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Pregnancy Body Pillows

Updated on January 23, 2016

A Pregnancy Pillow can really help you sleep better

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling but there is no question that, especially after the second quarter, it can cause great discomfort as well. If you are lucky enough to be pregnant and have never used one of these pregnancy body pillows, you are in for a treat!

Most pregnant women complain of pains in their back, hips and legs during the day, which is only natural given the growing weight of the baby they have to carry, not to mention the growing weight of their own body. A good night's sleep would be a blessing under these circumstances, but that is where another set of problems arise. Trying to get comfortable in bed with a huge belly in the way, is very nearly impossible. Lying on your front is out of the question, for obvious reasons. Lying on your back, even if you manage to get into a fairly comfortable position, is not advisable, because the weight of your belly pressing into major blood vessels can severely decrease the blood supply to the baby. The only solution is lying on your side, but this can also be quite uncofortable and painful for your back and hips.

The pregnancy pillows featured on this page are specially designed to fit around your growing body, supporting the parts that need it the most. They are flexible enough to shape them around you in the way that makes you feel most comfortable and they are guarranteed to give you the best night's sleep since before your pregnancy. They are also great to help you get into a comfortable position when nursing your baby once it is born and there are many more ways to use them even when you are no longer pregnant.

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Full Body Pillows

Most full body pillows are either U-shaped, C-shaped or J-shaped U-shaped pregnancy body pillows

U-shaped body pillows

U-shaped body pillows are generally the most comfortable and provide you with the most support, but they are also quite large and may take up a lot of space in your bed.

C-shaped full body pillows

C-shaped body pillows are also quite comfortable, a little more compact than U-shaped ones, they provide very good support for your back and belly, but they might require you to move them along with you in bed every time you want to change your sleeping position.

J-shaped pregnancy body pillows

J-shaped pregnancy pillows are the smallest in size full body pillows available. They are quite comfortable, they provide very adequate support for your neck, back, belly and ankles and are perfect for side sleepers. However, they will also require you to move them around whenever you change sides in bed.


Wedges are the smallest and simpler kind of pregnancy (or not) sleeping support available. They are really what their name says -wedge shaped pillows- which you may use to support whichever part of your body needs supporting. They are quite useful and comfortable, but you may need up to...five(!) such wedges depending on your needs.

Boldloft Valentine body pillow covers

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Pregnancy body pillows

What kind of pregnancy body pillow should you choose?

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Whether you choose a full body pregnancy pillow (as well as the choice between the various shapes available) or a wedge, will greatly depend on the size of your bed, your sleeping habbits and your budget

Consider the following:

  • A U-shaped full body pillow is one of the largest choices available. Some can actually take up more than half of a queen sized bed
  • U-shaped body pillows are probably the most comfortable, but also the most expensive. They also tend to isolate you the most from your bed-partner
  • If you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, a large contoured U-shaped pillow may be the best choice because you can turn around without having to move the pillow
  • C-shaped and J-shaped body pillows can be shaped around your body as you like and they are probably better suited for smaller beds
  • Wedges are the cheapest choice but they might require some experimentation before you find a way to fit them around your body to make you comfortable. They will also require you to move them around every time you turn in your sleep.

Click through the links on this page and browse through a huge selection of pregnancy body pillows to find the right one for you

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    • seodress profile image

      seodress 4 years ago

      Nice one.

    • wrapitup4me profile image

      wrapitup4me 5 years ago

      I have one and I'm not even pregnant. These huge pillows are so great.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I was pregnant last year and pregnancy body pillow was an absolute must. especially in the last stage of the pregnancy:). Nice lens, really useful for all future mothers.