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Posture Shaper Reviews

Updated on April 14, 2013

My Experience With Posture Shapers

All through grade school and high school I was always told to sit up straight and stop slouching. My posture was terrible and just was not fixed through the generic methods by telling myself to sit right. After high school I found out that posture was needed to prevent back injury and having a good posture just made me look more professional.

I tried the exercises to improve posture but it just did not improve as well as I wanted it too, such as Yoga and Pilates. While searching I talked to my doctor and other medical professionals about ways to improve my natural posture. I got many different recommendations and suggestions on devices that can be used to improve posture at home. Below are my reviews and opinions of the posture correcting devices.

Reasons Why I Love Wearing and Using Posture Shapers

  1. Posture Shapers help me improve posture habits. As an individual with long term bad posture my posture habits are terrible. Although the more I use them the less I need them.
  2. When I have correct posture I look slimmer. When I use a posture shaper I know I will not be caught of guard with bad posture.
  3. My back pain is almost non existent. I use to have a lot of back pain, but since I have made great attempts to improve posture by using a posture shaper and be knowledgeable about bad posture habits my back has improved a great deal.

Posture Correcting Bra Review

While a regular posture correcting and shaping bra does not do as much as a full brace, I liked it because I could use it under my clothes without anyone noticing it. I tried many posture correcting bras and like the ones that was not very bulking and went over my regular bra the best. I was very pleased with using the bra and it helped me improve my posture while driving almost automatically. I tended to let shoulders fall down and forward and the the bra helped remind me to keep them up, so I would not be in pain due to poor posture after a long day of driving.

Underworks Posture Perfect Band
Underworks Posture Perfect Band

I liked the posture correcting bras that closed in the back, but if you have difficulty closing the clasp in the back their are also from closer bras available that also help improve your posture.


Posture Corrective Brace Review

My posture correcting brace was probably what helped the most during days I was working long hours at the desk or was doing a lot of house work. However, I do not always where the brace when I need extra support for posture because It usually shows through most clothes and can look odd at times. But I still recommend getting a posture correcting brace for long drives or for home use. Also I found that when I just needed to use the brace a baggy shirt or thick sweater worked well at hiding it.

Posture Corrective Brace- Beige 22"-46"
Posture Corrective Brace- Beige 22"-46"

I liked using the posture correcting brace that had no waist when I was moving around a lot. For example, I used it a lot when I was cleaning and going to be bending down repetitively, but not really lifting anything. This brace is less constrictive then the full brace.

Original Cincher Back Support - White - XXXL
Original Cincher Back Support - White - XXXL

This back support brace was great helping me remember to keep posture when sitting down for long periods of time and when moving large objects. I wear the full back brace less then all the back supporters even though it probably worked the best because it was constricting to me when I wanted to move around freely, but it really was something I depended on days when I was having back pain or neck pain.


Inversion Therapy Table Review

I really enjoyed using the inversion therapy table and it did wonders for my posture. It is recommend to be used for ten minutes a day. I suggest getting one that is easy to fold down a put up. Not only does a bulky inversion table take up a lot of space they can also be dangerous left out for the kids to play on. It is not necessary to buy to spend a lot of money on an inversion table. The inversion table I used was a light weight cheap table and it helped my back a lot. I used it right before bed and it always gave me a good nights sleep.

Bigzzia Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table
Bigzzia Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Loved this table because it was light wieght and inexpensive compared to other tables. The only thing I would recommend is to wrap a town around the ankles if you have small ankles, to give them a little more comfort.


Why Excercising Is Important To Improve Posture - A Posture Correcting Brace Is More Of A Tool To Help Your Correct Posture. Its Not A Miracle Worker.

Devices can make a difference in improving posture and may speed up the process of improving posture but it is usually recommended that special exercises to improve the posture still be used to keep and maintain the posture. While posture correcting devices can be useful many will not want to use them forever, using a posture correcting device along with the right type of exercise can greatly improve your out come.

Yoga for Back Care
Yoga for Back Care

Yoga is great a exercise to help regain control of you back and improve posture. Yoga to improve posture can be done easily at home on your own TV.

Fitball Workout Exercise Ball Chair with Backrest Encourages Active Sitting By Strengthening the Back and Boosting Posture
Fitball Workout Exercise Ball Chair with Backrest Encourages Active Sitting By Strengthening the Back and Boosting Posture

When trying to use the ball to do back exercises to improve muscles that affect posture I had a hard time keeping up. The ball chair with a back rest was a great way for me to due the exercised with out giving up on them completely. Also since the ball can be a great computer chair the ball chair makes it more useable when working on the computer without fear of falling.


Best Selling Good Posture Devices

Going to the chiropractor I used many small devices that they had on hand. While my Chiropractor helped a lot I think they also know the value of small deceives that can be done at home to relieve pressure and pain when needed. The devices are great for getting posture back to where it should be for better health and well being.

What Methods Have You Used To Improve Posture? - Do You Have Any Concerns About Your Posture?

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      7 years ago

      Thanks for a sharing with Squidoo members and friends

    • ClinicallySigni profile image


      7 years ago

      Chiropractic care and home stretching and strengthening exercises are great ways to help improve posture! Thanks for a great lens!


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