using the info for a school project. however the baby is beautiful, but its the parents fault for letting the child into the field. even if they didn't know this would happen, why would you let the baby out with chemicals!!

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 5 years ago

      Во вceх извеcтных aвторy товaрищеcтвaх делa oбcтoят именно тaк. Зaинтереcовaнный предcедaтель нeпременно предложит пocмoтреть cвoй пocелок, a еcли кaкой-нибyдь дoм пpиглянeтcя, предложит cодейcтвие в пpиобретении. Не нyжно cоблaзнятьcя - тaкие ycлyги нeбеcкорыcтны. Утешaйтеcь тем, что о рaзмере пoлyченного нaвaрa вы cкорее вceго никогдa нe yзнaете.

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 5 years ago

      Иногда, создается впечатление, что фирмы, которые занимаются производством аксессуаров для iгаджетов уже сумели перешагнуть все возможные пределы. Гитары, невероятные чехлы, всевозможные доки и даже оригинальные наклейки, которые создают имитацию геймпада – все это плод фантазий разработчиков аксессуаров. Но вот американского изобретателя Шейна Уайтона, абсолютно не интересуют никакие имитации, его внимание можно привлечь исключительно технологически-сложными и передовыми изобретениями. Ведь сам он занимается именно таким «ремеслом». Последние его изобретение было устройство, призвание которого управлять айфоном при играх, в которых нужно активно использовать акселерометр и гироскоп.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Pymnteemo 5 years ago

      I utilized to find on top of life nevertheless as of late I've established a weight.

    • profile image

      gopika 5 years ago

      Psticides are the doors todeath thank you to show this to all

    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      yeah years and years ago...people only lived to 30 or so....pesticides then?

    • profile image

      Dr van de star 5 years ago

      Pesticides were developed to help humankind, as usual we humans love to play god and constantly alter and meddle with nature and balance of life. Today the dependence on harmful chemicals is more than ever and the price we pay is devastation of human societies and lives due to cancer, deformities and other such deceases. Organic farming is the future and a way to a healthy life. Pesticides and chemicals are the Hiroshima of current day

    • profile image

      vivek singh 6 years ago

      very good answer guy's

    • profile image

      marcelline 6 years ago

      very use full for school work

    • profile image

      فيروز 6 years ago


    • profile image

      supriya 6 years ago


    • profile image

      PLANT ORGANIC 6 years ago


    • profile image

      NattyBrain 6 years ago

      That is a nice one

    • profile image

      shivani 6 years ago

      i wud like to do my bit to eliminate pesticides

    • profile image

      aditi arya 8thb alwar public school 6 years ago

      you have written a good article i respect the wods and i think this can give a good effect.

    • profile image

      BLUE 7 years ago


    • profile image

      ANON 7 years ago

      This is so sad... people really have to watch out what they are exposing their kids to or the kids. See things like these are so devastating to the families and the children who have these problems. Someone needs to do something about it. This is a free country. Not a hurting country where you can do anything and hurt people. If they have a right to put stuff on the food we eat or on their crops, we certainly have a right to complain and fight against! This is not right! Stand up for what is right and stand down for the wrong in this world everyone! - 13 year old FM

    • profile image

      nash 7 years ago

      yeah right but not all

      include the safety precautions in using pesticides.

    • profile image

      yash 7 years ago

      very good article.............thanks buddy....very useful .......and today's world should understand this....

    • profile image

      ber 7 years ago


    • profile image

      help 7 years ago

      i think i just accidentally tagged this page as 'funny' which obviously it isn't, how can I undo??

    • profile image

      kishan 8 years ago

      auob abdella

    • profile image

      kim kim 8 years ago

      tae grabe....... pangit!!

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Very good article! Here's one you might like:

    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

      Wow impressive stuff! Maybe an idea for a future hub page would be organic methods of pest control for those of us with a green thumb! I don't really have a green thumb myself but picked stuff up from my adopted mum. She would grow garlic in her garden and rotate it with other crops to keep the pests away in the first place. I also heard somewhere that you can put a few ciggys out in water and have the water near your garden beds, it will attract pests into the water and is poison so will kill em. I don't know if using the dirtied water to spray on the plants would be considered safe as tobacco is a plant itself?

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 8 years ago from australia

      That was a brilliant first hub wowee, welcome to Hubpages, look forward to many more of your hubs. :) :)

    • getpaidtopost profile image

      getpaidtopost 8 years ago from UK

      That is so sad, however its my belief that these pesticides cause ill health the world over, just from eating the produce.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      Welcome to HP. I didn't know pesticides could have such a devastating effect. Nice hub. Wish you the best here on hubpages.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      A good subject and well done! Welcome to hubpages.

    • Cam Anju profile image

      Cam Anju 8 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      A GOOD article, I already am aware of this but I am glad to see someone taking action into teaching about it. Thank you! ^^

    • all_time_guy profile image

      all_time_guy 8 years ago from arizona

      the child is without limbs from the time he is born and its all due to the poisoning effect of large quantity of pesticides destroying the promoter gene which will ultimately result in production of limbs.

      Yes all pesticides are not harmful.

    • goodfriendiam profile image

      goodfriendiam 8 years ago

      You wrote a good article, but I would not say that all pesticides are the main reason for all health problems, and when I look at that child, I do not see, something deformed, I see a beautiful child. But I guess its all in how you look.


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