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Plantain - Plantaginaceae

Updated on March 3, 2013


Plantain is a herb that can be found everywhere - roadsides, meadows, pastures and forests, lawns and around the house. People often think that medicinal herbs grow only in inaccessible mountain crags and canyons that are hard and difficult to approach. However, the situation is often completely reversed. Many herbs that grow almost everywhere, for example nettle or dandelion are forgotten treasures. Just like plantain. At first glance a small, unassuming, often with muddy leaves, but very therapeutic and very safe herb.

In the treatment are used male plantain (Plantago lanceolata) and female plantain (Plantago major). Some herbalists believe that male plantain is more effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases, and female plantain is recommended in the treatment of skin diseases. However, I think the difference is negligible, and that both these types of plantain have healing properties.


PLANTAIN - Healing properties

Plantain is known as a powerful antibacterial agent. Plantain's leaf is acting against various inflammatory skin and mucous membranes, increases the secretion of fluid in the lungs, making it easier to cough up the thick mucus from the respiratory system. Also, it reduces urinary frequency and positively influences on the digestive organs (against diarrhea, cramps, ulcers in the duodenum and stomach). Fresh plantain leaf is excellent for the treatment of wounds, scrapes, cuts, wasp bites. It successfully treats wounds and blisters and any swelling subsides if you put on the swelling packs of plantain. Plantain has its use in cosmetics, because its juice is considered a very successful tool for removing acne and festering pimple.

Well-washed fresh or crushed plantain leaves mixed with honey is an excellent remedy for respiratory diseases. It cleans respiratory system, soothes inflammation and thanks to flavonoid contents, mucus, tannin, iridoid monoterpenes and caffeic acid derivatives this herbal elixir is recommended to relieve the inflammation of mucosa. This elixir is especially beneficial to people who suffer from ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, because it regenerates damaged tissue. If I had a stomach ulcer besides plantain elixir I would drink every day tea from St. John's wort and liquorice. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Oily, salty and fried foods and meat products that are abundant with preservatives and additives permanently remove from your diet. Be sure to eat a puree of whole grains, lots of banana and ginger. Tea made from plantain is recommended for people suffering from divertculitis, especially when combined with chamomile, calendula and flax seed.

Plantain contains allantoin, a substance that stimulates the formation of new cells, and is therefore fully justified the confidence in treating skin diseases, wounds, cuts, burns and insect bites. Ointment containing extract of plantain is a good herbal remedy that relieves allergic skin reactions. Plantain is a good herbal remedy for acne and rosacea. When you cut or burn yourselves in nature, it is enough to find a plantain leaf wash it a little, mash between your fingers and put on the hurt place. The same goes for insect bites.

Plantain is not only edible, but also a delicious SPRING salad (contains vitamin C and provitamin A, phytoncide and potassium salts) that can be mixed with young dandelion leaves, watercress, pumpkin spice oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Also, plantain can be blanched with young nettle shoots and you can get a tasty vegetable stew.

Plantain is not only edible, but also a delicious SPRING salad (contains vitamin C and provitamin A, phytoncide and potassium salts) that can be mixed with young dandelion leaves, watercress, pumpkin spice oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Also, plantain can be blanched with young nettle shoots and you can get a tasty vegetable stew.

Plantain has the power to stop the bleeding, external and internal. Therefore, mixed with yarrow, shepherd 's purse and milfoil is used against menstrual outflow and bleeding from hemorrhoids. Balm of plantain and calendula is a good herbal remedy for all those who have problems with hemorrhoids. Besides the plantain balm it is necessary to drink chamomile and flax seeds tea.

In the old books on herbs you can read that if you eat eight grams a day of plantain seeds, you will prevent the formation of kidney stones. With drinking plantain tea.

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Plantain/Goldenseal Salve - 2 oz - Salve
Plantain/Goldenseal Salve - 2 oz - Salve

It can be used as a moisturizer for your face skin, it can be used for sores and strained muscles. Absolutely amazing!



  1. PLANTAIN HERBAL ELIXIR - One kilo of fresh and well washed plantain leaf grind in the meat machine. Powdered leaves and juice that has leaked out of them mix with a kilogram of honey and 50 grams of powdered resin propolis. All mix and let it stay for three days, always stirring from time to time with a wooden or plastic spoon. After three days you can start using. Take this elixir three times a day one teaspoon (again I emphasize a wooden or plastic to avoid oxidation) ten minutes prior to a meal. This elixir is recommended to those who suffer from respiratory diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia. Also it helps smokers and those who want to cleanse the respiratory system. While taking this elixir every day, drink a cup of tea made from elecampane and thyme (one teaspoon elecampane (Inula helenium) and thyme (Thymus serpyllum) to a cup of boiling water, stir, cover and leave for half an hour and then strain).

    Elixir of plantain is warmly recommend to anyone suffering from an ulcer in the stomach and duodenum. Besides elixir daily drink a cup of the next tea in morning and evening:

    - st. John's wort(Hzpericum perforatum) 100g

    - sweet flag (Acorus clamus) 50g

    - Licorice root (Glychirrhyza glabra) 50g

    Plant mix, and two tea spoons pour with one cup (250ml), stir cover and let it stay for a half hour. Strain and drink in small sips before eating in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. Avoid alcohol, fermented cheeses, chocolate and exposure to the sun or going to the solarium

  2. BALM OF PLANTAIN - Two handfuls of fresh, well-washed and dried plantain leaves finely chop and add to the pan in which you melt 250g pork fat. When it starts sizzling, stir well and remove from the stove, cover and leave in a cool place for 24 hours. Tomorrow on a very low flame heat this mass and stirring constantly, when the fat melts off the stove with a little stir and strain into a clean and completely dry box. After 45 minutes, add 25ml of primrose oil. Mix well and refrigerate. Expiry date of this balm is two months. This is a remarkable herbal remedy that helps those who suffer from allergic reactions to the skin, eczema, dry and wet eczema. Apply it daily on dry and clean skin morning and evening. It is very good to drink tea that follows:

    -Viola tricolor 200g

    -Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) 100g

    Plant mix, and three tablespoons of the mixture cover with 750ml of cold water, add a teaspoon of brown sugar and let it boil, and cook two minutes. Remove from stove and allow to stand for half an hour. Strain and drink throughout the day in small sips.

    Balm of plantain is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids.

  3. FACE LOTION FOR ACNE - Face lotion against acne

    - Plantain (Plantago major) 50g

    - Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) 50g

    - Apothecary alcohol 200ml

    - Glycerin 50ml

    - Solution Panthenol 10ml

    - 40 drops of essential oil from tea tree

    Dry plantain leaves and horsetail put into a clean glass jar and cover with alcohol and glycerine. Close and shake well, and let sit in a dark post for twelve days with frequent agitation. Strain, add the panthenol and essential oil of tea tree. All pour into a clean bottle and cleanse the lotion in the morning and evening, after washing your face. Besides this lotion you need to drink a liter of tea:

    - Thyme (Thymus serpylum) 100g

    - Viola tricolor 100g

    Plant mix, and five tablespoons pour a liter of boiling water, stir, cover and leave an hour. Strain and drink throughout the day.

  4. PLANTAIN TEA - Full teaspoon of plantain leaves pour with a quarter of boiling water and leave briefly. It is best to drink one cup of tea in the morning, and then one to two cups during the day and one at night before bedtime. Tea made from plantain is very good for throwing mucus from the lungs.
  5. SYRUP - Pick the young leaves of plantain, wash them well and clean with water. When it gets dry, grind the leaves with grinder and squeeze the juice of leaves through a canvas. So obtained liter juice mix with two kilos of sugar and cook for 10 minutes. Drink one tablespoon of syrup before each meal. Keep it in the fridge.
  6. BLEND FOR A STRONGER BODY - In one kilogram of pure mountain honey, add 300 g of fresh leaves of plantain (female) that have previously been well washed, dried from water and milled in a meat machine or in a blender. Before each meal take a soup spoon of this ointment. In folk medicine, this mixture is considered to be very effective for many health problems.

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The Essential Herbal for Natural Health: How to Transform Easy-to-Find Herbs into Healing Remedies for the Whole Family

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Fresh leaves crushed between the hands and mixed with a little salt, put around the neck, it is good for goiter.


Common names - Snake Plantain, Black Plantain, Black Jack, Jackstraw, Lamb’s Tongue, Small Plantain.

Habitat - Plantain male is often found in pastures and meadows. It is found at the edges of various roads and pathways, and at various remote locations. Usually prefers dry sandy soil.

Plant description - male plantain is a perennial herb. It is flat, with hairy leaves and the leaves are located at the ground. Leaves are cuspidated and stringy. On leaves are outlined several conductive cores. Flower heads without sheets and vertical angular shape. Its end is a floral green brown spike. The flowers are white.

Flowering time: This plant blooms from May to September.

Medicinal parts: for preparation of a medicament is used root, leaf, which should be picked before flowering. Seeds are collected when ripe. Male plantain contains glycosides, including acubin, tannin, silicon, zinc, and high levels of potassium.

Curative effect: For all these substances that are listed and many other substances give plantain tremendous power to cure all diseases of respiratory organs. Especially helpful at cluster of mucus secretions. We also use it as a cure for asthma, coughs, whooping cough, inflammation of lung apex and tuberculosis. It is very useful to use after severe lung disease, it helps to renovate the lungs. It is also useful with problems such as gastritis, intestinal parasites, and even for external ulcers, scratches and various wounds.


Tea: This tea is used for lung disease.

Preparation: Take a small spoonful of fresh or dried leaves and pour with 2 dl of hot water. Tea consume 2-3 times a day for 2 dl. Don’t put sugar in tea and drink it slowly, sip by sip.

The cure for ulcers and wounds: leaves must be freshly picked, and then sprinkle a little pepper on them and then chop finely. So fragmented mass put on the ulcer, or the wound. Ulcer will soon ripen, and the wound will heal quickly.

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    • DraperyMary profile image


      5 years ago

      I know my chickens love to eat plantain. It grows wild all over where my parents live, but not so much around my house so they pick it and bring it to the chickens as a treat.

      It's great to know all the other ways you can use it too.

    • dsr485 profile image


      5 years ago

      Years ago a friend of mine had a blister when we were walking. She picked a plantain leaf and covered the blister, put her shoes back on and kept walking. Great lense!

    • pumpum profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @LiliLove: It is very healthy with great properties. Thanks for visiting.

    • LiliLove profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens! This is an amazing plant, I have them many in my backyard. I knew that Plantain's leaf is used to treats wounds but I have never heard of plantain tea. I will try it! Thank you for sharing!

    • pumpum profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @MBradley McCauley: Thank you very much!!!I appreciate it a lot!

    • MBradley McCauley profile image

      MBradley McCauley 

      6 years ago

      Will add this to my healing herbs and spices lens. Great information. I had no idea how this was used medicinally. Good lens.

    • pumpum profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @MichaelJoeNess: Thank you very much for sharing that. I didn't know that, I must put that information in my lens. Thanks again!

    • MichaelJoeNess profile image


      6 years ago

      in Great Britain, south wales we call these Doc leaves short for Doctor leaves and we rub them on the area that has been stung by a stinging nettle. Thought you may be intrested


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