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Pocket Bidet Keeps You Fresh On-the-Go

Updated on December 4, 2013

For anyone who uses special care with personal hygiene down-under, this pocket bidet comes to the rescue.

Toilet paper often just doesn't do the job

even though it's the western standard to obtain cleanliness after using the bathroom. Most of the world uses fresh water, the softest cleanser.

New moms know what I'm talking about

and they often receive a perineal bottle in the hospital, to finish their cleansing job on sensitive tissue. Water is soothing and the user can choose warm or cool.

Even arthritis can make wiping difficult

so using a stream of water directed where necessary can be a welcome solution to the desire to stay fresh and clean. The shaped bottle fits well in the hand and compresses easily.

Hemorrhoids hamper good hygiene and

cause so much pain and aggravation, not to mention what is left behind. The soft rubber bottle is meant to deliver helping water where its needed. Regular use of the spray water is good practice and helps healing skin.

Fresh and clean bottom means pristine panties

so your only perfume or scent is that which comes from a cologne bottle. Easy body wash, easy laundry day.

Surgical tubes protruding through the skin

can be challenging to clean, so that incision healing drags on and on, leaving red inflamed tissue around the tube. When I first heard that I would leave the hospital with a tube hanging out of my abdomen I was thunderstruck.

Back then I had to manage the hygiene without the aid of a Washmate, but now future surgical drains or urine tubes won't leave a chance for bacteria to congregate.

Cleaning baby's bum is easier than

ever because the little stream of water can be gently directed right where it's needed. I've heard of moms also using it to spot wet a particularly soiled area of a cloth diaper, to clean it prior to soaking in the diaper pail.

Many religious persons use bidets

in their daily lives. They install special toilets or accessories to standard toilets to provide powerful streams and sprays for regular cleaning, after each use.

For those whose religious practices require cleaning personal areas with water, the Washmate personal bidet bottle is the answer. It is quick and easy to fill with warm water prior to use, and the angled neck delivers the wash spray right where it's needed.

Hygienna Solo
Hygienna Solo

As an alternative, for those who always carry bottled water along, this spout screws right on a delivers the spray you need.

Greatic CB2000 Self-Cleaning Non-Electric Mechanical
Greatic CB2000 Self-Cleaning Non-Electric Mechanical

Use one in each bathroom - so much cheaper and gentler on your bum than installing toilet hardware.

With the spout removed, both fit into the handy bag to take in backpack or purse.


Author points out the fact that future calamity may sap our resources of toilet paper.

She demonstrates on a stuffed animal and clearly covers the matter.

Photo Gallery

Pristine, as if washed with flowing fresh water.
Pristine, as if washed with flowing fresh water.

Have you experienced the freshness of using a bidet, or bidet bottle?

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    • Margaret Schindel profile image

      Margaret Schindel 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      You've done a wonderful and tasteful job of reviewing a personal hygiene product - not an easy thing to do! Congratulations on this being one of this week's featured new lenses.

    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      I was given that exact perineal bottle after giving birth and I must say, the angled spout on the pocket bidet is a much better design. This would be great for camping trips too.

    • allpurposeguru lm profile image

      allpurposeguru lm 

      5 years ago

      I never knew anything like this existed, but it's certainly going on my wish list!


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