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Top 10 Must Have Pregnancy Products (You Really Can't Live Without)

Updated on January 17, 2018
Susana S profile image

Susana has worked extensively with pregnant women and families with children under 5. She is a mother to 3 children from 4-25 years old.

10 Must Have Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy is a time when, more often than not, we need a few extra things to help keep us healthy, safe, comfortable and happy, but there are so many pregnancy products out there, which ones are really essential?

Which products actually do what they say they will?

And which maternity products are worth the money?

Here you'll find the top 10 best pregnancy products available and each one is worth every single dollar you spend - guaranteed.

You'll see top pregnancy products to keep you comfortable and relieve your aches and pains, such as the full body pillow and maternity support belt; products to help you connect to your baby in vitro including the pregnancy music belt and fetal doppler; yet more products that will help keep you looking beautiful and healthy including the best stretch mark oil and the best organic prenatal multi-vitamins, as well as the best items to help you prepare for labor and delivery.

1. Top Pregnancy Product - The Super Comfy Pregnancy Pillow

Aaah, the joy of snuggling up in a full body pillow and experiencing complete support for your growing body. If getting comfortable at night has been a problem and you're struggling to get a restful night's sleep, then a full body pillow is the pregnancy product for you.

Whichever way you turn the pillow will hold you snuggly, support your tummy, back, hips and knees and ensure that those pregnancy aches and pains become a distant memory.

The pregnancy pillow featured here from Today's Mom, is a best seller and very highly rated for it's quality and comfort. My own one has supported me through 2 pregnancies and is still well used, especially when my husband is working away and I need something to cuddle!

Get Yourself Super Comfy
Get Yourself Super Comfy

2. For Modern Moms-to-Be - The Pregnancy Music Belt

Another awesome maternity product for modern Moms to be is the pregnancy music belt. These wonderful devices allow you to play soothing music and voice recordings to your growing baby from around 13 weeks gestation at just the right levels for the developing baby.

Perfect for Mom's who want to stimulate their babies brain in vitro with a touch of Mozart, as well as for families where Dad is away (he can make voice recordings for you to play to your baby), the pregnancy music belt is a must have pregnancy product for parents that want to build a relationship with their child before birth.

The Wusic pregnancy music system is one of the most popular available but there are several others to choose from too. Read my reviews of the Best Pregnancy Music Belts to learn more.

3. Stay Beautiful - Prevent Stretch Marks

One of the worst things about pregnancy is the potential for unwelcome changes to our bodies such as stretch marks, so using a specialist product to prevent them is a wise move. There are hundreds of products on the market that claim to prevent stretch marks, unfortunately not many of them actually live up to their boasts!

Mama Mio stretch mark oil can definitely not be put into that category - it really works! Mama Mio Tummy Rub is one of the most effective stretch mark prevention oils on the market today and is well worth the price. One bottle should last throughout your pregnancy, so for a few cents a day you can have a perfectly smooth and scar free tummy for evermore.

4. A Must Have - The Maternity Support Belt

During pregnancy there are all sorts of new physical difficulties that can arise, from general aches and pains particularly in the lower back and pelvic area, as well as sciatica and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). The latter is caused by your pregnancy hormones, rather than an increase in weight and can be extremely painful.

Whatever the specific problem you are experiencing, a good maternity support belt or full prenatal cradle can do much to relieve these kinds of aches and pains and offer some much needed support for your growing body.

The Soft Form maternity support belt showcased here is one of the most popular support belts because it is extremely comfortable to wear, is made from soft yet equally durable materials and is a great price. I absolutely loved my support belt and I don't know how I would have gotten through my last pregnancy without it. My PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) was intense in the last few months of my third pregnancy and so I wore my support belt almost constantly (even at night).

5. Get to Know Your Baby - Fetal Heartbeat Monitors

The advent of the fetal heartbeat monitor (also called a fetal doppler), has got to be one of the most exciting developments in the pregnancy product market for many years. In the old days we would only get to hear our babies heartbeat at our regular prenatal check ups and we'd have to be satisfied with that, but with the arrival of fetal dopplers that can be used safely at home, all that has changed. We can listen to our babies heartbeat whenever we want to!

It amazes me how cheap these high tech items are. With the average price of one at around $30 - $40 the fetal heartbeat monitor is accessible to most soon to be parents.

6. Stay Strong & Healthy - Prenatal Vitamins

Nowadays most Moms-to-be will be aware of the need to ensure they are taking in the correct vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and at the right levels so that both Mother and baby stay healthy throughout.

Of course this can be achieved through eating a good diet that contains a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, pulses, good fats and proteins which will deliver a diet that is high in folic acid, calcium, iron and all the other micro nutrients required. But for those Moms who are worried that they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet, maybe because they are suffering from bad morning sickness, taking a good all round prenatal vitamin is a good idea.

The organic prenatal multi vitamin tablets from Garden of Life come highly recommended because they are specially designed to include all the correct nutrients at just the right levels for Mom and baby, ensuring that you both stay in tip top condition. I singled this brand out for myself from all the available options because they're organic, they're made from raw vegan products and they contain folate in its natural form rather than folic acid.

7. Be Prepared - Best Guide to Natural Childbirth

As the weeks of pregnancy creep by, naturally we become more and more focused on the inevitability of labor and delivery, especially when it's our first child and we are not sure quite what to expect. We wonder what it will be like, how we will manage the pain, how long it will last, whether we will have complications or a straight forward birth?

For those hoping for a natural childbirth or those who simply want to learn how to prepare themselves mentally for labor and delivery, Ina May's classic Guide to Childbirth is a must read.

With plenty of other Mom's birth stories included, the author will help you develop belief in yourself and your bodies' ability to give birth free from anxiety, stress and fear, ensuring that your labor and delivery are the beautiful experience that they are meant to be.

8. Make it Special - Birth Music

An important part of pregnancy is preparing for labor and delivery and getting a birth plan organized. One aspect of this planning that is often overlooked is deciding on what music you want playing in the delivery room (or at home if you are planning a homebirth).

It may seem like a small thing but playing the right kind of music can really help to relieve stress, both for Mom and Dad, as well as add an extra dimension to your labor experience.

Another aspect to consider is if you've played music to your baby while in the womb, you can also help relax your baby during their birthing experience by playing music that they already know. Use this article to help you choose some beautiful Birth Music or browse CD's and MP3 downloads by clicking on the Amazon link on the right.

9. Incredible Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea has a reputation for being the ultimate "woman's herb" in that it can help with all kinds of women's health issues such as irregular periods, period pain and heavy bleeding during menstruation, as well as being beneficial for pregnant women by relieving nausea, strengthening the uterus and minimizing pain during labor.

Many women and midwives swear by Raspberry leaf tea and the benefits of drinking it regularly especially in the last few months of pregnancy (from 32 weeks onwards). To my knowledge these claims have never been scientifically proven, (though scientific studies have definitely not found any adverse effects for babies or mothers due to drinking Raspberry leaf tea), but what is true is that the tea contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals essential during pregnancy, as well as a whole host of micro nutrients such as selenium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

10. Feed in Style - The Wonderful Nursing Top

I guess a nursing top cannot strictly be called a pregnancy product because you won't need these great items of maternity clothing until after your baby is born, and only then if you plan to breastfeed, but it's always good to be prepared!

The nursing top is a great invention because it allows you to feed your baby comfortably, unclip with one hand (which is a really important feature) and it will keep your body covered at the same time, therefore minimizing any embarrassment or vulnerability you might feel.

There are various styles of nursing top to choose from - some that incorporate a bra within the tank and others that will attach to a separate nursing bra. The Bravado Nursing Bra Tank incorporates a bra and is available is a wide range of colors which is why so many Moms love them. They are super stylish and are made from a lovely soft stretch cotton that feels great against the skin.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 3 years ago from South Africa

      informative hub!

    • keelymahaffey profile image

      Keely Mahaffey 4 years ago from Maine

      Need that body pillow! Very useful list. I especially like the recommendation of tea ~ I'm a huge tea drinker, so it's nice to find tea that I can drink during pregnancy. Great hub!

    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      I should have these on my list. We are trying to have our 2nd child after we lost our first. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago and I'm excited to have another. The doctor advised to be extra careful. Thanks for these!:) Voted up and useful :)

    • Tams R profile image

      Tams R 5 years ago from Missouri

      I wish I had access to these items when I was pregnant. The body pillow looks like something I would still enjoy. :) Great informative hub.

    • Potro Direjo profile image

      Potro Direjo 6 years ago from Indonesia

      Your writing technique is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    • Onlinemidwife profile image

      Onlinemidwife 6 years ago from Manchester UK

      Love the body pillows, some patients of mine have them and they are great for support!!

    • shawna.wilson profile image

      shawna.wilson 6 years ago from Arizona

      I think prenatal vitamins were the only thing on your list that I had, and undoubtedly the most important :) I could have used the body pillow. I slept with about 5 individual pillows to get comfy! One big one would have been much better :)

    • Susana S profile image

      Susana S 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comments everyone :) I agree, if anyone is on a small budget and wondering which pregnancy product to choose, I'd definitely recommend the full body pillow - getting comfy is important! Especially in the last trimester.

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

      That pillow looks amazing. I agree, a body pillow is a must have item. This is a super hub, and I like the easy to ready lay out.

    • Mandeeadair profile image

      Mandeeadair 7 years ago from California

      Great hub...the body pillow is a must! :)

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 7 years ago from Cyberspace

      I wanted a full body pillow so badly during my last pregnancy, and really regret not buying one.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A very comprehensively written hub about pregnancy products.

    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

      Wished these products had been around during my pregnancy 38 years ago. Excellent data for new moms. Voted up marked useful.