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Multiple Choice Tests (Ayurveda): Preparation tips - in collaboration with Dr.Prince Alex MD(Ay)

Updated on October 15, 2012

Success is not just luck. So, work hard making use of minimum time limit, materials and effort. But how? Please go through the following practical guidelines. For our PG entrance exam preparation, personally we've tried many of these techniques very effectively. Attending the exam is a different issue, which will be discussed later.


This is very important in your studies. Suppose you’ll have the exam on 1st February next year, and you’re preparing a work plan that begins on 1st November this year. Totally you’ll get 92 days. OK, let it be 90. If you work for 10 hrs. a day, the total time for your preparation will be 900 hrs. only. You can break up the daily 10 hrs. like this: 2 hrs. – For a general reading of the texts, chapter-wise. 2 hrs. – Syllabus-wise preparation. 2 hrs. – Modern topics. 4 hrs. – Solving reliable and standard multiple choice questions from various sources including Guides. Time taken for Group discussions or Coaching classes should not be mixed up with this.


General reading of the classical texts, for exampleAshtangahridayayam, will be a good revision for you; just that ! Depending entirely on this preparation method will lead to an absolute failure. You cannot remember the whole text or slokas if you were only an average student in your college days. But don’t forget to mark the slokas or topics which are familiar to you.


This will help you a lot. For example, in Padarthavijnana, the first topic is the 6 Darsanas. After learning this portion, prepare some notes. Then try to solve the questions from the Guides, related to this topic. Check for the questions you missed and find out the correct answer. This is the most reliable method in preparation for entrance tests.


This is the next technique. Get Model question papers, which cover the whole syllabus, from reliable sources. Try to solve it. If you’re not 100% confident about the answer, don’t try to guess. Read the relevant portions from the texts and find the answer by yourself. When you’re referring for an answer, unconsciously you’re going through more than 10 points in the text. These things will be recorded in your subconscious mind effortlessly. If you don’t have enough time for preparation, this will be the easiest way.


Many questions are repeated in subsequent exams; hence these mock tests will offer you maximum output. This will also help to gain maximum speed in exams.


The role of Guides is vital, at least in our tests. It seems that many faculties who prepare questions for objective exams don’t take much pain to make questions of their own. Instead, they depend upon the Guides available in the bookshops. The best example is the KERALA PSC Tutor test (2004/05)- Sidhanta &Samhitha. 94 questions out of the total 100 questions were from a single guide. (The mistakes in the choices were also quoted as such).


Mnemonics are very helpful for remembering lists. You can also prepare your own!


Group discussions are very good, but best if all members of group have prepared same topic prior to discussion.


Coaching classes may help, but only if you read the topics once. They cannot make you to remember whole subject in a short period. So, give more importance to your personal preparation.


If you have serious engagements like medical practice, take a long leave. Nobody can concentrate on many things at a time and you’re not going to be an exception.

Best of luck....


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