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polymyalgia rheumatica

Updated on July 14, 2011

polymyalgia rheumatica

My doctor diagnosed me with polymyalgia rheumatica (multiple muscle pain). I went to him with severe muscle pain which increasingly got worse over three months. I chalked if off to aging and started a new excercise program and changes in diet. After a string of blood tests he concluded I had poly.... a chronic condition which required treatment of Prednisone (a steroid which causes me to gain weight, alters my mind, high fevers, etc.). It's written in that if I'm consistent with the treatments my conditions would only last one to twe years. If I divert from the treatment, the condition could last two to four years or longer depending on how well I endured the treatment (Prednisone).

Now that I'm on the Prednisones battling with the side effects have become a medical issue. I've been on them for 90 days. I've tried cutting back on the potency, 20mg/day, as the doctor suggested since I reported shakiness, moodiness, hypertension, and simply the desire to get off this steroid. The doctor suggested I decrease my intake to 3 1/2 pills/day. Since my condition was only slightly changed, several times I've taken it a step further by decreasing to two pills/day. Two pils per day lasted only three days. Stiffness in my muscles would become near paralyzing and I would rush to get back on the regular dosage of 3 1/2 pills/day.

When I iniatially started taking Prednisones, the doctor also recommended Tramadol for the severe pain on an as needed basis until the Prednisones "kick into gear." It only took three or four days one pill/day for relief of pain. Some days or worse than others with a toss up between the stiffness in my muscles and side effects of the pills.

Today I'm having a GREAT day. No major stiffness nor pain. I thank God for days like this.

I've had many more days with less and less pain. I slowly began decrease the number of Prednisones each week. When I began to feel the pain gradually increase, I would add a half pill to for a week. Then I would take a half less dropping down to one pill a week. Once I experienced less pain on one, I would take a half less.... down to half a week.... then, no pill.

It's been two and a half months since my last half pill experiencing very little pain. Sometimes stiffness comes when I sit too long or even stand too long. I'm back to walking 2-3 miles three days a week. Every step has brought on more strength and confidence overcoming the fears associated with PMR.

Each morning thanks is given to God for a sound mind and great health to do His will.


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      almasi 6 years ago

      Thanks for this hub