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Premium sources of Nourishing Proteins

Updated on January 31, 2013

Is the protein based diet a fashion or a fact? Recently everyone seems to opt for high-protein diet plans like whey protein snacks, Atkins diet or other protein supplements. One may think that whether protein diet plans actually work or are just a fashion drift?

It is of vital importance to know that how proteins work in a human body. Proteins are essential for building muscular tissues in our bodies and are made from the Amino Acids. Overall the weight of human body is attributed to the 17% of proteins we consume. The basic function of protein is to build body muscles which trims down the body fat or mass. In addition, protein aids in the growth and repairing of body cells. It is a superior source of power when both the fat and carbohydrate are not utilized as the primary sources of energy in a body. Most importantly, excess intake of protein based food can be deposited as fat in the body; therefore, you should be careful in consuming it.

The secret of optimal fitness is laid in the consumption of a balanced diet in daily routine; you don’t need to focus on particular class of food while excluding the other. We need a package of all essential nutrients of carbs, fats, proteins and minerals for a healthy life style. The best sources of complete protein or high protein are cheese, meat, fish and eggs while the plant-proteins are incomplete proteins due to the deficiency of one or some of the Amino Acids such as grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables and beans. But the combination of such incomplete proteins can fulfill the actual requirements of body if they are consumed within subsequent meals or short span of time. So both the animal and vegetable proteins are healthy for you.

Next to protein based food items are the protein beverages and snacks. They are available in different forms, flavors and brands to choose from. Some of them need to be mixed with water; milk or juice and some are just ready to drink. Now the question arises that are they good sources to gain required proteins or not? One of the segments in society considers them as only a whim among other useless supplements to increase their sales in the market. Other segment support protein drinks for being factual; delivering what is claimed by the brands. Still natural protein in food is the best source that nourishes and tones the body muscles to their optimal level and gives you a healthy body.

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