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Principles of Eating Right-II

Updated on November 13, 2010

Eat Every Two Hours

You will be able to follow principle 2 only if you follow principle 1. Without step 1 you will not be in a position to reach step 2.

Eating first thing in the morning lays the foundation for us to efficiently receive hunger indications from our body. The idea of eating every 2 hours may sound ridiculous, but only if you are imagining the size of your meals right now and thinking ‘My God, if I eat like this 6 to 7 times in the day, I will look like an elephant.’ But when you adopt the idea of eating frequently, often what drops first is the size of the meal. You will then find it impossible to eat that pizza by yourself. One piece and you will feel full. A very light lunch at 2 pm when you just had something at noon is difficult too. So you may land up eating just a light lunch at 2 pm and the next one at 4 pm.

When you eat every 2 hours a day, it’s a given that you will eat small. So the number of calories you consume at one time will be very small. When our body gets a regular dose of a small number of calories often, through the day, it feels reassured and loved. Eating is a way of loving our body and providing it with nourishment. Not eating for long hours (more than 3) or starving is an act of punishment, like being angry at ourselves. When our body gets fewer calories at a time, they are utilized better and not stored as fat. Also, because the body is feeling reassured with a regular intake of calories and nutrients, it seems no reason to store body fat.


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