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Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

Updated on September 20, 2014

The explained scientific cause for the hair loss is usually lost on me. But I have been trying to experiment natural remedies to overcome the cause ever since my hair fall started. There's been some luck! So, I would like to share my personal experiences I benefited from.


A Book Helped Me!

I had a book on healing medicine describing benefits of natural herbs, fruits, vegetables and so on. I focused on the cures for baldness and hair strengthening tips, which were mainly related to the use of black seed, black seed oil and apple vinegar.

My Story

I used to have very strong and healthy hair in my childhood. I never had to worry about my hair loss problem or its regrowing solution, even though I had had extreme dandruff several times. My scalp was strong enough to keep my hair from thinning.

As I passed the age of 20 I started having trouble. Male pattern baldness is a nightmare for any young boy! The reasons of hair fall I didn't really know but had a strong feeling it was due to climate and food change. I used to travel a lot in the city; the polluted air could be one of the causes of hair fall.

I experimented with natural and inexpensive anti-balding remedies. Hair fall stopped and though volume didn't return to the previous state my head was now completely covered with good thick hair and I saw for myself some new hairs finding their way out of clean used-to-have-hair patch (right and left upper border of the forehead).

I highly recommend, you must spare a month or two, preferably vacations, and shave or trim the head like I did for the ease of application. First I'll write solutions then add some extra useful tips. So here they are:

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)
Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)

Which Olive Oil To Buy?

Always buy an extra virgin olive oil. It's the most raw form one can get.

Be Innovative With Mixture Ingredients

Bring in any other good oil or anti-oxidant material into the above formula in small quantity. I used to include mustard oil, corn oil and even butter. Sometimes it would be green tea and honey too.

1- The Mixture

The time consuming but effective method, in which I combined different known remedies into one. You will need:

  • black seed (Nigella Sativa)
  • black seed oil
  • olive oil
  • apple vinegar

Put crushed black seeds (30-40) on a tablespoon. Heat the spoon lightly with a flame till seeds get brown. Add a small amount of black seed oil and olive oil and heat it a bit more. Then put apple vinegar in it.

Don't overflow the spoon with ingredients, just put a reasonable amount. Order does not matter except for heating the seeds first.

Apply this on your scalp while the mixture is still hot. Massage for about ten minutes to let it reach follicles. I used to do it at night and wash my head in the morning with cold water (keep a separate pillow to sleep on). The more time you give it to settle the better.

Black Seed Oil
Black Seed Oil

Use Fingers For Massage

For untrimmed, unshaven head always use fingers when messaging instead of palm.

2- Message With Black Seed Oil

For a busy person this time effective solution to the hair loss problem should be at the top of the list.

Take a small amount of black seed oil(depending on your hair volume one teaspoon or table spoon is quite enough). If possible heat it a little and massage the scalp with it rigorously for ten minutes. Let it stay for an hour or more and then wash.

The Ingredients Have A History

The ingredients I have told are natural and herbal. The ancient Egyptians used the black seed and considered it a cure for different diseases. As for the religions, the benefits of black seed and apple vinegar are mentioned in Islamic scriptures and olive is mentioned both in Quran and Bible.

3- Applying Organic Apple Cider Vinegar On Scalp

Apple vinegar gives your head a pleasant feeling. Even if you've already applied an oil you can still apply apple vinegar to the scalp.

In this case no need to massage. Boil it on spoon to make it more effective. Just make sure it covers the whole scalp. On drying you can apply it again. If possible repeat several times. The more the better. Let it be there for a bit, even for a night, then wash your head thoroughly.

That's It

This is all I did on daily basis for two months. I used to apply the mixture if I could spare time, otherwise I'd apply black seed oil or apple vinegar alone. I had my hair stop falling and grown to some extent again. Since then I'm not regular on any of the above but my hair are doing fine.

Some More Easy To Follow Suggestions To Prevent Hair Loss

Following are the hair care tips to keep in mind:

Don't Wash Your Head With Hot Water

Cold water has many health benefits; improved blood circulation in brain and scalp is one of them. If you can't stand cold let it be mild but you should avoid pouring hot water over your head as much as possible.

Dry Your Hair!

Dry your hair before brushing as wet hair are weak and more vulnerable to pressure.

Use Brush Instead Of Comb

A brush uproots less hair, helps maintain good blood flow and stimulates follicles whereas a comb puts unnecessary pressure on the roots. Therefore, it's always advisable to use brush instead of comb.

You can buy one with Porcupine bristles which gives the head a nice sensation and is really good for everyday use and for all hair types.

Have Your Head Shaved Or Trimmed Once In A While

No worries of shampooing and combing. Shaved head gives you one of the most pleasant feelings, especially in summer. You get completely relaxed for a good period of month or two. Besides giving a rest to the head for a while, shaved head never goes out of fashion.

Second equally good option is to trim. You can buy your own good quality clipper and go through your head yourself.

What suits you, a shaved or a trimmed head? it varies from person to person, but I have rarely seen a man does not look stylish in either of them.

Yogurt Is The Solution To Dandruff

Eating yogurt is extremely beneficial and so is applying it on scalp. For dandruff problem it is the best remedy.

Be sure to reach the hair roots first by scratching the scalp with sharp comb, then apply yogurt. Leave if for an hour or so then wash. Keep on applying consecutively for many days without break till dandruff stops appearing; eventually it will.

For shine some people mix egg with yogurt.

Which Shampoo To Use?

I prefer Head & Shoulders. It's specially good for oily hair.

Apply Ginger For Clean And Healthy Hair

Keeping the head surface clean and hygienic is the key to healthy hair. For this purpose ginger is an important ingredient which is a useful herb used in cooking. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff properties and therefore must be used time to time to give your hair an extra strength.

Take a small ginger and peel off a small portion of skin on one end to expose the juicy part. Rub the juice on head. Keep peeling if off frequently to expose the fresh layers to apply.

Ginger, An Effective Spice To Apply On Scalp
Ginger, An Effective Spice To Apply On Scalp | Source

Massage With Mustard Oil

Add this one to the list of oils you should massage your hair with. It's very popular in Asia and known to have anti-fungal properties(hence used as ear drops!).

Mustard sauce is popular in western countries but mustard spinach and oil are prominent in food cultures of subcontinent and middle eastern countries due to mustard's benefits.

Apply Strong Black Tea For Beautiful Hair

Applying black tea to hair makes them beautiful and healthy. So, drink a cup of strong black tea, spare a little at the end and pour onto your head. Rinse after some time. Be careful not to let it fall on clothes. The marks won't go easily.

Lemon Has Many Benefits For Skin
Lemon Has Many Benefits For Skin | Source

Try Lemon Juice Application

Lemon is a useful citrus fruit for hair. It's antibacterial in nature, controls dandruff and lice growth, and acts as a natural conditioner. Every now and then cut a lemon in half and rub directly on the head before taking a bath.


Lastly, keep in mind that hair care requires your attention and time. So find some. If you can't, then at least make a habit of applying oil on your scalp and massaging it once a week, as massage is guaranteed to keep your hair strong and healthy. And when massaging with a single oil, don't forget the black seed oil; the best in town.

Name Of Black Seed In Different Languages

(click column header to sort results)
Al Habbat As Sawda / Al Habbat Al Barakah
Cörek Otu
Siyaah Danah
Graine Noire
Zwart Zaad
Semilla Negro
Kalonji / Kalwanji / Siyaah Beej / Siyaah Daana
Semente Preta
Charnushka / Chernyy Tmin
Svart Kummin / Svart Frö
Semina Nigra
Seme Nero
Musta Siemen
Crno Sjeme
Sort Frø
Czarne Nasiona
Kaala Beeja / Mangrail
Kaalo Beeja / Kaalo Jeera
Máv̱ro Spóro̱n
Geom-eun Ssias
Kuroi Shushi
Hēi Zǐ
Sorte Frø
Qara Toxum
Swart Saad
Kaalo Beeu
Cerná Semena
Itim Na Buto
Juoda Sėkla
Melna Sēklas
Sev Serm
Khar üriin
Semilla Negro
Mel̆d s̄ī dả


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    • profile image


      4 years ago


      you have given solution for hair fall in very friendly manner.


    • profile image

      Daniel Ramon 

      5 years ago

      Hi there,

      Nice sharing from you. I agreed that Black seed is the best product to promote hair loss solution. I also thinking about using lime as option. I think probably if someone want to use some of product, they must have basic knowledge on hair loss natural way and it remedies. I recommend them to buy herb as you suggested and use the book to gain knowledge deeply about hair loss matter. The book that recommend by me is by Luis Quiroz as far got many good review from hair loss product user. You can check on this link for further information




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