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Pregnant Belly Cast - Easy to Use Naked Belly Mold Kits

Updated on August 11, 2013

Pregnant Moms - Immortalize Your Pregnancy Shape with a Mold of Your Unborn Child

What better way to capture the moment and immortalize a beautiful pregnancy than by making a cast/mold of a pregnant belly during the pregnancy period by using these latest do-it-yourself belly casting and mold kits.

Pregnancy belly kits are a wonderful and creative idea to have a pregnant belly cast as the first piece of memorabilia for the happy family to be and make a great addition for any nursery.

There is simply so much that can be done to a belly mold to decorate and display them making it a perfect keepsake for any child.

As well as the joy a pregnant belly cast brings to a new mother as a memento of that time, there is the added excitement of seeing a child's face in later years when they discover and realize that the plaster cast that mom has been so protective of all these years was in fact a belly cast of them before they were even born. Quite a powerful sentiment...

Take advantage of these great deals on Pregnancy Belly Cast kits at amazingly low prices

Kourtney Kardashian has cast made of her pregnant form
Kourtney Kardashian has cast made of her pregnant form

Kourtney Kardashian Loves the Mold of Her Pregnant Belly

Even the Kardashians Think Belly Casting is a Great Idea

Some would say if its good enough for Kourtney Kardashian its good enough for me, obviously this is not exactly true as choosing to use a pregnancy belly kit is a private and personal choice and decision, but knowing that something you are thinking about or possibly about to undertake has been given credit by anyone in the public eye certainly gives the concept added appeal and impact.

Casting Kits and Belly Casts for Pregnant Women

Using Belly Casting Kits and Accessories to Make an Exhibition of Yourself

Listed below you will find everything that you will need and that is related to belly casts for pregnant women.

There is a selection of some of the best belly casting kits and accessories as well as a few information links that go into depth and explain exactly what you would need to buy if instead of using one of the kits you preferred to make a homemade belly casting from scratch, as well as how to make a belly cast at home articles.

There should be no stone left unturned on this site, but just in case there is I have included a guestbook at the bottom of the page for you to add comments in, perhaps about your experiences as a pregnant women, thoughts on the pregnancy belly cast kits or anything you may feel has been left out here that would have helped you or that could benefit others.

Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit - This is a Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit You Might Want to Buy if You Want to Include Your Hands

ProudBody's deluxe pregnancy belly cast kit contains the works.

Want to paint your completed belly cast or include your arms or thighs in your belly cast?

Then this is the kit for You...

This deluxe kit not only contains one more roll of belly casting material than its basic pregnancy belly cast kit, it also includes everything needed to prepare your belly cast for decorating and can be found at an amazingly low price.

Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

Belly Cast Kit - This is a Belly Cast Kit That You Might Want to Buy if You Are Going to Leave Your Belly Cast Plain White for a Simple, Elegant Look

This basic belly cast kit is affordable but with no sacrifice in quality.

Everything is included to enable an expecting mom to create a basic belly cast.

This kit does not include any finishing materials and is a perfect choice if you want to leave your belly cast plain white or doesn't want a smooth surface on your completed belly cast and can be found at an amazingly low price.

Pregnant Belly Cast Kit

Pregnancy Belly Cast Decorating Kit - Belly Cast Decorating Kit to Create an Elegant or Modern Work of Art

This pregnancy belly cast decorating kit comes in three different types.


An ideal addition for making your belly cast a thing of beauty as well as importance. Great choices with great ideas.

Pregnancy Belly Cast Decorating Kits

Pearheads Belly Casting Kit - Alternative Belly Casting Kit Offering You a Wider Choice to Make Your Selection From

I wanted to be able to offer some alternatives so you could make up your own mind when it comes to choosing and the best place to find such an offer.

Pearhead Belly Casting Kit

Ultimate Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit - Yet Another Casting Kit for You to Choose From

Possibly the ultimate in pregnancy belly casting kits, but that is for you to decide. This product is being offered at an exceptionally low price.

Ultimate Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit - Immortalise Your Own Masterpiece by Using This Great Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

A pregnancy belly painting kit enables an expecting mom to turn her belly into a work of art.

The FDA approved water-based paints are easy to apply and remove.

Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

Temporary Tummy Tattoos - Temporary Tummy Tattoos Apply in Seconds, Last for Days and Look Great

Tummy Tatts are temporary tummy tattoos that enable an expecting mom to flaunt her belly with style and flair.

Temporary Tummy Tattoos

Baby Safe Ink Print Kit - Perfect for Scrapbooks, Photo Albums, Framing and Home-Made Birth Announcements

Unlike ink-less print kits or stamp kits these ink plates pick up every fine detail of baby's print - just like the ones the hospitals use.

Baby Safe Print Ink Kit


How to Make a Belly Cast at Home

Discover Exactly What it Takes and What is Involved in Making a Belly Cast at Home

If you want to know how to make a belly cast at home it really is far simpler than you might have first thought and with a few easy to follow steps I can show you how.

You are not the only one looking for information on how to make a belly cast at home as there are loads of Moms to be out there wanting to immortalize their own bump in plaster forever which is really great and such a wonderful keepsake to have.

So, as I said it is really easy to do and key to the whole process is planning and preparation and as long as you get everything together before you start then it will make the whole job even easier.

So, armed with your belly casting kit and a bowl of water firstly, get Mom to be to go to the bathroom as she will be sat for about 35 to 45 minutes once you start.

Secondly and just as importantly, Mom needs to be wearing an old pair of underpants and a bra which, should it get ruined it will not matter. Belly casting is fun but a bit messy so, it is best not to take a chance on spoiling your best underwear for sure.

Thirdly, it is a really good idea to cover the floor where you will be working in an old tarp if you have one (or plenty of newspaper if not) because even if you think that you are a tidy worker, water and plaster make for a great combination to create mess whether you want or not.

Next, get a chair or stool for Mom to sit on and cover that with an old sheet or towel so that she does not stick to it and that whatever she is sitting on is protected too. Place the chair in the middle of your prepared floor area and get Mom to sit towards the edge of the chair and then the fun can begin.

You start by covering the areas that you want to cast in petroleum jelly or cocoa butter (whichever you are using) and follow that with a layer of cling film. This is to prevent any excess escaping water or plaster getting on to Moms skin and it also makes it easier to remove the cast when it is done.

Put on some gloves and begin dipping your pre-plastered gauze into the water and then start putting them on Moms belly, firming and smoothing them down gently as you go.

Try to work as quickly as you can but without rushing and try to do at least 3 layers. If you over lap them you end up with a sturdier finished cast. Using smaller squares to cover the belly button and nipples will give you a better finished result too.

Once the plaster hardens off after about 45 minutes you can remove it gently and leave it to dry out properly and then after about 48 hours you can rub it down, prime it and decorate it however you want.

So, briefly that is how to make a belly cast at home and it really is not difficult to produce a magical masterpiece to keep as a wonderful memento.

Please add your comments below, about your experiences as a pregnant women, thoughts on the pregnancy belly cast kits or anything you may feel has been left out here that would have helped you or that could benefit others. Thank You...

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