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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Updated on September 23, 2013

Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body!

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • is a
  • therapeutic
  • method designed to explore all aspects of a client's
  • heart, mind, body and soul
  • to find clues to how he or she moves through life. The technique allows the client to sink fully into
  • present moment awareness
  • to pay attention to how the body reacts and feels in a
  • yoga
  • posture. This attention helps to excavate hidden memories and emotions locked in the cells of the body. After the client has heard the
  • body's wisdom
  • , the client is invited to explore how this information ties into the actions and decisions he or she makes in daily life.

How Does Yoga Therapy Work?

Healing Your Heart, Mind & Soul with Your Body

  • The philosophy behnd Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is that our body is a holder of all our experiences and memories. Whenever something happens to us, the body is there feeling the experience as it happens. It then holds a memory of each moment. The body remembers even when the mind forgets. Events stuck in the body can cause stiffness, pain, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and a variety of physical symptoms. These body sensations directly affect the decisions and responses in our lives. By tapping in to the body we can discover the true inner wisdom of our bodies.
  • The practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy helps draw the client into the present moment to pay attention to what is happening
  • right now
  • . With focused awareness combined with yoga postures helps the client listen to what the body has to say.

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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul - Written by the Founder, Michael Lee

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul

"While there are many yoga books on the market today, little has been written about yoga as a personal-growth tool, this book shows readers how to use this unique blend of yoga and psychology to bridge the gap between body and soul. Michael Lee, M.A., came to the United States from Australia with a background in education and psychology. An accomplished master teacher and yogi, Lee is the founder/director of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. A program that has been featured in "Yoga Journal" and elsewhere. Lee gives training programs and workshops and appears at conferences throughout North America, Australia and Europe."


A Phoenix Rising Experience

What is the Flow of a Yoga Therapy Session?

  • A PRYT Session may include:
  • 1. Preliminary Discussion
  • - An initial discussion at the beginning of the session to review key points about the process and check-in with how the client has been feeling
  • 2. Centering
  • - A guided meditation to help the client sink in to her body, bring awarness to her breathe and clear & focus the mind
  • 3. Body Scan
  • - An internal tour of the body intended to draw the client's attention to what is happening in various parts of the body
  • 4. Postures & Dialogue
  • - The practitioner will support the client into various yoga postures and ask questions to help the client verbalize what he or she is feeling, sensing or visualizing in each pose
  • 5. Integration
  • - A closing meditation for the client to review the significant parts of the session and associate those insights with how they function in daily life

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The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self - A Book about Body Therapy from the Heart of Elissa Cobb

The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self
The Forgotten Body: A Way of Knowing and Understanding Self

"There are many books about yoga on the market today but this one stands out because it is written from the author's self-discovered and profound truth. Elissa has used both her yoga and her life experience (including a great moose story) to probe deeper levels of awareness and understanding. She offers, not a solution, but a process a process, that if followed, will provide the reader with ways to engage their body as a guide for living a full and authentic life. A 'must read' for all who seek a higher path written with passion, compassion, and elegance. --Michael Lee, MA, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy"


The Benefits of PRYT

Reduce Stress, Heal Trauma, Discover the Secret of Your Low Back Pain & More!

  • The many benefits of Phoenix Rising Include:
  • -
  • Deeper sense of relaxation & decrease of stress-related symptoms
  • -
  • Enhanced connection & comfort with your body
  • -
  • Greater emotional stability
  • -
  • Identifying where emotional blocks are stored & working toward releasing them
  • -
  • Ease of chronic aches and pains & Calming your nervous system
  • -
  • Stronger connection with your inner wisdom & spiritual energy
  • -
  • Increased energy, vitality & creativity
  • -
  • Personal growth & healing
  • -
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs & barriers to achieving life goals

Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga

Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga
Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga

"Depression has become a worldwide epidemic; in the U.S. alone more than 17 million Americans are diagnosed with clinical depression each year. Weintraub makes a viable case for incorporating yoga in the treatment of depression. A writer and yoga teacher, she suffered from debilitating chronic depression and spent many years on antidepressant medications. Through yoga, Weintraub was able to gradually go off medication, and she has been free of a recurrence of depression for more than 15 years. Through her own story and the stories of others, she defines and describes various types of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders, and offers yoga techniques for their treatment. Beyond anecdotal evidence, Weintraub presents summaries of several scientific studies that show that various yoga techniques have measurable effects on relieving depression for people all over the world. Jane Tuma"


Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat - Read about the Yoga Tradition that inspired Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat
Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat

"Beginning with step-by-step “experiences” that teach essential body and breath awareness, Kripalu Yoga features fully illustrated routines for beginners and intermediate students , including Kripalu’s easy-to-follow “press point” instructions. For advanced students, there is a broad menu of additional poses to increase strength, flexibility, and challenge. Far more than an exercise program, Kripalu Yoga also teaches the lifestyle practices and energy techniques that make yoga a powerful catalyst for physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening."


What are Your Thoughts About Yoga Therapy? - Have you ever had a Yoga Therapy Session? Have you had any form of Bodywork Therapy? How was your experience?

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    • emmaklarkins profile image

      emmaklarkins 7 years ago

      I love reading your information. I learn something new about Yoga every day!

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 7 years ago

      An excellent lens about a critical topic. Well done! I'm favoriting it and lensrolling it to my Raindrop lens<./a>and my Tibetan Bowls Meditation Concert lens. and I'm favoriting it.

    • sheriangell profile image

      sheriangell 7 years ago

      I have not had a Yoga Therapy session, but after reading this, I sure would like to. Well done (as usual)!