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Updated on July 8, 2010
The Pregnancy Bible: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood
The Pregnancy Bible: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood



Pregnancy especially for the first timers is usually a very challenging situation to cope with. A lot of questions are left unanswered. Questions like; how do I know if I am pregnant? What should I pack to the hospital? How many weeks or months pregnant am I? How do I select the gender (s*x) of the baby? How will know when my water breaks? Etc

All these questions and many more are answered in this book called The Pregnancy Bible




The pregnancy bible has five parts with 16 chapters with each chapter treating a unique subject.


Here, a general overview of pregnancy is taken. You will get insight on what goes on in a woman’s life as soon as she becomes pregnant. Knowledge of how the fertilized egg gets to the uterus, how your baby inherits your characteristics and traits, and how he or she develop week by week. This chapter also outlines the major external changes to your body and the important stages of your nine months.



This chapter of the pregnancy bible is titled your pregnant body tells you all you need to know about your body during pregnancy. It tells you about the inner changes that is taking place in your body. Outer changes are also highlighted. You will know why your hair and nails grows the way they do. Tips on a healthy weight are given here too. You will know how to handle common complaints like back pain, insomnia. The picture on page 71 visually demonstrates the posture that will help relieve anxiety. You will even get traveling tips from this chapter. Make sure you read pages 78 through page 82 for advice on how to handle everyday hazards.



Chapter three is about prenatal care. As important as prenatal care is, a lot of first time parents tend to take it less serious, especially when considering the financial aspect of prenatal. You will get the basics of good care that will not cost you any material resource. Do you know that some pregnancies are special and needs special attention? On page 94, you will a special section titled ‘8 ways to take double care of yourself’ please read this section with rapt attention.



It is a well known fact that eating a healthy and balanced diet will give energy and nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. The problem however is that a lot of people don’t know the right kind of food to eat and the right quantity to be taken. This chapter did justice to all that concerns food and feeding during pregnancy. You will find pregnancy meal planner on page 104 of the pregnancy bible. This section deals with breakfasts, launches, dinners, and desserts. How to avoid food hazard is the subject of page 110 of the pregnancy bible.



Fitness during pregnancy is a serious issue. A lot of mistakes have been made by many pregnant women in this regard. You will find in this chapter exercising and relaxation techniques that can help maintain your health and sense of well being during pregnancy, labour, and beyond. Swimming as a form of exercise during pregnancy is treated on page 120 of the pregnancy bible. The section titled 10 steps to stress relief on page 124 of the pregnancy bible provides answer to all pregnancy stress related cases. The pictures on pages 126 and 127 of this great book give pictorial guide to stroking away your aches / pains and how to go about massaging.


Looking good and great is always a good business. This chapter of the pregnancy bible gives tips on how to care for your hair, teeth, breast, and feet during pregnancy. Women hate stretch marks with passion especially after childbirth. The section on page 133 of the pregnancy bible with the caption; ‘5 ways to minimize stretch marks’ will be handy if you are passionate about having skin without stretch marks after pregnancy.



Chapter seven of the pregnancy bible dwells on your relationship with your baby in the womb. I am sure you will want to know how to communicate with your unborn baby and establish a lasting relationship with him or her. You will learn 5 ways to stimulate your unborn baby on page 144 of this great pregnancy book.


Management of emotions and intimacy are crucial things that must be done with reasonable accuracy during pregnancy. This chapter is very handy when it comes to managing your emotions and intimacy during pregnancy. You will find on page 152 5 ways to quell anxiety. Anxiety during pregnancy is and will continue to be a problem of pregnant women. Who says that pregnant women cannot enjoy the pleasure of love making? Well if you have clouding your mind with this kind of thinking, pages 156 and 157 of the pregnancy bible will make you have a change of mind. Pictures are placed to help you chose the right position for love making during pregnancy. You will even get great financial tips on page 158 of this book. You don’t have to spend fortune on pregnancy as there are other needs that equally need finance to manage- financial management during pregnancy is a must.


This is the chapter that educates the dads on what to do when there wife is pregnant. Pregnancy and its burden shouldn’t be left alone for the woman. The man / husband have great role to play when their wife is pregnant and that is the subject matter of this chapter. Page 169 teaches you ‘how to deal with an emergency birth’


The world that we live in today presents us with many choices that we get confused at times, hence, this chapter is written to help you make the right choices.



This is all about planning for the birth of your baby. Shopping tips and guide on deciding whether to feed your baby with natural milk or other forms of baby foods are found in this chapter. Page 191 has a section titled 6 benefits of breastfeeding to help you make up your mind. At the end of this chapter is a section on 5 natural ways to encourage labour.



Recognizing labour and the labour process is what this chapter will teach you. This chapter is particularly important for first pregnancies. Do you know you can help avoid unnecessary cesarean? Page 231 of this book will let know this.



Reading this chapter will help you find techniques to handle your baby’s postpartum care. You will equally discover how to bond with your child, and other familiarity processes. How to give medical attention to your baby is another thing that you will learn from this chapter.



Taking care of your baby is the most important thing after childbirth, after all, why do we stress ourselves going through the pains of pregnancy. This chapter will hold you by hand through the process of caring for your baby. Feeding tips is also covered here. Treatment of skin irritation is the subject matter of page 308 of the pregnancy bible.



You will definitely need to look after yourself else your husband may be tempted to look elsewhere for attractive and beautiful ladies outside. This chapter gives advice on how to look attractive after childbirth. Weight loses after pregnancy is one area that gives women great concern after pregnancy. This chapter takes care of all your looks need. If you happen to undergo cesarean, this chapter gives tips on how to recover after the operation. This can be found on page 324 of the pregnancy bible with the caption ‘recovering from cesarean


This is the last chapter of the book and it dwells on enjoying parenthood. After going through the various processes of pregnancy and childbirth, you don’t deserve less than enjoying your parenthood.


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There is section of this book that requires your attention. This portion of the book lies between chapter 12 and 13. It starts from page 235 through page 279. Topics like; prenatal tests, genetic counseling, complicated labour, pregnancy complications, pre-existing medical conditions, medical emergencies, bleeding in pregnancy, and miscarriages are treated here.

To your pleasant pregnancy experience!


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