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Tips to help fight snoring

Updated on July 23, 2007


Snoring is defined by the Healthline as "a sound generated during sleep by vibration of loose tissue in the upper airway"

Snoring is a real problem which can have important effects on our well being and lifestyle.

Some of the effects snoring can have on our lives include:

Lack of sleep,


Strain on relationships.

Intimacy problems - People have admitted that snoring affected their love lives negatively in several ways ranging from feeling less sexy to stopping them sleeping with a new partner.

Snoring is a growing problem and the usual suspects are:

Unhealthy diets and


Tips to help fight snoring

Tips to help fight snoring include:

Change of sleeping position – Snoring is often caused reduced airflow to the nostrils.

Sleeping with your head raised off the mattress, on your side or stomach will help increase airflow through your nose.

Reduction of alcohol intake especially before bed time –alcohol relaxes your muscles making you more likely to snore.

weight loss – less firm throat tissue which is more likely to vibrate is common in overweight people.

Stay away from diary milk products (especially high-fat ones) – they may restrict mucus draining properly and being left in your throat.

Avoid antihistamines before bed –one of the side effects of antihistamines is that they relax your throat muscles, making you more likely to snore.

Using Over-the-counter cures like nasal sprays– most of these cures ease nasal blockages. Blocked nasal passages restrict airflow through your nose.

See a doctor – in rare cases when you snore and stop breathing you might be suffering from sleep apnea.


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