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Pregnant Women, Lead-Shot Game Meat and Health Risks

Updated on April 12, 2015

Health Risks Of Lead-Shot Game Meat to Pregnant Mothers

Am not against game meat eating or do I advocate for animal killing but this is a simple warning to pregnant against mothers eating game meat. Hunting for game meat has been there for several centuries and still continues. Most game meat is usually lead-shot and if eaten on a regular basis might lead to the potential lead attributed levels in the body of a pregnant mother. The risk varies from one individual to the other. The exposure level might affect a specific number who continuously ear lead shot game frequently. This is more pronounced to those who eat small game and are more likely to suffer from the harmful levels of lead. Positive pregnancy is all a mother looks forward to. This also ensures that medical care bills are kept low during this time.

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Lead-Shot Game Meat Risks

According to Foods Standards Agency (FSA) reports, minimizing this lead intake, pregnant mothers, those trying to conceive, children and toddlers should avoid game meat. Lead is known to affect the development of the nervous system and the brain and for these vulnerable groups; it can lead to complications if not avoided. Accumulation of lead in the body leads to kidney and heart complications in later stages of adulthood.

High levels of lead tend to remain in smaller game than big ones and eating a 100 g of lead shot-game meat portion per week especially birds can be harmful and can increase lead exposure four times more compared to large game like venison according to FSA. This, compared to large lead-shot animals, is less harmful. Avoiding the exposure is currently the only known method of avoiding any complications associated with lead-shot game meat. As much as one might not know the origin of the meat, being conscious of your health and that of the baby is very important to say the least.

How to Avoid Lead-Shot Game Meat Risks

To minimize lead exposure, it is recommended that you cook lead-shot meat with acidic ingredients like vinegar, wine and tomatoes as this makes the lead to be dissolved for easier absorption by the human body. For pregnant women, choice between small game and big game lies squarely on you and should be approached sensibly after all there is more lead contained in chocolate than in lead-shot game pound for pound! This is without exaggeration and 120g of lead-shot game is a little bit healthy.

The head of communication at The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Christopher Graffius however concedes that there is lead in most foods that we consume and game-shot meat is no exception and the issue needs to be approached in a more sensible and open mindedness; there is trace evidence for lead dangers for those who indulge in game meat once in a week. Game meat is known to be low in fat, which are also natural thus giving pregnant mothers and adults' healthy options.

Ensure What You Eat is Right

It is very important to choose what you eat carefully. A pregnant woman health is her key responsibility and knowing what to eat and when is critical to safeguard the health of the unborn. Some countries prohibit the consumption of lead shot game meat. One needs to check with the local health authorities to be sure that they do not consume banned substances including animal flesh.

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