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How to Plan for a Lazy Day

Updated on July 9, 2011

What a funny thing lazy days are.  You wait for ages to get one and when you finally do, you get so bored that you realise there’s other stuff you can be doing, so you go and do the other stuff and entirely forget your meant to be having a lazy day.  Then it starts all over again, you struggle like mad feeling all burnt out and waiting for the next opportunity to have a lazy day all over again.

The trouble is we become so use to running around busy all the time that we feel like we are at a complete stand still when we stop.  Effectively I guess we are but sometimes that’s just what the body and mind needs for you to feel relaxed again. 

There’s nothing relaxing about feeling frustrated with boredom, so the best thing you can do is plan to do ‘something on the day that you plan to do nothing!’  I know that sounds like a crazy concept but by doing something that is ‘something’ but feels like ‘nothing’ is the way to trick your mind into believing it’s keeping busy.


Plan a busy day of doing nothing!

Next time you are going to be having a day off from work or some time to yourself and you want to spend it doing nothing, then its time to start planning to do something with it, except plan to do only the things that you find relaxing. 

You could plan that you will have a nice long soak in the bath in the morning before slipping back into your pjs or you could plan to do some of that retail therapy online that you’ve been waiting to do.  Have yourself a favourite meal planned that is quick and simple to make or decide if you want to order in a take away.  If you plan to watch a film; then try to pick one up the night before if you haven’t already got one that you want to watch.  Maybe you are planning to watch films all day underneath a quilt, if you think you won’t be able to sit there all day then plan things you can do whilst watching the films such as knitting, card making or building a model aeroplanes etc 

You don’t have to stick to your plan rigidly, you can change it around a bit and decide in the morning that you’d like to relax in the bath a bit later after you’ve watched films, played the Xbox or whatever else it is that you want to do.

Keep a back up plan as well

Yes, it really is that difficult to have a day of doing nothing that a back up plan is required (absolutely essential).  What happens if you have decided you want to watch four films and get a bit bored after two and there’s nothing left to do?

Well, If you don’t have a back up plan then before you know it you’ll be off somewhere else making yourself busy all over again so have another option on stand by such as a fishing trip, reading a book or a magazine.


Make this your time

I imagine if you’ve been trying to plan a lazy day then it’s really not often you actually get one so minimise your distractions.  If you work from home on the computer then totally ban yourself from the computer for one day.  Consider turning your phone off for the day as well; tell your friends and family that you are having a peaceful day in advanced and that your phone will be off.  All you family and good friends will know where you are or live if they need you in an emergency. 

Don’t be afraid to turn down ‘generous’ offers

Without fail; when everybody finds out that you are having a day off to yourself, you will suddenly receive no end of offers to help occupy you.  You know how it goes ‘great you can come and help me pick out a new dress for the weekend’ or ‘brilliant I’ll get some beers in and you can come round and help me decorate’.

I love the way people try to fill up your day this way - like they are actually doing you the favour!

Try telling them that you’ll help next time or after work one day, at the weekend or just as soon as you can but not on this day. 

Be a little bit strict with yourself if you need to, I mean come on! You’ve cleared your diary for this and made all those plans, it would be morally wrong to bail out and cancel on yourself again, wouldn’t it!


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    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 3 years ago from London


    • hiraroomi profile image

      Hira Roomi 3 years ago from Chicago IL

      I want a lazy day now LOL

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 5 years ago from London

      Hi Eiddwen, Thanks for having a read. Hope you can have a nice lazy day

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      A great read and thanks for sharing.

      Enjoy your day.


    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi KayBe,

      They certainly are. I love them!!! :-)

    • KayBe profile image

      KayBe 6 years ago from Scotland

      lazy days are the best! :)

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi 4fathers,

      Sounds like perfect timing then! Hope you have a brilliant day. :-) xxx

    • 4fathers profile image

      Lolita 6 years ago from The tiniest state in the union.

      I was just telling my daughter that I am sleeping in tomorrow. Then I came across your Hub. Everyone should take a lazy day. Good Hubbin!

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi myi4u, Thanks for having a reed and leaving a comment. Maybe try keep yourself busy on the days that your missus is at work and have a lazy one with the missus and see how that works out for

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      My wife used to work on every Saturday, thus, Saturday was my lazy day. I didn't really do much at all except watching movies for part of the day and playing games or watching tv for the rest of it. The truth is, it gets bored really quickly when you have no directions on what to do next.

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Thanks case1worker,

      Planning is the only way to get a day off in my house. I even go as far as making sure all the washing etc is done the day before so that nothing can possibly tempt me away from my day of rest. I always feel ready and raring to go again after a blissful day of lazing and maybe a small bit of self-pampering.

      Thanks for having a read and nice to see you. xxx

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      never thought about it but you are so right, if you plan your lazy day you can plan in not to do all the things that you ought to do- nice idea

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi thougtforce,

      That lazy feeling is great as long as it comes at the same time that you are able to put things on hold for a little while. You can't beat a lazy day out in the sunshine, hope you get to have one and the weather stays nice for you. xxx

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 6 years ago from Sweden

      It isn't easy to have a lazy day! For me it can be easier if I don´t plan to have a lazy day, because I need to have that special lazy feeling to be able to ignore all the "must do". But the next time I get the lazy feeling I will make use of all your great advices! Thanks Victoria for the reminder of the importance of a lazy day! I think I will try tomorrow, the weather looks promising for a day in the sun!


    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London


    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Great (yawn) Hub!

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi QudsiaP1,

      Yes I’m guilty of having to plan them too, it’s crazy!

      Need another one again every time I plan a day off to get over planning the last one! haha... ;-)


    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi kashmir56,

      That happens too much these days, no time to take a moment off and way too many distractions. Keep trying and you’ll get there eventually. Maybe the weekend hey! or the one after that... or the one after that...


      Have a good one too. xxx

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      Hold on a second...

      You have to plan to have a lazy day too?!! This is outrageous. :P

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Victoria, every time i plan a lazy day it never ends up that way and i always end up doing something that ends my lazy day .

      Useful and vote up !!!

      Have a great weekend my friend.....hugs!!!

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

      Hi NCBIer,

      Thank you for taking the time to have a read and leave a comment. I'm glad it helped you to feel relaxed and I hope you enjoy your next lazy day.


    • NCBIer profile image

      NCBIer 6 years ago

      Just reading your hub is relaxing to me. You are right in so many ways. The next time I have a lazy day, I will make a plan for it for certain. Thank you for the hub!