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Pregnancy Tips

Updated on February 2, 2016

Pregnancy Tips

Congratulations! You're pregnant and excited. Doctors always give pregnant women the usual advice like eat small but frequent meals and don't drink alcohol. Here are some helpful tips to make the experience easier and safer for you and your future bundle of joy.

1 - Drink Fruit Juice

It doesn't only give nutrients and help you prevent urinary tract infection. It's also a good way to combat nausea. Many women attest to the effectiveness of citrus fruits. The next time you feel the urge to vomit, drink a glass of fresh orange juice. Always bring a bottle of fruit juice with you. Since morning sickness is very common to pregnant women, its best to drink healthy drinks because your body absorbs liquid faster than solid. Eating a lot (even if its nutritious) in your first trimester is not advisable since you might vomit it anyway. Like your doctor said, "Eat small, frequent meals".

2 - Always bring a plastic bag

Morning sickness doesn't always happen in the morning. Sometimes you vomit when you smell something unpleasant to you. To prevent mess and awkward situations, always have a plastic bag ready in your purse or bag.

3 - Use rubber-soled footwear

The doctor always tells us to avoid using high heels during pregnancy to prevent slipping when you walk. But just because your shoes are flat, it doesn't mean they're safe. Choose rubber-soled slippers and rubber shoes to make sure you won't slip in most surfaces.

4 - Have the hospital bag ready

You don't know if you might need it earlier than expected. Prepare a bag with two days worth of your clothes, the baby's clothes, mittens, bonnets, and other essentials especially when you're on your third trimester. Make a list of essential items you both will be needing in the hospital.

5 - Plan baby outfits according to seasons

If you're having a winter baby, make sure that the baby's outfits are appropriate for the season. If you have a spring baby, don't buy baby winter clothes for infants because the baby might be too big for them when winter comes. Buy bigger sizes. Plan according to the baby's age and his/her first few seasons. You should also know that babies grow fast so don't buy too much clothes with sizes below 3 months.

Shop for baby clothes online!

6 - Read lots of pregnancy and baby books

Especially if you're a first timer, you need all the knowledge you can get about pregnancy and how to take care of a baby. The more prepared you are mentally, the easier it'll be for you. Browse the internet for tips (just like now) and talk to your friends and family who already have kids.

7 - Never miss or delay a doctor's appointment

Some women delay their appointment because of work or other commitments. It is highly advisable to never delay an appointment. A single day can make a big difference. Some women go for a routine checkup and suddenly they find out their baby is in distress. Because they didn't delay the appointment, the doctor was able to detect it before it's too late. One sad example would be stillborn babies. Don't be afraid to visit your doctor earlier than your appointment especially if you notice something strange or feel something wrong.

8 - If uncertain, buy unisex clothes

If you want to start shopping for baby clothes but you're still on your first or second trimester, it's advisable to buy unisex clothes. You can start shopping for gender specific clothes when you are on your third trimester. The ultrasounds will be 99% sure on the baby's gender by then.

9 - Prepare a second name

For those rare cases where the ultrasound was wrong about the baby's gender, it's best to prepare a second name. Just in case your baby girl turns out to be a boy, have a boy's name ready to prevent giving names that you haven't really thought well about.

10 - Don't Stress Yourself, Shop online

For those pregnant women that were advised by their doctors to stay in bed for the baby's safety, you can still enjoy shopping for your baby online. You get to choose cute clothes, crib, and toys even while staying at home. If you want to save money and you don't mind used items, by all means shop for second-hand baby items like cribs, stroller, clothes. But some items are better bought brand new like baby bottles, nipples, and pacifiers.

Prepare the nursery


The nursery is your little one's own little space. It could be a separate room or a portion of your matrimonial room. Whichever you choose, it's one of the most fun to prepare before your bundle of joy arrives. Always make sure that your baby's sleeping space is safe. Avoid putting things in the crib that might cause accidents like suffocation or choking. Check that the baby mobile is secured. If there's a cabinet, don't put it beside the crib especially if there are items on it like stuffed animals and such. Try to make sure nothing has the potential to accidentally fall on your baby.

Baby Monitors are a must

If your little one has her own nursery room, a baby monitor is a must. Baby monitors with video cameras are essential. Hearing your baby is not enough. You won't be able to hear your baby if she/he is suffocated by a pillow. Plus, you'll feel more at ease and be able to sleep more soundly if you can easily check your baby on the monitor.

How did you choose the name of your baby?

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      5 years ago

      Great lens! I really love what you have posted here. Thank you for sharing these pregnancy tips.


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