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Best Polar Calorie Counter Watch

Updated on April 12, 2013

Best Polar Calorie Counter Watch For Maximum Efficiency When You Workout

To be able to track your progress while you workout and also ensure you are training at the right level, a very good heart rate monitor is essential and the polar calorie counter watch which records both heart rate and calorie burned is one of the best in the market today.

Almost everyone i know would love to be fit and healthy but whether we'd like to exercise, workout and eat healthier to help achieve this state of wellbeing is another story for another day.

However, for those who have decided to take that extra step to do what they can towards changing their lifestyle, getting the best heart rate monitor to help them keep record of improvement and keep them accountable will be one of the most important step in this walk towards a better lifestyle.

Image Credit:Polar FT7 Calorie Counter Watch

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Best Polar Calorie Counter Watch No 1

This is one of the best heart rate monitors you 'll ever come across. Not only does it record your heart rate but also tells you how much calorie you have burned in any given time.

The most beautiful aspect of the Polar FT7 is its energy pointer which tells you if the outcome of your training resulted in fitness improvement or fat burning. This will give you an idea of what you are doing so you can be able to adjust your workout appropriately.

Among its many features are:

Large LCD screen with backlight so you can read feedback

Water resistant

Visible and audible alarms which lets you know when you are in your target heart rate zone

Stores information for up to 99 workouts

User Friendly

Polar FT7 Heart Rate MonitorCHECK PRICE

Training And Workout Apps To Help You Achieve Your Goal

If you need extra apps to help you with your work out session, these are very good ones to start with. They are cheap, easy to download and you can begin to use immediately.

Reasons You Need A Heart Rate Monitor + Calorie Counter When You Workout

If you'd like to get the maximum out of your fitness routine, it is imporatnt that you consider using a calorie counter alongside your heart rate monitor.

Knowing your heart rate and amount of calories burned while you workout will not only help you reach your personal fitness goals, but will also improve your health overall.

Why get an equipment that will monitor only your heart rate when you can in fact get one with the added benefit of a calorie counter at the same price. As you work out to keep fit, monitoring the amount of calories lost could be as important as monitoring your heart rate.

A Review Of The Best Polar Calorie Counters - Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Other Excellent Heart Rate Monitor Watches... - That Will Work Great For You

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitoring Watch with Calories-Burned Calculator - Best Polar Calorie Counter Watch NO 2

If you want a user friendly polar calorie counter watch which incorporates a heart rate monitor and one that will give you accurate measurements, then this Polar FT4M heart rate monitor watch for men is exactly what you are looking for.

This fitness monitor has got so many easy to use and valuable features that you will really love. Top on the list of the things you will enjoy with this heart rate monitor are its ability to tell you how long you spent in your target heart rate zone, your average heart rate, the maximum heart beat reached, how many calories burned and how long you worked out.

This monitor will also alert you when you're under the zone, and also tells you when you've exceeded your maximum target heart rate.

Comparing this FT4M with the FT7 above, the only drawback is that this one can record only 10 workout sessions while the FT7 records up to 99 workout sessions.

Polar Calorie Counter Watch Poll!

When you workout, do you use a calorie counter watch or app?

See results

Polar FT40F Heart Rate Monitor For Women - Best Polar Calorie Counter No 3

This polar calorie counter comes with a training computer, polar wearLink and transmitter. With an inbuilt OwnCal calculator which records the number of calories burned during a workout session and this calculation is based on weight, height, age, gender, and maximum heart rate of the individual.

It also comes with an energy pointer feature which can easily tell you at a glance whether your training was concentrated around fat burning or fitness improvement.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Best Polar Calorie Counter Watch No 4

Something To Help You Plan And Create Your Workout Programs

Search For More Polar Calorie Counter Watch - Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Have You Used A Calorie Counter Watch To Monitor Progress? - How Did It Go For You?

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    • renagirl profile image


      5 years ago

      works good helps keep up with your steps in a day .Nice lens


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